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Top 6 SEO Service Providers

While there are many resources online where you can learn tips on how to optimize your website, business people often don’t have the time to learn the intricacies of SEO, or do they have the time needed to successfully apply those tips and techniques.

The best option oftentimes for these people is to simply outsource SEO from other companies that are more capable of handling their SEO needs.  It’s often difficult looking online for a good SEO company though.  Naturally, all SEO companies know how to get their website to rank highly, but most may not be dependable or meet the results first, risk adverse needs of many of today’s business owners.

To make things easier for disgruntled website owners, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most dependable SEO companies available on the net.


WireWalkersVA logo

WireWalkersVA is an affordable SEO firm that offers ‘pay for performance’ (aka ‘pay for results’ or ‘results first’) services.  Pay for performance SEO is one of the most cost-effective and least risky of the SEO services because you only pay when you get the agreed upon actual results.  This makes for lowered risks because you don’t have to pay unless you see results; no results, no pay.  In addition, WireWalkersVA uses white hat techniques – meaning they will take no action that isn’t approved by you that could potentially get you penalized by Google.

WireWalkersVA starts with keyword analysis and website analysis to see what aspects of your site need work.  They also provide on-page and off-page optimization to help ensure that your website ranks as highly as possible.  In addition, WireWalkersVA has sophisticated monitoring tools which track progress that they report back to their clients so that clients are constantly kept up to date on what’s going on with their websites.

2. logo

Netmark Essentials is a marketing agency that specializes in online marketing.  Of course, an essential part of online marketing is ranking highly when potential customers search for a product or service that you sell.  Thus, their services are tailored to help better display your advertising material so that it is more visible to potential customers.

They offer services in both on-page and off-page optimization for a specific set of keywords chosen from intensive keyword analysis.  Netmark has the distinction of being one of the top SEO companies, though it may not necessarily be the cheapest.

3. logo

Higher Visibility is a widely recognized internet marketing agency that offers various marketing services such as SEO, pay-per-click marketing and website development.  Their SEO services are among the best out there in terms of dependability and efficiency.

Their SEO packages include keyword research and analysis, keyword optimization, and ranking reports.  In addition, they have able staff who can aid clients in creating engaging ads and press releases.  They can customize each package according to clients’ needs and budgets so clients pay only for what they want done for their website.

4. logo

SEOP is a company that specializes in search engine optimization and search engine marketing.  They have highly experienced SEO and marketing experts with in-depth knowledge of SEO tactics and marketing growth strategies.  They promise maximum revenue and impressive ROI.

SEOP’s roster of SEO services includes keyword and website analysis, SEO strategy development, content development and optimization, and bi-monthly reports of progress.  It’s another incredibly reliable SEO service provider, but not necessarily the most affordable.  However, their promise of rapid ROI – if borne out – can sound promising and attractive.

5. logo

LSF Interactive has had over 12 years of experience in internet marketing.  They specialize in search engine optimization, pay-per-click management, web development, and reputation management.  Their success lies in giving website viewers exactly what they want, so they’ll come back for more or share the word.  This, in turn, results in better brand awareness and higher profits for your company.

LSF Interactive provides internet marketing services that range from search engine marketing services and online media planning to social media design and website development.  Each package is tailored according to the needs of each company of course, so as to help maximize ROI.

6. logo

SEOmoz is a website that is renowned for its great online resources and SEO software.  Their software offers advanced tools that can help you manage optimizing your website with minimal effort.  They have tools that can help you pinpoint SEO problems, track progress, analyze metrics, and much more.  In addition, they offer webinars that help you learn advanced SEO tactics and forums where you can exchange ideas with other website owners practicing search engine optimization techniques.

SEOmoz is not necessarily a service provider, but with the ease of use of its software, you can run the optimization of your website with minimal supervision.  It’s the less expensive option for those who can’t afford to spend on a full service provider.  They even have free 30-day trials for skeptics.



Another 10 Top Business Blogs

WireWalkersVA is very pleased to provide you with another list of Top 10 Business Blogs.  We made this list very quick and clean – without a lot of extensive commentary – so that you could explore and decide for yourself which blogs you like the best.

