12 Olympian Marketing Myths

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During Ancient Greece, mythology was a religion that the Greeks used to explain baffling occurrences in their lives. If they couldn’t explain it, they’d find a supernatural reason for it. The Greeks had 12 Olympians gods that resided in Olympus, their version of heaven, and most plagues and misfortunes were attributed to these Olympian gods’ petty fights and dissatisfaction with human behavior.

eBook: 12 Olympian Marketing MythsToday, mythology has become obsolete as science has found ways to explain mysterious happenings. However, myths that have no basis still manage to creep themselves into our lives.

In the marketing industry, we’ve found that there are 12 traditional marketing strategy myths that a huge percentage of the marketing world seems to believe. Yet, these practices have no logic behind them and thus are ineffective and a waste of opportunities, resources and time. It is absolutely necessary in the world of business to make sure that all your practices are logical and effective because wasting resources and time equals loss of money.

In this e-book, we will present to you 12 popular marketing beliefs, and then we will give the real deal on each.

Now, let’s take a look at 12 of these myths.

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Social Media is an INEFFECTIVE form of marketing as ONLY youngsters use it and youngsters DON’T BUY my service/products.



It has been found that 39% of companies who use Twitter have attracted brand new customers. Over 40% of companies who use Facebook as a marketing tool have attracted new customers as well. Companies who use social media as a marketing tool increase their
web traffic by more than 55%. Social Media is now being used by people all age groups all over the world. The percentage of Facebook users over the age of 35 is more than 40%. Over 50% of web users that use some sort of social media are between the ages of 52 to 64.

The social media explosion has become a new standard for modern times. Never has communication between people from all over the
world been so easy and efficient. The use of this type of media in the business world has caught a lot of companies off guard. Screening applicants has now taken on an entirely new approach. Most company recruiting offices- regardless of the experience of an applicant – are now thinking twice before hiring a worker who has little or no knowledge about Facebook or Twitter.

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We can EMAIL, EMAIL and EMAIL AGAIN our prospects; we DON’T NEED anything else.



There are many tools in place, such as the G-mail priority inbox, which automatically pushes company emails to the very end of email lists. Many email ads are immediately taken for spam and never even seen by customers. Emails are deleted like wildfire. The average email expires at a rate of 25%. This does not give enough time for your company emails to grab a readers’ attention.

Oddly enough, studies have shown that the use of emails have been steadily increasing by over 59% across all age groups. However, it has been found that email users spend more time blogging and using other social media sites by as much as 3 times more.

The internet is fast-evolving and it has been changing the way we live our lives much faster than we all could have expected. As it evolves, people adapt to it, and then it all changes up again. There are indeed people who still do not have email addresses, and even those who don’t even own computers because they prefer traditional methods. However, it is crucial that companies keep up with the times and stay aware of new technologies and new ways of getting their message out or their name recognized. As emailing
slowly inches out the door, it is crucial for you as a company to become cognizant of the next best thing that has entered the scene
and make sure you are up there taking advantage of it so that you won’t be left behind by the competition.


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