20 Google Panda Friendly Link Building Tips

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(Plus 5 ways to Screw it All Up and Risk a Google Penalty)

Link building. Its time consuming, often confusing and sometimes downright tedious. Plenty of even the most “expert” of web masters just wish that it wasn’t necessary, that the search engines would start paying less attention to who is linking to a website. But that is not going to happen in the foreseeable future.

Links are still the easiest way for a search engine bot to determine the importance and trustworthiness of any site on the Web. Content quality has become far more important than it was perhaps before the coming of the great Google Panda in 2011, but links are still an important ranking factor whatever your website’s niche.

Image: 20 Google Panda Friendly Link Building Tips eBookDisclaimer: Before we go any further, this ebook is not going to give you 20 easy ways to build links to your website. Good links are hard work to build, there is no avoiding that fact. If a link building strategy seems very easy then its almost certainly a bad, black hat one (more about those later) to be avoided at all costs.

What this book will give you are 20 great ideas for building links effectively that will also often enhance your website, and your company’s brand, at the same time.

Getting Some List Love

Every piece of content on your site has to be worth linking to. And that means creating content that people will search for and that people will be so entertained by that they will consider linking to it. One of the content types that consistently attracts attention – and love – are good lists. So why not:

1. Create a “20 Ways” list. These lists get Digg and Facebook Liked all the time and other content producers often can’t resist linking to them (slight hint 🙂 )

2. ‘How to’ lists are often a huge draw as well. But make your list useful. “How to Put Pants on Your Dog” is not a useful list. (Yes that article exists.)

3. ‘Top ten’ lists are yet another big draw. Make your top ten lists a) good and b) directly related to your niche and apart from being great link bait they will help cement your reputation as an expert in your field.

4. Create a list of the top experts and respected people in your industry. Not only will others probably find it very useful but if you are very lucky (and the piece is very good) you may even get one of those big shots interested enough to link to it themselves, or at least have your content come up in a Google search for those people.

Command Some Respect

Positioning yourself as a reputable, authoritative source of information is essential to your overall business brand online but it is especially important for linking purposes. If you are hoping to gain some high value links for your website then you have to make that great first impression.

To help achieve that you can do the following:

5. Whenever you create a new piece of written content take extra care with your grammar and spelling. Nothing screams “poor quality” louder than a post or article that is riddled with misspellings. Using poor grammar may go unnoticed by some of your readers
but there will also be those who are not only unimpressed by it but will be happy to post a comment pointing out your errors, something that can be very embarrassing. Everyone makes mistakes once in a while – even respected publications like The New York Times – but try to make sure that they occur as infrequently as possible.


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