We also created some great Business content so please check them out here:

  1. Daily Biz Solutions –  Managed by Mobile Technical Institute, this blog gives out tips and solutions for small businesses. Aside from that, the blog also offers advice and suggestions regarding advertising, customer service, marketing, and so much more.
  2. Birds on the Blog – Although the blog says “Business Women with something to say”, the contributors here are not all women. This website houses several helpful and informative articles about business, small business, marketing and a whole lot more.
  3. Chief Customer Officer 2.0 – Owned by Jeanne Bliss, a “customer experience expert”, this blog focuses more on customer service and customer experience. Businesses will learn a lot from her blog about delivering great customer service and experience that will lead to business growth.
  4. Joanne Dewberry Blog – This blog is owned by an award winning business mom, Joanne Dewberry. Since Joanne is a very experienced entrepreneur, and the fact that she accepts guest blogging from different business experts like herself, you can find some wonderful and inspiring startup stories in this blog. This site also offers business and blogging tips.
  5. Simply Stated Business – This blog, owned by Cathy Miller, a great business writer, talks about business writing and blogging, and business communication (and tips).
  6. Timo Elliott Blog – If you’re into business intelligence (BI) and business analytics, you will like Timo Elliott’s blog. The blog also talks about the latest advancements in social media and analytics that will help several business people.
  7. Tim Berry Blog – Tim Berry is the founder of – where you can get free sample of business plans. In his blog, you can see a lot of information about startups, business planning, entrepreneurship and so much more.
  8. BizAbode – As “small business guide”, you can get several small business tips and strategies in this blog.
  9. – This blog is dedicated to entrepreneurs – it houses several articles about business startups (tips and guides) and software startups.
  10. Rise of the Innerpreneur – This blog, owned by Tara Joyce, is focused on giving out ideas on how you can grow your business. The blog also highlights different entrepreneurs (“Innerpreneur Spotlight”) monthly.

Which additional blogs would you add to this list?

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Pinterest – SEO Benefits and More!

By now you have probably at least heard about Pinterest. It is the latest hot social networking site, a place where you can gather together images of all kinds of interesting things on virtual pinboards – sort of like online scrapbooking. In basic terms you find an image of something you like, “pin it” to your board and allow other users to share it, like it or comment on it. They can follow you, you can follow them, you can share your pinning activities on other social networks, its all pretty cool stuff.

eBook: Pinterest – SEO Benefits and More! Although it was probably not the site creator’s original intended purpose for their new site just two years ago, businesses large and small are having a lot of marketing success using Pinterest. In fact, according to a recent Mashable post for retailers Pinterest outstrips Google+ for driving traffic to small and large retail business websites.

As well as the marketing benefits it offers there are also some very nice SEO benefits to be gained from maintaining a Pinterest account and it is these benefits we are going to discuss in this e book.

SEO Benefits from Pinterest #1: Better Analytics

Comprehensive analytics are one of any marketers best and most useful tools. If you look at your website analytics reports you can see at a glance the websites and other traffic sources that brought people your way. Social networks are not so helpful. facebook for example offers their “insights” but does not give you any information about just which piece of your content sent someone winging their way to your website.

Image: Pinterest

Pinterest is different. Pinterest will actually show you exactly which of your “pins” earned that all important click thru and let you see that item on the Pinterest site. This is also great for social interaction as you can then thank the person for sharing, or connect with them through a comment.

SEO Benefits from Pinterest #2 – Seamless Facebook Integration

If you create your new Pinterest account by signing up using your Facebook page (yes, you can use your buisness page) you will have the option to seamlessly share your Pinterest activities on your Facebook page whenever you like.

Not all of your pins perhaps but one’s that are really interesting, or just one a day or so. That way your Facebook fans will discover you Pinterest account, expanding your social reach once again. You can also (and you should) cross promote with Twitter as well. You can also cross promote with your own blog for an even deeper integration.

