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Facebook Business Case Study: Build-A-Bear Workshop

The Company Background

Build-A-Bear Workshop is an American company that specializes in selling custom-made teddy bears and other stuffed animals. Customers are led through an interactive process of assembling a stuffed toy of their choice. They are allowed to choose the type of stuffed toy (such as a teddy bear, dog, bunny, etc), the amount of stuffing, and then they can choose to dress them up in a wide variety of clothes and accessories that Build-A-Bear also retails. In addition to all that, customers can choose to give their bear a heart which they are supposed to rub and kiss “so that their teddy bear knows them best” and make a wish on before it’s placed inside the bear. They can also choose to put in a microchip that creates sounds when the bear is squeezed. After that, their bears are boxed up and given birth certificates with a name that the customer is allowed to choose.

Facebook Business Case Study: Build-A-Bear Workshop eBookAnother special feature of Build-A-Bear is a barcode inside each stuffed toy with the owner’s contact information so that when a stuffed animal goes missing, finders can return them to any Build-A-Bear store and they can be returned to their rightful owners. This makes each stuffed animal purchased in their store feel completely unique and valuable to the customer.

Build-A-Bear Workshop began in October 1997 when Maxine Clark opened the very first store in St. Louis Galleria. It was an immediate success and the store reached sales of $400,000 within 4 months of opening. Maxine Clark obtained copyrights and trademarks for the company in the late 90’s such as their logo and company slogan, “Where Best Friend’s Are Made.”

The store expanded quickly and by the time it reached 2007, there were more than 400 stores all over the world that had sold more than 50 million bears. In 2011, the Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice was chosen as the new spokesperson for Build-A-Bear Workshop. She has since appeared in several of their commercials.

A General Overview of their Facebook Page
The Build-A-Bear Workshop Facebook page began in 2008 and has since acquired 1,690,785 fans. It also has 7,824 people “Talking about this” which is a feature that shows how many people have liked, shared, or commented on the Facebook page in a week’s time. This is a great indicator of how active a Facebook page is and not simply an inactive page that has just garnered a good number of Likes.

Build-A-Bear Workshop Facebook pageIn addition to that, Build-A-Bear Workshop has 11,619 people who “were here”. This is a feature which shows how many people were in the actual Build-A-Bear Workshops in a week’s time. For businesses to be able to use this feature, they simply have to include all their business addresses in the location section of their Facebook page.

The Build-A-Bear Workshop page that immediately greets people who chance upon it is bright and gaily colored in yellow and blue, the trademark colors of Build-A-Bear Workshop. It features the company logo proudly displayed as their profile picture, along with a photo of “Smile of the Week”.

The “Smile of the Week” is a promotion which encourages people to post photos of themselves along with their Build-A-Bear stuffed toys for the chance to get featured on their Facebook page. It’s actually a brilliant little promotional tool because their wall is filled with a good number of smiling people with stuffed animals because of it. It tells people who come across their Facebook page that their stuffed animals bring smiles. Their wall is also filled with posts and comments by fans, a good indicator of an effective Facebook page.

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SEO Optimization: Creating Optimized Content for Your Website

From our last blog, we talked about how basic website content is crucial when you want to effectively perform SEO optimization.  In this blog, we are going to give some tips about the “optimizing” part itself.

You have the basic website content, now what? It’s not enough that you simply have all the necessary parts of a website.  It’s also essential that you are able to create optimized content that will increase user satisfaction and overall rankings in searches.

Here are some useful tips on how to optimize content for your website:

  • Create a website for people and not simply for search engine rankings

People can tell whether your website is merely tailored to improve rankings and it may not sit well with them.  Make sure that while your website does employ search engine optimization tactics, that you don’t miss the point.  Your website is still meant to be viewed by people, and if they like it, then they’re more likely to share it with their friends as well.

  • Make your content as informative and useful to people as possible

People are interested in websites only if they see that it directly benefits them.  So don’t make it look like something for selling your business, but something that they need.  This will encourage more traffic into your website.  And since usability and popularity factors are valued by search engines then you’ll also enjoy higher rankings.

