Business Marketing for 2012: Fact and Fantasy

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If there ever comes a day when somebody manages to write the definitive book on marketing there is one thing you can guarantee in this day and age – that huge sections of it would be obsolete within a year, maybe even less.

True, there are some basic constants in marketing but marketing methods are changing very rapidly. The sad fact is that if you don’t keep up – or are not willing to change – you and your company could fall so far behind your competition that the lost ground may be hard to ever make up.

Business Marketing for 2012: Fact and Fantasy eBookIn this e book we are going to explore some of the marketing fantasies that some business owners and their management teams cling to so tightly – and the realties behind these mistaken beliefs as they apply to marketing in 2012.

Marketing Fantasy : B2B Companies are Wasting Their Time on Twitter and Face­book

There are those business owners and business managers – and this applies to Fortune 500 executives as much as it does to small business owners – who still refuse to see the value of a Facebook page or a Twitter account for companies that are primarily business to business sellers.

Some of them are embracing Linkedin as they see it as a “serious” business network but they dismiss Facebook and Twitter as lightweight stuff that is the stomping ground of spotty teenagers and Farmville obsessed Moms rather than a place where “real” business people hang out.

Not true. Facebookers have become a very diverse bunch and yes, there are lots of “serious” businesses who have devoted time and resources to establishing a presence there and the same holds true, for Twitter. Maybe some of these social media doubters should tell the CEOs of huge companies like Xerox, IBM and Bloomberg Financial, amongst dozens of others that they are wasting their time with their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts…

The fact is that they are not though. In 2011 39% of B2B businesses, large and small, who had a Twitter account reported gaining new customers as a direct result of a Twitter interaction and that figure climbs to 41% for Facebook. So if you have yet to join these networks because you think your audience is not there it really is time to think again.

Marketing Fantasy : Telemarketing is Still a Good Idea, Most People Don’t Mind the Calls.

Anybody who has actually ever worked as a telemarketer making cold or “warm” calls can tell you this one really is a fantasy and maybe always has been.

These poor souls have been hung up on, screamed at, cursed at, even threatened just for trying to do their jobs.

Add to that the fact that in 2011 200 million people signed up for the FTCs Do not Call Registry and we think you should be able to see that if telemarketing ever did really work it certainly does not now.

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