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Lead Generation: One Easy Way to Keep Bringing In New Customers

Any business, whatever it is all about, needs a constant supply of one thing to keep it going – customers. Sure, hopefully, some of your old customers will keep coming back and become your loyal customers but however loyal they are, it is unlikely that they will ever buy enough from you to even keep your business alive let alone help it grow! So, therefore, you need to find a way to get a constant supply of new prospects interested in your business that will convert into the new customers you so desperately need. And the process of finding these customers is called lead generation or prospecting.

What is Lead Generation and Prospecting?

Lead generation – or prospecting (as it is sometimes referred to as well)  is simply the process of gathering the contact information (it can be as simple as an email address these days) of people who may have an interest in buying from your business.

Lead generation is a time consuming thing and there is no one technique that can be said to be hugely better than any other. In fact, in this age of the Internet, it is best to have at least a couple of different lead generation techniques in place and being implemented all the time. Sure, it’s going to be a lot of work but leads are the only thing that will help grow your business. You might have the best product in the world but if no one knows about it, and no one is “buzzing” about it then it might as well just not exist.

How Can I Generate Leads?

As mentioned, there are a lot of different lead generation methods you can use, especially now that everyone spends so much time online. These are just some of them:

Prospecting Through Joint Ventures

A qualified lead is someone who is ready to buy and has the means to do so (in other words, they have the cash and are willing to part with it). If you find a JV partner whose business complements your niche and can gain access to his or her followers then you will be reaching people that have already demonstrated an interest in the kinds of things you have to offer.

Want an example? Let’s say your business is an information technology consulting service. The best JV partners for you to partner with are a few computer systems hardware vendors or even computer repair companies. They probably reach out to the same customers as you are hoping to connect with and you can complement each other by sharing leads and information about customers and prospects. It’s a win win situation for you both.

Prospecting Through Your Website and Social Media

Every business website should have an opt-in box, without exceptions. Creating a piece of content to offer to people in return for their email is cost effective and not all that difficult. Every business owner – no matter what they are selling – can come up with something that will interest people enough for them to share their contact details. It just takes some time and effort to do so. These days, you do not have to just rely on web search to bring people to your website either; you can also drive them there (gently) from social networking site accounts like Facebook and Twitter.


Meta Descriptions Still Matter – Here’s How to Write a Good One

We can’t emphasize this point enough; the odd art that is known as search engine optimization is changing all the time. There are one or two things that have remained fairly constant over the years and one of those is that when it comes to SEO, meta descriptions really do matter – often to the point where they really are your last best chance to capture a reader’s full attention when your content does show up in their search results. The problem is that many people do not know just how to make the most of what can be a very valuable tool. Here are some tips:

Writing a Great Meta Description

Use Action Words

Rather than just lifting the first few lines of your content (which a search engine will do if you don’t bother with a meta description at all), use the space to create a bit of a buzz about it. Try to incorporate words like learn, discover, or even grab at the beginning of the description to catch a browsing reader’s attention.

Describe the Benefit Your Content Offers Honestly

There is nothing more annoying than clicking on a description of interesting content to find that it is not what you expected at all and having to click back to find a different result that is. Misleading your potential readers is wrong – and Google is beginning to categorize really obvious examples as spam – so use your 155 characters (the best length for such things) to give an accurate, but honest, preview of your content.

Don’t Repeat the Title

The Internet real estate you have to work with within a meta description is very limited. Do not waste any of that space by simply basically repeating the title of your content in your meta description snippet.  The searcher has read your opening pitch in the form of that title. Now, close the deal on a click thru by convincing them it is worth a few minutes of their time.

Don’t Keyword Stuff

Years ago it was the common advice of many an SEO that a meta description should be as full as keywords as possible. That was pretty awful advice back then – something like “New York lawyer discusses how to be a good New York lawyer” is hardly compelling stuff is it? Search engines were less sophisticated then though and for several years, some people had some spotty success with the practice.

Over the last few years, as any webmaster knows,  Google’s crack down on keyword stuffing has been intense and many a site that used to rank OK was blasted right out of the SERPs for their keyword stuffing sins. The penalties also apply to hand crafted meta descriptions as well though – something some people have yet to realize.


How to Make the Most of a Google+ Local Page

For any business that has a local focus, no matter what niche it is in, taking advantage of Google + Local is, these days, a must. Why? Because an optimized and properly maintained Google + Local page can help you reach as much as 97% of the consumers who search for local businesses on the Internet. A Google + Local page also helps with general search visibility.

