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Top 20 Business Blogs of 2011

Companies the world over are always on the lookout for new tips and techniques on how to improve their business. Blogs are an excellent source for information and tips from the business and marketing world because they provide the reader with regular updates. However, it’s tough sifting through the multitudes of blogs out there that all offer to help businesses. Thus, we’ve put together a list of the top 20 business blogs that we think can help any young or even flourishing business achieve more success.

#20 “A PR Guy’s Musings” by Stuart Bruce

Stuart Bruce is the co-founder and managing director of Wolfstar. He managed to grow it into one of the UK’s largest public relations social media consultancies within 4 years of its inception. He’s worked for several large companies such as Sony Ericcson, Unilever, HSBC, and Philips.

Stuart has been listed in the top 1% of the UK’s most influential public relations people. In 2007, he created one of the world’s first ever Twitter PR campaign for UK cabinet member, Alan Johnson. His current blog, A PR Guy’s Musings, is ranked as one of the world’s top blogs on public relations.

#19 Tom Asacker

Top 20 Business Blogs of 2011 eBookTom Asacker is an acclaimed author and speaker who is an expert on topics such as marketplace evolution, customer relationships, and branding. He has written 4 highly acclaimed books, is a regular speaker for client conferences and management retreats, and has made several media appearances on radio, internet, and TV programs.

#18 “The Practice of Leadership” by George Ambler

George Ambler operates a blog called “The Practice of Leadership” which he updates regularly. His blog is meant to be an ongoing conversation on leadership application. Its goal is to help people learn good leadership practices and to be able to share their experiences to help others.

#17 “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur” by Mike Michalowicz

http://www.toiletpaperentrepreneur .com/blog

“Mike Michelowicz (pronounced mi-CAL-o-wits) started his first business at the age of 24, moving his young family to the only safe place he could afford – a retirement village. With no experience, no contacts and no savings he systematically bootstrapped a multi-million dollar business. Then he did it again. And again.

His experience building three multi-million dollar companies fostered a philosophy rarely taught to entrepreneurs: the lack of money, experience and resources is, in fact, your greatest asset.

Mike is the president of a behavioral web optimization firm, Obsidian Launch; is the small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal; is a frequent television guest; is a keynote speaker on entrepreneurship; and is the author of cult classic book, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.”

–taken from

#16 “All Things Workplace” by Steve Roesler

Steve is an award-winning writer and speaker on topics such as leadership, management and career management which he writes about extensively in his blog. He has had over 30 years of experience in professional development, executive coaching, and speaking. He’s also designed and provided leadership and communication programs to some of the world’s biggest organizations such as Pfizer, Johnson& Johnson, and AstraZeneca.

#15 “Drew’s Marketing Minute” by Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan is one of the world’s top experts in branding and marketing. He’s advised big clients such as Nabisco, Kraft Foods, Make-A-Wish, and many more. His blog, Drew’s Marketing Minute, was considered one of the world’s most popular blogs on branding and marketing by AdAge magazine’s Power 150. He was also mentioned in the Wall Street Journal as “one of the 10 bloggers that every entrepreneur should read.”

#14 “Neuromarketing” by Roger Dooley

“Neuromarketing is published and authored by Roger Dooley, president of Dooley Direct, LLC. Dooley is a consultant and entrepreneur who combines knowledge of emerging phenomena like neuromarketing and social networking with decades of hands-on marketing experience. He helps companies understand the implications of new technologies and techniques, and guides them in the implementation of practical strategies to adapt to them.

Clients of Dooley’s firm range from Fortune 500 firms to entrepreneurial ecommerce businesses. Beyond his role as a neuromarketing missionary, his expertise includes online community building, web promotion, and search engine marketing.

Dooley regularly addresses national conferences, and has been quoted frequently in the mainstream press on topics ranging from brain fitness marketing to web communities and social networks. He holds an engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from the University of Tennessee.”