  • Do a little research around your industry

Find out what your competitors and the industry leaders are doing right and learn from them.  You could also check out social media sites and see what people are talking about.  Try to see what hot topics are getting a lot of interest as well as recent trends.  This will help you get a great idea into what people are interested in and what type of content you should be putting into your site to captivate people. When you outsource SEO work, this will not be a problem for you as they have a great deal of experience when it comes to checking and researching these things.

  • Create attention grabbing headlines

Many websites write about the same thing but you have to find a way to stand out.  Summarize your content in around 50 characters, and make people want to read your content.  Don’t forget to include keywords in your headlines.  Some helpful formats that grab attention are the “who-what-why” format, the question technique, and lists (top 10’s, best and worst, etc).  HTML offers 6 different headline formats from H1 to H6.  H1 is given the most weight, while H6 is given the least.  So use these wisely.

SEO optimization: Attention grabbing headlines

  • Limit page content to reasonable sizes

Try not to put in too much information per page.  People often get overwhelmed when they see content crowded into one page.  Experts recommend limiting one topic per page.  This also helps make searching for information much easier because those one-topic pages are given their own URL’s and own descriptions.

  • Organize your content well

Try not to be too wordy with your content.  People like things written in a broken up way so that they can digest it in small parts.  Bullet points and lists are also effective ways to keep people interested.

  • Include images and visuals

Although search engines don’t read visuals, they are a good way to keep people interested in your content.  You could optimize images by creating a title, description, image caption, and relevant links.  Make sure you don’t post photos that are too large though.  Keep the file size in KB’s.

SEO optimization: Including images and visuals

  • Make your site easy to navigate through

Create a naturally flowing hierarchy of links to make navigation easy.  Easy navigation increases a user’s positive experience and makes the website much more popular to users.

  • Tag blogs or posts

Tagging is no longer given as much weight by search engines as it was before because people abused it with keyword stuffing.  However, it does help users find information more easily.  You could also use “Halo terms” or variations of a keyword in tags.

  • Choose the right keywords targeted specifically to your customers’ queries

Make sure that the keywords you use are tailored to what people type in search engines.  For example, if your product is a toy for dogs, make sure that you think about all the “Halo terms”, or all the possible keywords people may use when they search for dog toys, including “mutt”, “puppy”, or even specific breeds.  You also have to take the culture and language of your target market into account when looking for keywords.  You can use Google Adwords to find the most popular keywords.  Should you choose to outsource SEO, this step usually is already included in their SEO services.

  • Invite a call to action

A great way to get people to interact with your website and measure your site’s success is by giving a call to action.  This could be anything from downloading something, subscribing to the page, calling, registering, or of course, buying.  Aside from getting more interaction with this tactic, you also get the chance to get them more interested in your site.  For example, offering free trial services lets people see what a great company you are, and then they are more likely to buy from you and become loyal customers.

  • Improve your website’s speed

Google considers site speed into its ranking factors, simply because a speedier site increases usability and improves customer satisfaction.  If your website is slow, then the great content that you have may not be accessed by people because they got much too impatient waiting for it to load! Try to determine the reasons why your site is slow using tools like Web Page Analyzer and find ways to improve on them.

  • Make sure your website is perfect

Proofread and edit your website’s content over and over again to make sure it’s absolutely error-free and seamless with limited duplicate content.  This gives users the impression that your company is truly professional.  If there are mistakes in your content or there’s poorly written content, then users will doubt the legitimacy of your company and are less likely to trust your products or services.

Hope these tips will be of help when you’re doing SEO optimization for your website.  These tips may seem a lot to take but they are certainly worth it.  You can also outsource SEO responsibilities to an SEO company to make sure that all these tips are followed.



Facebook Marketing Case Study: Foot Locker

It’s an extremely competitive world out there and businesses are often looking for the next best way to improve their sales and make more money. Excellent marketing strategies have proven to be the most effective way to do so. However, most marketing techniques are much too costly and new businesses can’t always afford it. Businesses have then turned to new techniques such as social media marketing to expand their reach, increase brand awareness, and sell more products at – oftentimes – a fraction of the cost of regular marketing techniques.