Google Plus Local

The big question, of course, for those perhaps less familiar with Google + Local, is just what makes for a properly optimized page? Here are a few tips:

One Hundred Percent Completion

This may sound like a very obvious advice but a stunning number of businesses do not complete more than 50% of the information that Google offers them the chance to, decreasing the effectiveness of their presence.  Most often neglected are business hours, payment methods accepted and additional photographs of the business, all of which can significantly increase the chances that your page will show up prominently in a keyword search.

Make Sure You are in All Possible Categories

When you are offered the chance to categorize your business, try not to settle for just one. Take the time to explore what is available to you and just what you your business would fit into. For example, if you own a pizza restaurant, you can take advantage of ‘pizza restaurant, delivery restaurant, restaurant and fast food restaurant’.

Never, Ever, Fake Reviews

By now you have probably noticed the addition of the ‘local carousel’ at the top of a local Google search. The position a business occupies in this depends a great deal on the number of positive reviews it has, so it can be more tempting than ever to fake a few reviews, or ask your family and friends to add a few while you wait for customers to leave some.

This is something you must never, ever do. Google are coming down harder than ever on misleading reviews and those that are caught not only suffer in the local listings but their actual website is often penalized in the SERPs as well.

Add Your Own Google Local Map to Your Website

Google will auto generate a standard Google Map for your listing but for the best visibility, take advantage of the fact that you can add a specialized Google Local Map that features your logo and more specifics about your business to your website. To do that, go to Google Maps, search for your own address, click the link button and grab the embed code and then add it to your site, preferably on your Contact Us page.

Pay Attention to Your Listing

Once you have optimized your Google + local listing, don’t just forget about it. Businesses have the opportunity to add information, news and additional photos to their listing as well as the chance to respond to reviews. There are also analytics available that offer information about how and when your page is viewed, information that may prove very useful in general.

More Google+ and social media resources? Please visit our Marketing Resources page.


What’s your Google Page Ranking?

Do you know your web site’s Google page ranking?  Why would you need to know, right?  Just as long as your website gets enough traffic and visitors – one would think that knowing their Google page rank is not essential anymore.  Or worse, some people would not care about the PageRank at all. It’s a good sign if the website gets enough hits already but aren’t you at least a bit curious about your Google page ranking? Curiosity is one thing though, but there are reasons why you should want to know your Google page rank, and why you should strive to achieve a higher one.

What is a Google page rank?

First of all, in order for you to understand the importance of knowing your page rank, you should know or at least have an idea of what a PageRank is.

PageRank is an algorithm used by Google to somehow ‘measure’ the rank value of a certain page.  Google defines PageRank as “votes”, link votes to be exact.  In other words, to get the page rank value of a web page, there is a calculation needed, which is what the Google’s PageRank algorithm does.  This algorithm calculates how ‘important’ a certain page is.  Therefore, Google’s PageRank (the page ranking itself) is the representation of a website’s importance – or at least, the importance based on Google’s ‘point of view’.  To know more information about Google’s page ranking algorithm, feel free to check this website:

Why is it important to know my Google Page Ranking?

First, let me ask you something.  Why does your company have a website?  This is to reach the web community, right?  I mean, I am sure this is one of the reasons why a company or any business for that matter will want to put up a website.  Page ranking, as the thing suggests, is your site’s ranking, its importance to the web community.  Simply put, this is your site’s ‘popularity score’.

Now, since this ‘score’ is being calculated by Google’s PageRank algorithm, your site’s page rank value may change inevitably over time.  It may be for the better, which means higher page rank – which also means that your site did well and whatever marketing and backlinking you’re doing are obviously working.  But sometimes, you’ll notice that your site’s page rank will decrease.  Knowing this stuff will let you know that something, or whatever process you’re doing is simply not working, and that sooner or later, you’ll have to change it if you want to have a better page ranking.

Where can I get my page ranking information?

Nowadays, checking your Google page ranking is not a problem anymore.  One of the easiest ways to determine your page rank is to use a page rank checker tool.  A tool such as that can easily give out your page ranking information.  This certain tool is created so you don’t have to calculate your page rank yourself, and of course, so you don’t need to install any toolbar.  If you’re looking for a free page rank checker tool, offers that and more.

Check Page Rank Free is a website created to easily provide page ranking information – all for free.  To know more about Check Page Rank Free and its free services, feel free to visit their website at


Check Page Rank Free: Reviewed by Street Blast Media / Jake Wheat / is a website owned by Jake Wheat, an outspoken author and blogger.  In his website, Jake directly addresses Anti-Bullying Laws and GLBTI issues as well as movie and product reviews and a multitude of other topics.  It’s a very informative website and he’s known for providing his unique and honest viewpoint.

