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Since it was first launched in 2003, WordPress has developed into a rather extraordinary platform. Over the past eight years, it has been downloaded over 25 million times and is the most popular business blogging platform in the world.

As WordPress has grown, so has the number of plugins that are available that help turn a good blog – or website, as many people are building entire websites using WordPress as a content management system – into a really great blog.

eBook: Amazing FREE WordPress Plugins to Supercharge Your BlogAs there are, in 2011 at least, over 15,000 plug ins available finding the right ones for you can be hard. In this e book we want to give you a little information about the WordPress plugins we love the most and just what they can do for your blog or website, whatever your niche:

Cool Author Box 

This simple little plug in gives you the ability to create a great author bio – complete with image – that can be added to the end of every blog post. This is a great way to increase your visibility, credibility and your connection with your audience. and once you have set it up you really never need to think about it again, it just shows up and does its job.

SEO Friendly Images

Far too many bloggers forget the SEO juice that can be harvested when the images that they use are properly optimized for search bots and humans. SEO Friendly Images is a plugin that takes all the work out of optimizing images, as it automatically adds the proper ALT and TITLE tags to every image you publish on your blog. The ALT tag is the important one for searchbots as it gives a textual description of the image to the bot so it can be better indexed and will show up when an image search is performed for its keyword.

The TITLE tag is less important for SEO but useful for visitors as it displays the image name when a mouse is hovered over it. Not a big deal maybe, but “small child” looks a heck of a lot nicer than “upload1235”.

Simple: Press

Thanks to this amazing, and deceptively simple to use, plug in adding an extra level of reader interaction, in the form of a forum, to your WordPress based website or blog is a cinch. You don’t need to even know what code is, let alone how to write it! And just because it is free (like all the other WordPress plugins in this e book) do not think that it lacks bells and whistles if you want them. You can customize forum skins, grant user rankings, award badges, enable private messaging between users, link blog posts to forum topics and much more.

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