Facebook Marketing Case Study: Foot Locker eBook coverOut of the various social media sites available, most businesses turn to Facebook for its versatility and ease of use. However, it’s not always easy to create an effective Facebook page. And while there are many tips out there that offer to help people create better Facebook pages, it’s not always easy to understand them unless you actually see them being implemented. Thus, we’ve created a case study on Foot Locker, a shining example of an effective Facebook page, to help young businesses out in creating their own.

The Company Background

Foot Locker is an American company that sells sportswear and footwear. It is renowned for its employee uniforms which resemble those of referees. Foot Locker began in 1963 when F.W. Woolworth Company bought the Kinney Shoe Corporation and used it as a subsidiary. Kinney Shoe Corp later branched out into specialty shoe stores such as Stylco, Susie Casuals, and finally, Foot Locker in 1974.

By the time they reached the 1990’s, Foot Locker became a top performing line and was responsible for over 70% of Kinney Shoe Corporation’s sales.

Today, it operates in more than 20 countries worldwide and has nearly 4,000 mall- based stores in America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

A General Overview of Their Facebook Page

Foot LockerThe Foot Locker Facebook page began in mid-2009 and has now amassed 1,888,586 fans and counting. As of January 2012, it’s been found by to garner 1,588 fans A DAY.

In addition to that, Foot Locker has nearly 24,000 people “talking about this”, which is a feature which shows how many people have liked them, commented, or shared one of their posts in the past week.

As of January 1, 2012, they also had 876 people who “were here”, which is a measure of the foot traffic to actual Foot Locker locations (To get the “were here” feature on your Facebook, be sure to include the addresses of your shops on your page).

Upon entering the Foot Locker Facebook page, fans are shown an image of their logo as well as clear photos of their products in the top bar. What we found most unique about Foot Locker’s page is that unlike a lot of other Facebook business pages, it had A LOT of people commenting on their wall. Nearly all of the posts on their wall were from people who were inquiring about products or giving feedback on things they’d bought. Foot Locker is an absolute master at getting people to engage with their Facebook page.

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Facebook Marketing Case Study: Ralph Lauren

Many companies have turned to social media networking sites as a means to market their businesses in a cost-efficient way. Of the social media networking sites, Facebook has been found to be one of the most effective ways to market a business and increase the popularity of a certain brand name. Thus, it is not a big surprise that many new businesses have sought out help on how to create effective Facebook pages.

Facebook Marketing Case Study Ralph LaurenWhile there are a ton of tips on how to go about creating a good Facebook page, they may be difficult to understand unless you see the tips actually being executed. And so to help you understand better what to do better, we have created a case study on a particularly successful Facebook page, that of Ralph Lauren’s.

The Company Background

Ralph Lauren Corporation is a luxury clothing retail company created by the world renowned fashion designer, Ralph Lauren. The company began in 1967 when Ralph Lauren was backed by Norman Hilton, a financial clothing manufacturer, to start a line of men’s ties under the name “Polo”. Ralph Lauren had been selling ties back when he was still in high school.

In 1969, he was able to open a boutique shop in Manhattan’s Bloomingdale’s and he expanded to selling a line of women’s suits that were tailored in a classic men’s suit style.

In 1971, he launched his first women’s collection and opened his first solo shop in Beverly Hills. He gained worldwide popularity in the following years and by 1981, Ralph Lauren opened up his first international store in London.

Ralph Lauren has now expanded to produce various luxury, casual and semi-formal clothing, accessories, fragrances, furniture, and it even runs a restaurant called RL in Chicago. It also opened up new stores such as Rugby Ralph Lauren and Club Monaco, and is now one of the largest clothing retailers in America.

