5 Proven Ways to Better Engage Your Facebook Audience

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With a user base higher than most countries’ populations, Facebook remains at the center stage of social media. And their acquisition of WhatsApp for an astronomical 19 billion dollars shows that they are not about to sit back and relax. Neither should you. Here are some statistically proven ways to effectively tap into the vast potential Facebook offers to engage your audience.

Use Visual Storytelling

As the term suggests, this comes in two parts. One is the use of visual content – videos, images, and even emoticons. Photos have been found to “account for 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook”, getting “53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more click-throughs on links than text-based posts.” Those emoticons that make you seem like a tween have surprisingly been found to lead to 33% more shares and comments and 57% more likes.

The second part involves telling a story and having an advocacy. The collective consciousness online is such that your audience is not easily fooled. In today’s content marketing arena, it just makes more sense and ends up being easier to be genuine, and to sincerely relate to your audience’s values and goals.

Keep Posts Short

Despite the recent huge dips and rises for Twitter as a business entity, their legacy is here to stay. Not only in tweets are short posts effective. Statistics show that posts under 250 characters get 60% more engagement, rising to 66% when under 80 characters.

Know When to Post

Studies show that there are certain times of the day and days of the week when posts are much more visible to your audience, and therefore, more likely to be engaged. These can, of course, vary between different interests such as business, sports, and entertainment, but there are general findings common to all. For example, it was found that posts published Monday through Wednesday have 3.5% less engagement than average, and a whopping 18% below average on Saturdays. On the other hand, engagement is 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays. Facebook reported a 10% spike in the “Happiness Index” of users on Fridays.

Ask Questions

Just like IRL situations, asking questions is always an effective way to engage others. Statistics show that questions are twice as likely to get comments. The type of questions also matter, with “should” and “would” questions much more likely to engage than the “5 W’s”.

Offer Discounts, Coupons, and Other Promotions

Over one-third of Facebook fans like Facebook pages in order to participate in contests. “Caption this photo” contests were even found to lead to more than five times more comments. Like with questions, the type of contest also matters. Those with “softer sell” keywords, such as “event”, “winner”, and “offer” work much better than “coupon”, “discount”, and “exclusive”.

Statistics and other information in this post are from sources including but not limited to Kissmetrics, Wishpond, AMEX OPEN Forum, Buddymedia, HubSpot,Track Social, and Wildfire Interactive, as cited in  “7 Facebook Stats You Should Know for a More Engaging Page” originally published in Buffer.


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