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WireWalkersVA and Your Competitive Advantage

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We have given you some great reasons to hire and work with a virtual assistant, or a virtual assistant team but there is one more big advantage to working with a VA that needs to be discussed – just how having a virtual assistant on your side can give you a competitive edge over your competition.

The Small Business Owner’s Dilemma

Any small business owner or solo entrepreneur is familiar with this dilemma – there are a million and one things to do to grow your small business and there are only 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. And you are only one person.

When most people start a business they do so because they have a great idea. They devise a great product, can provide a great service. They are innovators in their niche and are starting their own business to follow their dreams.

It all sounds great and in many ways it is but quickly any small business owner realizes that in addition to executing their vision they also have to take on a number of roles they re perhaps no so enthused about. Accountant, marketer, publicist, secretary, all positions that are crucial to the success of pretty much any business but if a single person – the business owner – is struggling to take all of these roles on then when will they find the time to actually do what they do best – innovate?

Then there is the competition. Every small business has some, usually a company of about their size as well. Entrepreneurship is alive and well all over the world and in order to really succeed small business owners have to find a way to gain an edge over their competition.

Its not enough just to have a better product or offer a better service, although that of course is a really great start. A small business owner needs to get the word out about their services to their target audience and that in itself can be a full time job. That is where hiring a virtual assistant can give you the competitive edge you need.

How Can a Virtual Assistant Help You Beat the Competition?

There are so many ways that hiring a virtual assistant can give you that competitive edge you are looking for. A VA can help you with so many different tasks, leaving you free to do what you do best. A virtual assistant can balance your books and collect your revenues. They can make sure that your business is seen on all the right places on-line. They can make sure that your company remains active in the all important social media arena. So while your competitors struggle to keep track of all these tasks alone you are out there actually doing whatever it was you got into the business for in the first place.

Why a VA? Why Not Hire a “Real Person”?
The biggest reason that many small business owners delay taking on a full time staff is a fiscal one – they simply cannot afford to. Hiring a person to work with you in a physical sense costs a lot more than just the salary they demand on an hourly basis. There are insurance considerations, benefits, holidays, you need to buy equipment for them to use, find them a space to sit. All rather expensive prospects.

None of those costs come attached to hiring a virtual assistant, or a team of virtual assistants. And because if you work with a Wirewalkers VA team you are hiring people who come from all over the world, working in all different time zones. If you need someone to work at times that a physical employee would not be available it is not a problem.

Hiring a virtual assistant can also give you a competitive edge by giving you someone else to sound your ideas off, someone who can be a little more objective than your friends and family. Your VA probably has skills and experiences that you do not, nor do you really have the time to develop. By hiring a Wirewalkers Virtual Assistance Team your small business can effectively gain a marketing department, a PR department, an accounts department, all things that bigger businesses can afford to have in house but you never thought you could have yet – until now.


The Top 10 Benefits of Virtual Assistance

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Most small business owners and entrepreneurs have heard about the concept of working with a virtual assistant by now but many are still rather skeptical about the whole idea, even if they know other people who are using a VA successfully. Can you really work well with someone who is miles away, someone you have never (and may never) meet? The simple answer is yes, as long as you choose the right partner.

There are a great many advantages to working with a virtual assistant – or even a team of virtual assistants. Some are obvious, some not so much until you actually give the matter some real thought. Here though are the top ten reasons that working with a virtual assistant can not only help you build your business and improve productivity but also restore some of the sanity that you probably have been feeling is rather lacking in your life since you started your business.

By working with a virtual assistant you will be freed from those tasks that you simply do not have time – or perhaps the knowledge – to perform effectively. A small business owner or entrepreneur has to wear an awful lot of hats. Chances are that you are your company’s bookkeeper, publicist, marketing department, accounts receivable rep, accounts payable rep – the list can often go on and on. All of things are probably not the reason you started the company in the first place and yet they are crucial to your success, whether you like it or not. By working with a virtual assistant or virtual assistant team you can delegate many of these tasks to them – so that you can actually get back to building your business and doing what you love.