Ralph Lauren LogoPolo Ralph Lauren started its official website and online shop in 2000 as a joint venture with NBC. In 2007, they acquired NBC’s share and re-launched their website as

A General Overview of Their Facebook Page

The Ralph Lauren Facebook page began in 2008 and now boasts 4,140,690 likes. It’s been found to get an average of 4,817 new likes each day. It also has 26,473 people “talking about this” and 24,236 people who “were here”. The “talking about this” feature shows how many people liked, shared, and commented on any posts of their Facebook page while the “were here” feature shows how many check-ins or mobile location shares occurred in the stores. These give a good estimate of how well the Facebook page is doing and it also gives an idea of the foot traffic to actual store locations. Take note that the “were here” feature is only available to business pages that include addresses in their Facebook pages.

Upon entering the Ralph Lauren Facebook page, you’ll be confronted with images of classy looking and well-dressed men and women. Ralph Lauren likes to maintain an image of wealth and class which is evident in the dark and rich hues they use for their photographs and it immediately comes off in their Facebook page.

Ralph Lauren Facebook Page

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Your Website’s Basic Content: The Role it Plays in SEO Optimization

A website’s basic information or content is one of the most important ingredients in implementing a successful website SEO optimization.  People will usually judge your site within a few seconds of entering it, so make sure you make a good first impression.  If you are outsourcing SEO services even from a trusted SEO company, they can do all the optimizing they can but if your web structure is not properly created and the content is lacking, the results will not be that productive.

You will want to make sure that your website contains all the basic information that people expect to see.  Here are the basic ones:

SEO Optimization: Website's Basic Content

  • About Us page: This is meant to give people who come into your website a quick idea of what your company is about and what it offers.  This is also a great place to share your company vision and mission.
  • Description of your products or services: Sell your products or services to prospective customers by explaining how they can directly benefit them in an easy to understand way.  Convince your audience that they need you.
  • Contact information: Make sure that your contact information is clear and easy to find so that customers can make inquiries and contact your company easily.  It’s good to give people several means of contacting you like giving your telephone, mobile, email, and mailing addresses.  This helps give your company a more trustworthy image.  Of course, be sure to respond promptly and satisfactorily when people contact any of those contact numbers and addresses.
  • FAQ’s page: You can translate inquiries that you frequently get in emails into frequently asked questions on your website.  This helps reduce the hordes of questions you may receive over mail all asking about the same thing and save you the time and effort of responding to all of them.  A FAQ page also increases user satisfaction which would very well increase rankings in search engines as well.
  • Keyword optimized articles: Many SEO experts swear by optimized articles as the best way to increase rankings in search engines. Since users expect useful and quality content, search engines strive to find the most informative content that contain all the necessary keywords that were searched for. That’s basically why a SEO company would normally include article writing as one of their SEO services.
  • Customer reviews: It’s been found that people are most likely to trust peers over advertisements, even if those peers aren’t actually people they know.  Customer reviews of products and services are the best way for prospective customers to get sold on your product.  It may be wise to ask satisfied customers to provide feedback on your company whenever possible.

So there you have it; the basic content you need to start website SEO optimization.  If you are to outsource SEO services to an SEO company, depending on the company itself (if they are a web development company as well), you can choose to delegate the web development task to them to make sure that all the basics are covered when it comes to your website needs.


Top 10 Web Design Blogs

WireWalkersVA is very pleased to provide you with this list of Top 10 Web Design Blogs.  We made this list very quick and clean – without a lot of extensive commentary – so that you could explore and decide for yourself which blogs you like the best.

