Cancellation and Refund Policy

WireWalkers VA’s company policy is to be fair and reasonable in all aspects of our dealings with our Clients, including in our Cancellation and Refund Policy.

WireWalkers VA’s company policy is to act responsibly in all work we perform for our Clients.

WireWalkers VA’s company policy is to periodically and continually review, monitor and audit sample work, expenses and costs on behalf of our Clients to ensure that work is being properly, diligently and responsibly performed, and that any expenses and costs incurred are proper and reasonable.

WireWalkers VA respects that our Clients have an unequivocal right to cancel their relationship with us.

Minimum Five (5) Days Notice of Cancellation Required. Notification must be by email to both and; and acknowledged in return email as being duly received by a WireWalker VA representative.

After notice of cancellation, WireWalkers VA will endeavour to diligently and promptly cease all work being performed for Client. Client will not be responsible for any work that has been stopped or any work performed 5 calendar days after notice of cancellation.

Any work already performed or expenses and costs already incurred on behalf of the Client up until the 5th calendar day after notice of cancellation, Client agrees will be billed to them and they agree to be liable for such amounts.

All other monies held on behalf of the Client will be fully returned and refunded to the Client in whole.

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