If you choose to work with a virtual assistant you don’t have to make room for them – Some small business owners and entrepreneurs think about taking on someone to help them, maybe on a part time basis but then when they stop and look around their office or workspace they realize that they have no idea where they would “put” them. In the closet with the copy paper? Out in the hallway? A VA doesn’t take up an inch of space because their presence in your business is just that – virtual. You may only have a few square feet of office space right now but by hiring a virtual assist it just won’t matter.

You do not need to buy expensive office equipment for a virtual assistant to use – You spent a small fortune on your own office equipment – your computer, your phone, your desk, your chair – and you have no idea how you could possibly afford to do it all again right now for an employee. With a virtual assistant on your staff you don’t have to. Virtual assistants work in their own offices, with their own equipment at their own desks drinking out of their own coffee mugs. Just another way that hiring a VA is a smart move from a financial standpoint.

You do not have to pay your VA’s taxes, benefits or for their coffee breaks. – Real employees cost a business far more than their agreed upon hourly wage or salary. There are payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, often there are workers compensation or liability insurance considerations too. And unless you want that employee (or employees) to start calling you Ebenezer Scrooge behind your back you have to pay for their vacation time, and their lunch and coffee breaks, as well. A virtual assistant comes with none of this expensive extras attached. You pay one rate, they get the work done, if they want to go to Starbucks its on their time. Sounds great right?

You can ramp up your business’ growth by finally having the time you need to actually focus on building it – Its hard to get out there and promote your business, meet with potential clients, attend seminars and the like when you have to spend your afternoons balancing the books, sending out invoices and ordering supplies all while trying to figure out how to get into that social media marketing stuff your colleagues have been raving about.

By designating all that small stuff to a VA, or by having them implement some of your marketing work as they are trained to do so and you are not, you can get on with growing the business you love without being stuck with the tasks that you hate. And with all that extra help you can begin marketing and promoting your business to a wider audience.

You can make better business decisions by actually having a partner to “bounce” ideas off or brainstorm with – For many small business owners and entrepreneurs the only things around that they can bounce their ideas off are the wall and their cat, neither of which are really much help in this department (unless you have a really, really talented cat) A virtual assistant is not just an assistant – they are highly trained individuals with a lot of knowledge. The best of them have been in the VA game for quite a while and have learned what works and won’t work in certain situations. And because they are a little distanced from the business they can often offer an honest opinion on certain issues that you are too connected to the business to have noticed.

You can now take on new ventures, new challenges and new clients now that you have more time – You have been meaning to get into social media marketing but you don’t have the time and to be honest you don’t know where to start. Perhaps you have also been planning to expand your offerings but have not had the time. By working with a virtual assistant you will have the extra help you need to do all of these things and so much more.

You can consider finally taking a day off – Anyone who runs their own business can tell you that all those things people write about having more free time and jetting off all over the world on vacation while “your business runs itself” is absolute fiction – at least for the first few years. The fact is that for most small business owners and entrepreneurs the idea of even taking a single day off is a scary thought because they need their business to keep running.

No virtual assistant is going to claim that they can run your business as well as you can but they can help keep it ticking over while you actually take a well earned break. From going through your emails to answering phones and keeping the bills going out a VA can be your ticket to the break you have been dreaming of (when you find the time to sleep)

You can gain the expertise you need, when you need it with no long term commitment. Here’s the scenario. You hire a part time assistant. Things don’t go so well. They can’t quite do all the things they claimed they could in their interview and their lunch hours are usually lunch ninety minutes. They come in at 9.10 am and leave at 4.50 and don’t see why its a problem. You’d like to ask them to leave but 1) you are a nice person and you can’t stand to have to upset someone sitting right there in front of you and 2) you are a small business, you don’t need someone saying bad things about you.

A virtual assistant is a business pro. You can use them as much – our as little – as you need them. And if things do not work out you can usually request a different VA or simply end your relationship. Being mean to your VA is not advised – they are people too – but they do understand that their purpose in working for you is to work – after all they are entrepreneurs too!