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Business Plan Templates, Outlines and Samples

Are you thinking of starting your own business? Maybe you’ve got an idea for a product or service that you think is really going to sell. Most investors, however, won’t have anything to do with you if you sit them down and say “Hey, this is my idea, will you invest some of your money to help me get started?”

Business Plan Templates, Outlines and Samples eBookThat’s where a business plan comes in.

A business plan is a formal document that enumerates and explains your business goals and gives a reasonable plan of reaching those business goals; usually forecasting 3 or 5 years into the future. It should also give background information on who is going to execute the business plan, how funds will be allocated, and potential challenges.

There is no strict fixed content in a business plan; however, people are often confused about the first thing to do when writing a business plan and they may create one that lacks sufficient detail or structure. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the best online resources for business plan templates, outlines and samples as well as other useful business templates to help you out.

SCORE is a non-profit organization that has been helping aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses for over 40 years. The organization offers free business counselling, workshops, as well as various resources and tools.

On their website, you can find downloadable templates of business plans for both start-ups and established businesses, various templates used in financial matters, and sales templates.


B Plans is a company that specializes in guiding entrepreneurs step-by-step in building their businesses. While B Plans does sell LivePlan which provides expert counselling and tools, it also has a large collection of free sample business plans from various categories such as retail, restaurants, services, and health care.

The business plans provided are actual business plans that companies have used so they serve as great reference points that you can follow when creating your own. Business Plan Templates

This is under the same mother company as the previous example but it operates under a different group in London. also provides several business plans from different categories that can fit nearly any kind of business you’re hoping to start. Sample Business plan

This Australian government website has several guides for planning a business as well as an excellent template for creating a business plan. The business plan they feature on this site covers everything from business details and market research, to financial reviews and a break-even analysis.

The best part is that also included in the site is a guide on how to use their business template with explanations for each section. This way, you’re not just following the template haphazardly but utilizing it to its maximum potential. Business plan guides

… eBook Continued –  Free Download Here!

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Social Media Sharing Promotion Launched for Small and Medium Sized Business

Press Release

WireWalkersVA has officially launched their Social Media Sharing promotion. It allows businesses to share their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc) with each other. In addition, the social media accounts will be highlighted to some of WireWalkersVA’s LinkedIn Groups and Subgroups totaling 60,000+ Members.

After the successful launch of WireWalkersVA’s business forum, Peter Lee, CEO of WireWalkersVA, announced the “Social Media Sharing” promotion that aims to help businesses gain more followers, likes and a larger audience for their social media accounts – and, for their businesses. The promotion is open to businesses of all sizes, in all industries and in all localities.

“We’ve embarked upon a concerted effort to provide the means and methods by which small to medium sized businesses can promote themselves to each other and to a much larger audience – all with limited effort and at no expense to themselves,” noted Peter.

To participate, interested business owners and entrepreneurs can go to WireWalkersVA’s forum and look for the “Social Media Sharing” sub forum ( and just reply to the main topic (or add a new topic), provide their social media links and a short business description. Businesses that participate are asked to ‘Like’ and follow each others’ social media accounts so it ends up being a win/win situation for all involved.

“Our promotion program shows that innovative and organic methods of building an audience, building links, attracting traffic and getting higher search engine rankings works.”

About WireWalkersVA

WireWalkersVA is a SEO, social media and website development company based in New York, NY. It was started by its CEO, Peter Lee, and a dedicated team of business, marketing and social media advisors. As an SEO company, businesses of all sizes can contact them if they wish to outsource their SEO work. Their website – – provides business, marketing and social media resources in the form of free ebooks, podcasts, videos, blogs and a business forum.

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18 Free and Commercial SEO Tools

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is absolutely essential for any website’s success. But even when armed with an artillery of useful knowledge, your SEO campaign would never be complete without making use of tools that could help optimize your site, focus your efforts, and speed up the entire process.

18 Free and Commercial SEO Tools eBookAfter careful research, we’ve come up with 18 interesting free and commercial tools for SEO. The free ones we know you can’t lose out on; the commercial ones could be great choices but you’ll have to take a closer look and judge for yourself.