In StreetBlastMedia’s post about Check Page Rank Free, Jake Wheat included Check Page Rank Free’s press release, and added our dynamic page ranking icon to his site.  He discussed their own page ranking (which is currently at PR 2), and he also included some techniques on how to increase page ranking.

To read more about Jake Wheat’s review of our website, click here: – Where Do We Rank?

Our sincerest thanks to / for the wonderful review!


Check Page Rank Free Featured on DotCom Membership!

DotCom Membership is a well-known site that recommends quality products.  They also have a collection of articles about blogging, internet marketing, home business, mobile marketing, SEO, social networking and more.  To learn more about DotCom Membership and what the site can offer, feel free to visit them at

As part of being featured (aka, a website and product review), very positively discussed the PageRanking functionality that Check Page Rank Free currently offers.

To read the full product review, click here: Check Google PageRank With Free Page Rank Checker


Site Review – Check Page Rank Free

October 8, 2012

Having the ability to check your page rank directly from your site saves both time and money. You save time by not having to go to a separate site to check your ranking, and money by being able to see if your marketing efforts are bringing traffic to your site.

Check Page Rank Free is a site that gives you the option of being able to check your page rank directly from your site. It is a service available for free to anyone and does not require you to fill out any registration forms or login information. Simply place the code on your website to allow quick access to the Check Page Rank Free site and anyone visiting your page will have the option of checking their own site ranking just by clicking on the button.

In addition to being able to access information (ranking) of their own site, users may also access the rank information about any website they like. Plus, page visitors can see at a glance where your page ranks in the standings as well. If your site is new it will naturally rank lower, but as time goes on it should improve. By having this information visible to your audience, you can modify current content and blogging practices to improve page rank.

This is a great service which will enable both site owners and site visitors to monitor page ranking at a glance. It is meant to be utilized to improve page ranking which is achieved by relevant content and number of views by others. I have personally incorporated the buttons on my site and am confident with monitoring and regular posting my site ranking will improve. This is an invaluable tool to help my business grow. You have nothing to lose by adding the functionality to your own site or blog.

Although Check Page Rank Free displays information related to Google’s PageRank algorithm, it is not associated with Google. It is strictly a free service provided to the public based on Google ranking.

Posted by Diane Ziomek on her blog,


Free Page Rank Checker Tool for your Website

Checking your website’s page rank has never been easier these days. In fact, one of the easiest and most practical ways to do so is to add a free page rank checker tool to your web site or blog. It’s really simple and very much accessible to you and to your visitors – and, it’s free.

Free Page Rank Checker? Tell me more!

A free page rank checker tool lets you check your blog or web site’s page rank any time (as long as the data is available) on your own website. How is it possible? Well, it’s just a matter of copying and pasting a snippet of code to an HTML page on your blog or website. If you are a website or blog owner, you’ll have access to this, therefore, making it an easy task to do – or, worse comes to worse, your webmaster can easily do it for you.

Once the Google page rank checker tool is visible and working on your page, you can freely check the PageRank of any web site or blog. If you are curious about the page ranking of other websites, you can check these out too. Just simply go to the page where the free page rank checker tool is located and enter the URL of the website. You will be directed to a page where you have to verify that you are not a web robot or a bot, and after that, the web site’s page rank will appear – it’s that simple.

Google Page Rank Checker Tool: Where to get it

There are few sites out there who offer this tool. To be more precise, there are very few sites who offer this kind of tool absolutely for free, without any obligation from the user at all. Check Page Rank Free is a web site that offers this kind of service. The website is created to provide the Google PageRank of your blog or web page for free. Check Page Rank Free is merely making page rank checking easier and accessible to website and blog owners, and online users. Since they have this free page rank checker tool, you never have to go anywhere else to verify your page rank. Your site visitors, who may be curious about your site’s page rank or their own site’s page rank, will not need to go anywhere else as well. They just have to access your site and there it is – the free page rank checker tool.

Just go to and click the “Page Rank Check Tool” tab. In that page, you’ll see three Page Rank Checker tool designs. Choose the one that you like best and copy the code right below it. After copying the code, go to your website, edit the HTML page or the page where you want the free tool to appear, and paste the code into it. Don’t forget to click ‘Save’! It’s easy, quick and free – which makes it the perfect web tool. Just make sure that you don’t alter the code that you’ll be getting from Check Page Rank Free. Changing or revising any code that you’ll get from is against user guidelines and will put the functionality at risk for malfunction.

To know more about the free page rank checker tool and other services offered by Check Page Rank Free, feel free to visit their website at

Note: Google and the Google PageRank trademarks are owned by Google.