–taken from

#13 “Presentation Zen” by Garr Reynolds

“Garr Reynolds is a jazz-loving marketing professional and student of Zen and the Zen arts who lives in Japan and travels the world talking about all things presentation.”

–taken from

#12 Ben Casnocha

Ben Casnocha is an entrepreneur, author and blogger. He’s authored a book called “My Start-Up Life” in 2007 and has written a multitude of articles on current affairs, entrepreneurship, careers, and technology for his blog. Aside from that, he has contributed to NPR’s Marketplace, Newsweek, the American Enterprise Institute, and the US State Department.

#11 “Problogger” by Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is a consultant, speaker, and the founder of several blogs such as b4media and He is a prominent blogger in the blogosphere and contributes to 20 different blogs.

His 2 main blogs are “Digital Photography School” which offers photography tips, and Problogger which gives all kinds of advice on blogging. Both blogs get over 85 thousand to 100 thousand views a day and receive over $20,000 in revenues from ads. Technorati ranked Problogger as #2 in its list of most favorited blogs list and 40th as the most linked-to blog.

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How to Do a Press Release: Tips and Tricks

Businesses large and small in every niche are always looking for new and effective ways to promote their company, their products and their services. Yet even though the marketing world is in a constant state of flux and change (thanks to the rise of social networking and social media advertising) one of the oldest ways of getting your company noticed – the press release – remains one of the most effective.

eBook: How to Do a Press Release: Tips and TricksLike so many other things, the press release has moved online. And, thanks to free press release sites even the tiniest start up company can get the word out about their business. They can also attract the attention of potential clients and customers as well as news and media outlets, especially local ones, who are always on the look out for good new content and are now turning increasingly to online sources to get it.

In this eBook, we are going to explore what an effective press release should be about, how it should be written and the best ways to share it with the world.

What Makes a Press Release Newsworthy Instead of Spam?

A press release, free or otherwise, does still need to be well written and most importantly of all, newsworthy. Any reputable press release site will refuse to distribute your press release if it is written like a spammy ad rather than actually something that offers real news. And that even applies to services that distribute press releases for free.

So what makes a press release a newsworthy one instead of just an advertisement that will be rejected out of hand? Well, how does your event, product or service impact the world at large? Your new product or service launch is of course of huge interest to you and your staff but what about everyone else? The best way to determine that is to ask yourself honestly, if this was not your company would you still be interested in reading about this on Google News or a similar news outlet?

Here are some press release topics that will almost always make for good news:

► You can use your press release to explain to the world how your company is reacting to a particular trend or how your product may change the face of a certain industry or niche, if only just a small amount.

► Are you promoting or advocating for a cause? Do you contribute a percentage of the profits to a certain charity? Is your company sponsoring, organizing or participating in a fund-raising event? This is almost always a newsworthy tie-in that many a journalist will often be keen to pick up on.

► Did you make a change within your organization that will affect the face and operations of your business? Can you explain why hiring that new CFO will have an impact and what that impact will be? If you can answer yes to that question then that is a newsworthy angle for your press release as well.

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Top 10 Facebook Blogs

WireWalkersVA is very pleased to provide you with this list of Top 10 Facebook Blogs.  We made this list very quick and clean – without a lot of extensive commentary – so that you could explore and decide for yourself which blogs you like the best.

We also create some great Facebook content so please check them out here:


Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

  1. Facebook Blog – The official blog of Facebook. There’s no better way to learn more about Facebook than its official blog. It contains current updates and upgrades on Facebook.
  2. All Facebook – “The blog covers Facebook and everyone who uses it, both individuals and companies.” The blog also “provides advice, news and analysis” regarding Facebook updates and issues.
  3. Inside Facebook– This is “the leading source of news and analysis on Facebook’s global growth, corporate developments, and product innovations. Inside Facebook provides daily news and analysis for developers, marketers, and investors.”
  4. Facebook Developer’s blog – This blog shares platform updates on Facebook and developer recommendations to Facebook users.
  5. Nanigans – It “offers a fully automated Facebook advertising solution” which “automates the labor-intensive process of managing large-scale Facebook ad campaigns, measuring beyond the click to meet goals across the full marketing funnel: from driving Likes and App installs to word-of-mouth referrals and repeat purchases.”
  6. Facebooking101– The blog features “the latest in Facebook news, blog postings, official updates, profile hacks & tweaks and more; the site aims to be a valuable resource for Facebookers worldwide.”
  7. Facebook Social Media Guide – This blog offers current and emerging Facebook “trends, social media tools & platforms and social media marketing for business”. It also “provides helpful advice and tips” on Facebook to grow your business.
  8. Avenue Social Blog – The blog provides information on social media marketing and design regarding Facebook. It offers tips and news on Facebook as well as the social media marketing industry.
  9. Nonprofit Facebook Guy – This blog offers tips for nonprofit organizations in managing and navigating around Facebook.
  10. Social Blogging Tracker – A blog that offers a “comprehensive social media guide to optimize network & branding experience”.


Which Facebook blogs do you like the best?

Which additional resources would you add to this list?

Please see our other Social Media Resources.

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WireWalkersVA Awarded with An Alltop Acceptance!

Great news!

We recently submitted our website to be included in the top rated, ‘online magazine rack’, It’s no easy feat to get included and many have tried and failed. However, we (and our readers and visitors) believe in and value our content and now Alltop has provided us validation by awarding us with acceptance into their highly selective grouping of premiere content sites!

Alltop, all the top stories is a popular online magazine rack that gathers the best sources of content from around the internet. They have a reputation for collecting headlines, articles, blogs and stories from only the best sites. is a highly reliable Page Rank 7 website that aggregates feeds from websites that provide a broad range of content, including Internet Marketing (the topic we’re under), Marketing, Business, Social Media, Photography, Food, Fashion, Gaming, Internet, Search Engine Optimization and much more. is owned by “Nononina”. The company is composed of three founders (and friends) – Will Mayall, Kathryn Henkens and the especially well known Guy Kawasaki.

We are very honored to be included in their ‘online rack’. You can find us under the topic of “Internet Marketing”. To easily find us within the topic, just use your browser’s “Find” feature (or, their ‘Search’ feature) and enter “WireWalkersVA” and you’ll get to see our latest feeds, published posts, blogs and stories. If you have your own MyAlltop page, we would be very pleased if you could add our Alltop feed as well.

Thanks to all our staff and readers!


Top 10 Google+ Blogs

WireWalkersVA is very pleased to provide you with this list of Top 10 Google+ Blogs.  We made this list very quick and clean – without a lot of extensive commentary – so that you could explore and decide for yourself which blogs you like the best.

We also create some great Google+ content so please check them out here:


Google+ wordmark image

Google+ wordmark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • Official Google blog – Since this is the official blog for Google, this will be your main source of news on new products and technology from Google. You can also get to know a bit of Google’s culture here.
  • Google+ Planet – Called the “unofficial Google+ blog”, this blog offers tips and tricks on navigating around Google+ as well as news and new features in the new social networking site.
  • Google Operating System–  This is an unofficial blog about Google, on how it started as a plain search engine, working its way up to be our “online operating system”. In this blog, you’ll find some Google news, tips, secrets and analysis provided by the author of the blog.
  • Google Plus Blog – Another unofficial blog about Google+, this one offers tips and tricks regarding the said social networking site and how you can improve your  visibility in the web using it.
  • All Google+ – As the name implies, this blog (unofficial) shares everything about Google+. Be it the latest update, recent news or even some tips about Google+, this blog has them. If you want to share some tips of your own, you can also send it to them.
  • Google+ news – A blog that also covers everything about Google+ such as the latest news, different features i.e. hangouts, circles, games, etc., and so much more.
  • Google+ blog – A blog by Scott Dunroe, this website offers the latest updates and additions on Google+. The blog author also shares almost anything about Google+, be it common knowledge or just a simple fun trivia.
  • 9to5 Google – This is a blog that covers everything about Google, including Google+. You can find the recent Google news and information here – You can also find some reviews for different Google products and services.
  • TechCrunch’s Google+ blog – The articles and posts here talk about Google+ and social media. It is also “dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news.”
  • Googling Social – All about Google+ for businesses. The blog offers “tips, tools, tricks and Google Plus business news.”