Google Insights for Search

Google Insights for Search is an incredibly useful tool that helps you compare and analyze search trends over time and their popularity depending on place. It gives information on search volume, the categories your keywords falls under, as well as related searches and rising searches related to your keywords.

It’s just an overall really helpful tool when trying to choose keywords that you’d

like to optimize your website with.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool that helps you analyze keywords and sites to see trends in searches for a particular key phrase across the years, their popularity depending on place, and even the specific sites that were most visited. It’s a great help for determining the right keywords to use and is particularly useful when combined with Google Insights for Search.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool which can help you analyze the traffic that flows into your website. It gives you statistics on the number of people who have entered your site (as well as new visitors), your bounce rate (or the rate of users who click your link then leave it right away), the average number of pages visited, and the average time people spend on your website. Aside from all that, it also gives information on what keywords people used to find your site so you know which keywords are working for you.

Google Analytics presents all this information in easy-to-understand charts, graphs and reports.

Google Webmasters Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a free comprehensive tool for finding out your site’s visibility on Google. It shows you what pages of yours are getting indexed by Google and helps you increase your visibility by pointing out errors (such as website speed, broken links, etc). You can submit a sitemap so that it can check all your links, you can manage robots.txt files on it, see what keywords people used to get to your website, and many more.

Alexa Ranking

Alexa is a website information company that has several tools which could help you compare how you stack up next to the competition. It can also give you valuable information on what to do to improve your rankings if you’re falling behind.

The Alexa Traffic Rank compares your popularity, reach and overall page views with your competition.

The Search Analytics tool lets you know which keywords are leading traffic into your competition’s websites so that you get ideas on effective keywords you could use.

The Audience Data tool lets you know the demographics of the people who go to the websites of your competition so you can tailor your website to suit their tastes.

Those and several other tools await those who choose to use Alexa to help them in their search engine optimization efforts.

Image: Alexa Ranking

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Top 10 SEO Tips

The world today has become increasingly dependent on the internet for nearly everything: information, shopping, keeping in touch with friends, and entertainment.

In order to sift through the vast amounts of information stored on the internet, people make use of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to do it for them. A great majority of people depend on search engines to look for anything and everything. Most of the time, people don’t try to look anywhere else but what search engines offer them to get the information they need.

Top 10 SEO Tips eBookSearch engines use complex algorithms to deliver users with the most accurate results possible. And since the top ranked result on a search engine query gets over half of all clicks, then it’s no surprise that businesses the world over are fighting for that coveted spot.

Search engine optimization or SEO is the practice of employing certain techniques that cater to the algorithms that search engines use to increase a site’s ranking for a query related to their business.

Hundreds of online resources offer various tips on how to help optimize websites, some of them are good, and some of them are bogus (and could possibly get you penalized by Google). Fortunately, we’re here to help you sort the good ones from the bad.

Here are our top 10 SEO tips that everyone hoping to make a mark on the worldwide web should know:

#1 Have great content that is up-to-date and helpful to users

Search engine algorithms are exceedingly complex and the engineers working for Google and other search engines are thinking up new ways everyday to make it even harder for people to cheat the system. However, the important thing is this: The main goal of search engines is to deliver people with the most accurate and useful results in relation to a query. So if your website has useful, relevant and unique content, then it will probably show up more highly in searches.

Aside from that, great content gets the most backlinks (we’ll discuss this further later on) and the most shares. And since Google considers high traffic sites as more relevant, sites that are visited often and shared often are ranked highly.

Search engines also give weight to information that has been recently updated so try to add fresh content to your website regularly. However, if your website is one that has information that remains fairly stagnant, then consider having a blog that updates regularly. This way, search engines can see that your website is not left unattended.

Of course, you must make sure that your content is geared towards your chosen audience and keywords, which brings us to our next tip.

#2 Find the best keywords

It would be a complete waste of time to optimize your website for keywords that people don’t really search for. It’s wise to research and analyze the right keywords for your website. You could first find the different keywords most associated with your business, and then you could use Google Adwords (or other tools) to test the popularity / competitiveness of each keyword.