WireWalkersVA Launches Its Free Page Rank Checker Web Tool And Dynamic PageRank Icons

Press Release

WireWalkersVA, a web site development, SEO and social media company, recently launched its new project, a free page rank checker called Check Page Rank Free. The aim of the project is to create the tools and functionality that will enable anyone to check PageRank; to check their own page rank from their own web site; and also, to give everyone the chance to display their page rank information right on their website, by means of free dynamic page rank icons.

“Our goal is to provide tools, calculators and services that will be beneficial for the web community. When the idea of a free page rank checker came to the table, we immediately decided to make it happen. Our team at WireWalkersVA has really embraced this Project and you can see the imprints of their dedication throughout the website,” says Peter Lee, CEO of WireWalkersVA.

WireWalkersVA’s free page rank checker, Check Page Rank Free, is available to everyone. The website doesn’t require users to login or register. You can access the website whenever you want to check the PageRank of any blog, website or URL. If you want the free page rank checker functionality accessible right on your website (so your site’s visitors can also check their PageRank right from your website), Check Page Rank Free offers the page rank checker tool for free as well. When you access the site,, simply go to the ‘Page Rank Check Tool’ page and choose the tool design that you like best, copy the code below it, and put it on your website.

WireWalkersVA also understands that showing your site’s page rank information can be desirable and important. With this in mind, they created page rank icons that show your web site’s page rank. These icons are also offered for free. Just access the “Page Rank Icons” page, enter your website’s valid URL, and click ‘Generate Now’.

Check Page Rank Free is not affiliated with Google, Inc. nor the Google PageRank algorithm – both of which are owned by Google. Our functionality just helps users to access their Google PageRank information. For more information about the free page rank checker and its tools, please visit

About WireWalkersVA
WireWalkersVA is a web site development, SEO and social media company based in New York, NY and was started by its CEO, Peter Lee and a dedicated team of business, marketing and social media advisors. Their website provides business, marketing and social media resources in the form of free ebooks, podcasts, videos, blogs and a business forum.

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Facebook Business Case Study: Walmart Retail

Are you a new or growing business hoping to use Facebook to expand your reach and gain new clients? If you are, then I’m sure you’ve been looking around for ideas on how to create a good Facebook page that will attract a lot of fans and get your brand out there to the millions of people who don’t know about it yet.

Well, this e-book is not about giving you tips on what to do, but SHOWING you the elements of a good Facebook page by analyzing one that’s already gathered millions of fans. And what better example to give you than the Facebook page of one of the largest corporations in the world, Walmart.

Background of the Company

Facebook Business Case Study: Walmart Retail coverWalmart was founded by a man named Sam Walton from Arkansas. After gathering experience working for J.C. Penney, Walton met the Butler Brothers who owned a chain of stores called Ben Franklin. He was offered the chance to run one of their stores in Newport. He then proceeded to run the store extremely well. Later on, he opened a franchise of Ben Franklin but named it “Walton’s Five and Dime” which was slightly less expensive than competitors in the industry.

Sam Walton finally opened the very first Walmart Discount City in Rogers, Arkansas on the 2nd of July, 1962. It was so successful that in less than 5 years, it had expanded to 24 stores around Arkansas and reached nearly 13 million dollars in sales. By 1968, Walton expanded his store outside Arkansas to Missouri and Oklahoma.

Walmart grew in popularity, continually expanded its stores, established itself as a “neighbourhood market”, and increased its revenues until 2002 when the company reached 219.8 billion dollars and became listed as America’s largest corporation on the Fortune 500 list.

Today, Walmart is the largest retailer in the world with a total revenue of 421 billion dollars in 2011. It has approximately 8,500 stores scattered around 15 countries and it still continues to grow.

General Overview of Walmart’s Facebook Page

The Walmart Facebook page is undeniably a popular one having been listed as #6 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 guide. And it’s no surprise that their Facebook page was so high up on that list considering that it has amassed a whopping 11,264,856 fans as of January 2012 and has been found by Social Baker to gain an average of 3,903 fans each day.

In addition to the astounding number of fans who have joined, there were 131,950 people “talking about this”, which is a feature that shows how many people have interacted with the page in the last week. By “interacted”, we mean joined, Liked, commented, or posted something on their Facebook page. It’s a great indicator of how active a page is and not just something that people have joined and forgotten about. Also, there are 405,515 people who “were here”, which shows how many people were detected by Facebook as being in the actual stores. This feature can give a rough estimate of the number of people that visit a certain store and is available to business pages that include their addresses on their Facebook.

… eBook Continued –  Free Download Here!