top 10 web design blogs: icons

  1. Smashing Magazine – This blog is famous for delivering innovative information to all of its readers.  Web designer or not, you’ll find this blog to be one of the inspirational web design blogs / sites out there.
  2. A List Apart –  This is a site for “people who make websites”.  This online magazine / blog carries different articles about content, codes, design, process and a whole lot more.
  3. Think Vitamin –This blog offers a lot of helpful content to web professionals; it even won a SXSW award for ‘Best Educational Resource’ in 2007.  If you want to be updated with topics such as PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and more, this site will be worth your time.
  4. Fuel Your Creativity – If you need an inspiration, or a great idea (and you need a little ‘push’ to come up with it), this blog is a must-visit for you.  The site is quite helpful, indeed.  With the several tutorials and recommended tools they offer, you’ll surely get your creativity ‘fueled’.
  5. Web Designer Wall – Owned by a web designer and illustrator (Nick La) who designs WordPress themes, CSS websites and stock icons, this blog houses several design ideas and tutorials.  The blog is also known to produce creative designs and excellent content.
  6. Webdesigner Depot –  If you’re looking for web design techniques, samples and tips, Webdesigner Depot is the blog you should visit.  Run by Walter Apai, a web designer, and a bunch of contributors around the world that are web design experts as well, this blog overflows with great web design content.
  7. Web Design Ledger (WDL) –  This blog is focused on sharing “web design knowledge and resources” so you’ll find a lot of tips and tutorials here.  If you need design inspiration and more resources, they have compiled several articles all about them as well.
  8. Noupe – If you are a web designer or web developer, or aspiring to be one or both, this blog will be most useful for you.  The site publishes blogs about AJAX, Photoshop, CSS, WordPress, and much more.  You’ll also find a bunch of tutorial posts here.
  9. Onextrapixel – One of the famous resource sites for web developers and designers, Onextrapixel publishes design and development tips, tutorials, and a compilation of inspirational posts.  It also has a “Freebies” section where you can download icons set for free.
  10. Garcya Web Design Blog – This blog offers a lot of things about web design – for FREE.  You’ll find free templates for different platforms, vector graphics, tutorials and tools here.

Which additional blogs would you add to this list?

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Who is ‘MattCutts’ and the Matt Cutts Blog?

Wondering who Matt Cutts is?  And why he and his blog, the Matt Cutts blog, are so popular in the SEO world.  Read on.

Who is Matt Cutts?

Image: Matt Cutts
Matt Cutts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people in the SEO world would consider Matt Cutts as a very powerful and important man.  You know why?  Well, for one, he is currently working at Google as the head of the “webspam team”.   So yes, the several posts that he published and keep on publishing in his blog are deemed to be influential – even though he mentioned in his blog’s “Disclaimer” page that the Matt Cutts blog is his personal blog, and that what you can see are just his own personal thoughts.  Never mind that.  He is still a Googler and one of the famous of them all when it comes to Google search engine.  Plus, he specializes in search engine optimization and his tips, if taken seriously, can really help a lot of webmasters and companies.  Sometimes, you’ll also see him answer questions from online queries and the press.

Matt Cutts started working at Google in 2000 – as a software engineer.  And as I’ve mentioned above, he is now the “Google’s Webspam Team” head.

Did you know?  That Matt Cutts was tagged as the “Porn Cookie Guy”?  This happened when he was working at ‘SafeSearch’, Google’s family filter.  The story was, he would give out tasty homemade cookies (baked by his wife) to Googlers who would help him find ‘unwanted pornography’ in the search engine results.

The Matt Cutts Blog

“Matt Cutts says watch this… and that …” 

You’ll often encounter ‘Matt Cutts quotes’ to a lot of websites who blogs about him and the recent update and post that he published in his blog, or bloggers who talks about the recent Google update.  That’s what he does, mostly, in this blog.  He gives out advice relating to the use of Google’s search engine and other known and unknown issues.

Matt Cutts’s blog is pretty simple, which is a good thing.  If you’ll visit his blog, you’ll see that there aren’t any fancy designs or ads; what he has is a simple but highly informational blog.  You’ll see five tabs namely “Home” where you’ll see his latest blog posts in all category, “About Me” where you’ll find a bit of information about Matt Cutts himself, “Google/SEO” is where you’ll see posts under that category, “Disclaimer”, and “Disclosure” where he made it clear that he is in fact, an employer of Google and he owns a stock from Google, but he does not and will not accept any kind of compensation from companies and individuals.  He also explains that he doesn’t accept speaking or consulting fees.  To find more about his goodwill, visit

How about you?  What do you think about Matt Cutts and the Matt Cutts blog?  Let us know in a comment below. Thanks!