Google Adwords is a tool that’s used to find the popularity of certain keywords or key phrases. It can tell you the number of searches that a keyword or key phrase gets, its competition, as well as other related keywords you could use. Keywords or key phrases that yield high results and have low competition are the ones you should ideally pursue.

#3 Optimize keywords for your site

It’s always been common knowledge that search engines match results to a query depending on the presence and frequency of certain keywords in a site’s content. However, individuals have also been cheating the system with practices such as keyword stuffing and hidden texts.

Keyword stuffing is the practice of using keywords over and over in order to fool search engines into thinking that a site’s content contains more relevant information. Sites like this are usually not very helpful to readers and are regarded as spam. Since Google aims to find relevant information for people, it has found ways to counter this by devaluing websites that use keywords too frequently.

On the other hand, the practice of hidden texts yields content that may be useful for users except that keywords are hidden in the background of the page to increase keyword density. This was a commonly used method because it had a lower bounce rate than keyword stuffing (bounce rate is the number of users who click a site and then immediately leave it). However, Google has also detected this practice and websites could get penalized for doing it.

The best way to optimize your chosen keywords is to use them strategically and sufficiently but not beyond a normal range. Yes, it’s tricky and there are no steadfast answers as the algorithms are changing all the time.

Other than using keywords in content, it’s also good to use them in page titles, descriptions, image captions, and meta tags to help people and search engines find your content more easily.

This also applies to texts in links (these are called anchor texts). Instead of using an image as a link or something generic like “Click me”, use keywords or useful words that describe what users will get when they click it.

#4 Take advantage of title tags and meta tags

A title tag shows search engines and their users what they can expect from your webpage. This is what shows up under the page link when you make a search. Since only about 66 characters are shown on the results page, try to keep them short but accurately descriptive.

It also helps to create title tags for each page in your website because it lets search engines recognize each page as distinct from each other.

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Top 10 Twitter Blogs

WireWalkersVA is very pleased to provide you with this list of Top 10 Twitter Blogs.  We made this list very quick and clean – without a lot of extensive commentary – so that you could explore and decide for yourself which blogs you like the best.

We also created some great Twitter content so please check them out here:


Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase


  1. Twitter Blog– This blog shares trending topics, recent applications and several Twitter news. It is fairly updated so if you want the latest on Twitter, you can check this blog out.
  2. TwitterTip – This is a blog that offers several articles about Twitter depending on the recent tools, tips, business, people and news that you want to be informed about.
  3. AllTwitter –  An unofficial Twitter resource, this blog is all about Twitter and more Twitter. It discusses how Twitter can be used by different kinds of people depending on their goals and objectives.
  4. TweetSmarter – This is one of the most popular blogs about Twitter that discusses tips and several applications you can use to increase followers and retweets.
  5. Twitter Blog Post – This is a blog where the author shares his “ideas, views and thoughts about twitter and social media as a tool for effective sales promotion.”
  6. Social Fresh – A blog that aims to “inspire people to create better businesses through social media.” There is a category called “Twitter training” where users are trained on how to properly use Twitter for promotion. The blog also offers news on social media.
  7. The Nicky Blog – Want to find more articles about Twitter? You can find several articles and tips about Twitter in this blog. Not only that, if you want articles about social media in general, you should visit this blog.
  8. Twitter Tools Book Blog – The blog offers several marketing tips on Twitter as well as reviews on Twitter apps and tools. You can also subscribe to the blog founder’s free Twitter course which gives you 1 Twitter tip a day.
  9. Twitterati – Written by Mark Evans, a social media expert, the blog offers several stories on how businesses can improve their use of the internet and social media.
  10. Social North – Created by one of the most influential social media personality, Julia Rosen, the blogs offers several articles, news and tips on Twitter and social media. The blog contains several posts about “SEO and social media as a way to promote and sustain online visibility.”


Which additional blogs would you add to this list?

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In a Recovering Economy, Nonprofits Turn to Social Media for Engagement – And, Revenue

Press Release

An important survey showed that many U.S. nonprofit organizations are using social media to raise awareness as well as raise funds.  The survey, the Q1 2012 Sage Nonprofit Insights*, discusses how social media is affecting how nonprofits interact with their members and reach out to their constituencies.

