9 Fantastic FREE Firefox Tools for SEO, SMM and Blogging

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Mozilla Firefox, more commonly just known as Firefox, is a free and open source web browser first launched in 2004 by the Mozilla Corporation.

According to Statcounter.com in October of 2011 25.3% of Internet users worldwide used Firefox as their go-to web browser. Internet Explorer still led the market with 38% and the very new Google Chrome was catching up with a 21.5% market share, but Firefox remains the browser of choice for millions.

eBook: 9 Fantastic FREE Firefox Tools for SEO, SMM and BloggingAs is also the case with Google Chrome, there are a growing number of add ons available for Firefox, many of which can be a real help to those involved in content creation (blogging, articling etc) social media marketing and indeed SEO in general.

Many of these add ons are so useful that they eliminate the need for all kinds of expensive software, are convenient to use as they “live” in your browser and perhaps best of all, especially from a small business’ point of view, they are free to install and free to use.

In this e book we have gathered together information about some of the best and most useful of these add ons. We hope you find it informative and that by installing some of these add ons you find, as we do, that your life becomes just that little bit easier every time you use them!

Great Firefox Add Ons for Bloggers

Creating and maintaining a great business blog, one that really helps improve a company’s inbound marketing efforts and helps to build its brand is not an easy task. Ask any blogger and they will tell you that if there are tools available that help them improve and streamline the process they are always very open to exploring them. Here are just a few Firefox add ons that any business blogger should at least give a second look to:

Scribefire Next Blog Editor

Scribefire was one of the most frequently used of all the Firefox add ons ever made available and Scribefire Next is its evolution. It is a great tool for those who find it hard to make the time to blog regularly.

After installing Scribefire Next onto the Firefox tool bar in order to update any and all of your blogs all you have to do is click on the small icon and a blog editor appears in splitscreen. This allows you to begin to write a post without having to navigate away from whatever you were doing previously. That means if you were just reading an article that you really want to blog about you can do so right away, ending a lot of the procrastination that plagues many bloggers.

Another feature that many bloggers make use of in Scribefire Next is the “blog this page” feature. This function allows you to highlight text that is interesting you and that you want to include in your own blog, hit the “blog this page” button and it will be  included, complete with link, in your new blog post.

Scribefire Next also helps making format your blog post properly quicker and more efficient, allowing you to drag and drop images, videos, ads and other media into the post you are working on with ease, rather than having to go through the numerous rather tedious steps most blogging platforms require you to.

Scribefire Next is compatible with most major blogging platforms including WordPress, Tumblr, Joomla, Drupal and Moveable Type.


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