SEO Services: The Google Adwords Campaign

When choosing your SEO outsourcing company, it is best if you understand beforehand what SEO services are available and which ones you may need.   In our previous blog, we talked about keyword analysis and strategy.  Today, we are going to take a look at how to effectuate a Google Adwords Campaign – an SEO Service many businesses find useful.

In the Google Adwords control panel you can easily access their Google Adwords Keywords Tool that assists in keyword analysis.   You can then set your own pay-per-click fee and Google will show your ads in search results depending on your bid for keywords.   Of course, if you don’t bid enough and the going rate is higher, it’s possible that none of your ads will be shown at all.

You can get started with a Google Adwords campaign by clicking the previous link.  Click on “Create your First Campaign” and you will be directed to this page:

SEO Services: Google Adwords Campaign

You can name your campaign and then you will be given the choice of which countries you want to target.  The more countries you choose, the wider the reach.  However, increasing the countries that you target will also lower the quality of traffic.  So try to find a good balance between a wide reach and targeted traffic.  After this, it’s time to write an ad to promote your product.  Try to create an ad that is clear and will capture your target market’s interests.

Next, you will be given a text box where you can add all your chosen keywords.

Finally, set your budget and the cost-per-clicks.  Higher cost-per-clicks usually get you higher rankings in searches and lead to more clicks overall.  However, choose one that still fits into your budget.  $0.50 a click is decent, while a network bid of 10 cents will suffice as a starting point.  (Note: again, this depends on the competitiveness of your keywords and the resulting going rate.  You can’t just bid a rate that’s too far below the going rate if you want any ‘action’.)  If you are within an acceptable range however, you can pick the lowest part of the range to begin with and can increase the rate later if you see a need.

You can analyze your progress by integrating Adwords with Google Analytics.  Simply link your two accounts and then go to the “Tools and Analysis” page on Google Adwords and sign up for conversion tracking.  With this tool, you can find out what keywords referred traffic to your website, and you can sift the good keywords from the bad.

Google Adwords Tools and Analysis

You can opt to launch more than 1 Google Adwords campaign because Google will help find out which ones are most effective.  This will allow you to play around with different words and different target markets to see which combination of factors is the most effective.

Creating a great Adwords campaign will help increase traffic, online sales and help get your brand more recognition so make sure you use it wisely. When you utilize a SEO outsourcing company, you won’t have to worry about this process at all as they will be the one to do it for you. You can certainly choose to have a Google Adwords campaign included in your SEO services package.


Facebook Marketing Case Study: Victoria’s Secret Pink

Many businesses want to take advantage of social media marketing to increase their reach to crowds and increase their brand recognition. Facebook in particular, is a social media site that most businesses use to market their businesses. There are several sources for tips on launching a successful Facebook page. However sometimes, the best way to learn is through example. So here we provide a case study on one of the most successful Facebook pages out there, the Victoria’s Secret PINK.

Facebook Marketing Case Study: Victoria’s Secret Pink eBookWith 10,591,783 fans and counting, and nearly 64,000 people “talking about this” (this is a count of people who have engaged with the site on a per weekly basis), this Facebook page definitely got it right when it came to figuring out their target demographic, successful marketing techniques, gathering followers, and engaging with them.

A Little Background on the Company…

Victoria’s Secret was founded in 1977 by a businessman named Roy Raymond. He claimed he felt embarrassed about purchasing lingerie for his wife from a department store with other shoppers present. Victoria’s Secret was meant to be a retail shop specializing in lingerie with staff that were all trained to help both women AND men out in choosing the right styles and sizes. Victoria’s Secret was later sold to Leslie Wexner for 4 million dollars. By the 1990’s, it grew to be the largest American lingerie retailer.

The company is renowned for its use of the best supermodels in their ads and fashion shows to create an incredibly sexy brand image. It now sells bras, panties, hosiers, cosmetics, sleepwear, perfume, and other products in well marketed lines such as Angels, Very Sexy, and Body by Victoria.