Survey results show that 84% of the organizations who responded in the survey make use of social media and 74% of those who make use of social media feel that it is at least somewhat important in the organization’s overall strategies and mission.  In addition, 46% of the participating organizations reported that they were very or at least somewhat satisfied in their social media success.

It is noteworthy that not all organizations even measured their social media success.  However, the organizations who did not measure their success were the ones who were most likely to feel dissatisfied with their efforts.  For those organizations who measured their success, about 76% were satisfied.

39% of the participating organizations reported that the reason for their social media efforts were to raise funds.  From the statistics, it’s clear that social media engagement continues to increase among nonprofit organizations for this as well as purely ‘social’ purposes.

It is not surprising that even nonprofit organizations are turning to social media.  Peter Lee, CEO of WireWalkersVA – a New York based company, stated that “Nonprofit organizations have many of the same challenges as for profit businesses.  Each has to promote and generate interest in it’s ‘offerings’ and each has to generate revenue in order to continue to fund its operations.”

“In the middle of a barely recovering economy, nonprofits are being hit hard – but, we’re also finding that they’re making up for some of that by taking advantage of their own natural ‘social’ tendencies to enhance their financial positions,” Peter adds.

*Sage North America (

About WireWalkersVA

WireWalkersVA is a SEO, social media and web development company based in New York, NY and was started by its CEO, Peter Lee and a dedicated team of business, marketing and social media advisors.  Their website provides business, marketing and social media resources in the form of free ebooks, podcasts, videos, blogs and a business forum.

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Top 10 Yahoo! Blogs

WireWalkersVA is very pleased to provide you with this list of Top 10 Yahoo! Blogs.  We made this list very quick and clean – without a lot of extensive commentary – so that you could explore and decide for yourself which blogs you like the best.


Image representing Yahoo! as depicted in Crunc...


  1. Yahoo! Interface Blog – If you’re looking for articles regarding the Yahoo User Interface Library, then this is the blog to go to. They also publish articles about their premier video library featuring tech talks from experts – not just from Yahoo!- but from around the world.
  2. Yahoo! Web Analytics Blog – This is Yahoo! Web Analytics’ (YWA) official product blog. It is where you can find the latest tips, announcements, and information about YWA.
  3. Yahoo Answers Blog – “The place to come for product updates, announcements, community guideline features, and staff picks as well as quirky, timely, anecdotal, and informative posts highlighting the topics we find in our meanderings through the Answers community.”
  4. Yahoo Developer Blog – The blog contains news and updates regarding scripts, CSS and html topics that is relevant to Yahoo!
  5. Yahoo Advertising Blog – “The official blog of Yahoo! Advertising.” The blog includes posts “about online marketing/advertising news, insights & updates from inside Yahoo!.” They also include tips on SEO and internet marketing.
  6. Yodel Anecdotal – Although this is the official corporate blog for Yahoo!, the posts here are not at all about the company’s earnings information. In this blog, you can see posts by Yahoo! employees on different and broad topics. You can also view more of Yahoo!’s culture and traditions here.
  7. Yahoo! Messenger Blog –  Want to know more about the ever improving Yahoo! messenger? This blog showcases the latest happenings with Yahoo! messenger such as new cool features, downloads, announcements and so much more.
  8. Yahoo! Mail Blog – This is the “go-to” blog when you want to get the latest updates on Yahoo! Mail products.  Aside from the updates, this is where you can find the latest Mail product releases, feature news, bug fixes and a lot more.
  9. Yahoo! Search Blog – If you want more details about the Yahoo! search engine, then this is the blog to visit. The posts here are about the several updates and upgrades on the Yahoo! search engine – you can even see the hottest searched topics on Yahoo! for a certain week.
  10. Yahoo! Mobile Blog – This blog focuses on the latest Yahoo! products and services for mobile phones. It also showcases the latest Yahoo! mobile apps.

Which Yahoo! blogs do you like the best?

Which additional resources would you add to this list?

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