PINK is a sub-brand of Victoria’s Secret that was founded in 2004. It was created to cater to late-teens and college-aged women with more age-appropriate underwear, sleepwear, cosmetics, and accessories. Its marketed image is more fun, playful and flirtatious than the original Victoria’s Secret line. Because their target market is a much younger generation, PINK promotes its products in college tours, MTV, and in social media sites. PINK began their Facebook page in 2009 and is now one of the most popular fan pages out there in terms of its following and engagement.

The Facebook Page

Upon finding the Victoria’s secret PINK Facebook page and liking it, we were confronted with a bubbly and bright page with a cute and flirtatious-looking model wearing trendy PINK underwear. It immediately advertised a contest called “The Ultimate Fashion Show Challenge”. The winner of the contest was to be awarded a custom made light-up bra as well as a $400 shopping spree at PINK.

Victoria's Secret Pink Facebook page

The PINK Facebook page had several extra tabs aside from the regular tabs such as “The Scoop”, Wallpapers, Gift Cards, and Polyvore. We will go through the important tabs and explain the purpose of each, as well as their successful aspects.

► Info

This tab is used by businesses to give the background of their company, explain what they offer, and give links to their other websites. People who go to any Facebook page are likely to see the info page before anything else. PINK tells fans in their info page that their brand is geared towards giving “comfy yet chic wear” for “the independent spirit” to make them feel “absolutely unique”. These power words stick to potential customer’s minds while browsing PINK’s product line and they immediately see the trendiness and comfort factor of PINK’s products.

PINK also includes links to all their websites and social media sites to increase their traffic and followers. This then increases their rankings in search engine results.

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Top 10 Small Business Blogs

WireWalkersVA is very pleased to provide you with this list of Top 10 Small Business Blogs.  We made this list very quick and clean – without a lot of extensive commentary – so that you could explore and decide for yourself which blogs you like the best.

We also created some great related content so please check them out here:

 Image: Top 10 Small Business Blogs

  1. Small Business Trends – As the name implies, this blog is all about small business.  Get ready to see a lot of small business news, current issues and tips when you visit this blog.  Note:  We’ve actually included this blog as a great source of “Best Business Articles”.  Check it out.
  2. You’re the Boss – This is a small business blog by The New York Times (  It gives entrepreneurs and small business owners the chance to compare notes, get tips and “learn from each other’s mistakes”.
  3. The Global Small Business Blog – As a small business owner or entrepreneur, are you interested to expand your business … internationally?  Well, you should visit this site as this blog, created by Laurel Delaney, is focused exactly to that purpose.
  4. Smallbiz Technology – Want to learn more about the right tools and technology you need to grow your business’ productivity which will result in increased revenue and whole lot more?  Smallbiz Technology, by Ramon Ray, may just be the website you should visit.  You’ll learn a lot from the news, articles, resources and analysis the website offers solely dedicated to small business owners and entrepreneurs.
  5. Duct Tape Marketing – This blog, owned by John Jantsch (notably called as “The World’s Most Practical Small Business Expert”), talks about small business marketing, ideas and strategies.
  6. Small Biz Survival – Written by authors “Becky McCray”, “Jeanne Cole”, “Glenna Mae Hendricks”, and “Jon Swanson”, this blog houses posts about small business, its marketing, development and much more.
  7. Small Biz Bee – Created by Matthew Ringer, a successful entrepreneur himself, this blog houses tips and strategies for small business.  The blog also offers a free “5-day marketing course” where you’ll learn a lot about small business marketing.
  8. Big Marketing for Small Business – As the name implies, the blog talks all about marketing for small business.  It basically gives out ideas to help entrepreneurs with their marketing.  It also talks about SEO, leadership and social media marketing.
  9. BizAbode – This is a site that houses a bunch of articles that give out small business ideas, tips, management, and strategies.
  10. Advice for Small Business Owners –  Written by Elie Kochman, you’ll see several articles here about the “common pitfalls of growing a business” and how to avoid them.  Since most of the tips here are from Elie’s personal experiences, you’ll learn a lot when it comes to surviving the small business world.


Which additional blogs would you add to this list?

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