Which Google+ blogs do you like the best?

Which additional resources would you add to this list?

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Business Advisors Promotion Launched for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Press Release

WireWalkersVA recently launched their ‘Business Advisors’ page to showcase business or marketing advice coming from various business owners and experts.  These pieces of advice are also promoted on their LinkedIn Groups with a combined membership of 80,000+ members.

WireWalkersVA, a SEO, social media and web site development company, created a page on their site that serves as a platform for business owners, experts, entrepreneurs and start-ups to provide their corresponding business advice.  It is called the “Business Advisors” page.  The Business Advisors page is one way for business owners to promote their site, to let other people and businesses know what their site or business is all about, and, mainly, to share their experiences and advice to colleagues and other businesses.  Being the manager and promoter of the world’s largest LinkedIn group (over 750,000+ members), WireWalkersVA knows that promoting your own business online and being successful at it – given the competitive business environment – is a hard thing to do.  It’s one of the main reasons why the Business Advisors page was launched.

“We’re always thinking of ways to help other businesses to promote themselves to a larger audience.  Giving great and sound advice will allow individuals to establish themselves as experts in their fields – obviously enhancing their trustworthiness and credibility in the eyes of their target market.  The backlink from our site, the blogging out of their content and the LinkedIn promotion, really, are just added benefits to the whole process,” said Peter Lee, WireWalkersVA’s CEO.

This promotion opportunity for business owners, startups and entrepreneurs has very simple requirements. If you are a business owner, entrepreneur etc… and you’re willing to write up a single page of business or marketing advice from your own experience, then you definitely qualify. All you have to do is to provide the business advice in a MS Word or compatible format, an image (business logo or profile picture), and a few details from your business, and send it to

Once your business advice is approved and published on WireWalkersVA’s Business Advisors page, it will be promoted (with your site’s details) to some of WireWalkersVA’s LinkedIn Group/Subgroups including “Marketing and Sales”, “Media and Entertainment”, “NY/NJ Business Owners”, “NY/NJ Women & Minority Business Owners”, and “Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups”, which, in total, have 80,000+ members.

About WireWalkersVA

WireWalkersVA is a SEO, social media and web development company based in New York, NY and was started by its CEO, Peter Lee and a dedicated team of business, marketing and social media advisors.  Their website provides business, marketing and social media resources in the form of free ebooks, podcasts, videos, blogs and a business forum.

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Amazing FREE WordPress Plugins to Supercharge Your Blog

Since it was first launched in 2003, WordPress has developed into a rather extraordinary platform. Over the past eight years, it has been downloaded over 25 million times and is the most popular business blogging platform in the world.

As WordPress has grown, so has the number of plugins that are available that help turn a good blog – or website, as many people are building entire websites using WordPress as a content management system – into a really great blog.

eBook: Amazing FREE WordPress Plugins to Supercharge Your BlogAs there are, in 2011 at least, over 15,000 plug ins available finding the right ones for you can be hard. In this e book we want to give you a little information about the WordPress plugins we love the most and just what they can do for your blog or website, whatever your niche:

Cool Author Box 

This simple little plug in gives you the ability to create a great author bio – complete with image – that can be added to the end of every blog post. This is a great way to increase your visibility, credibility and your connection with your audience. and once you have set it up you really never need to think about it again, it just shows up and does its job.

SEO Friendly Images

Far too many bloggers forget the SEO juice that can be harvested when the images that they use are properly optimized for search bots and humans. SEO Friendly Images is a plugin that takes all the work out of optimizing images, as it automatically adds the proper ALT and TITLE tags to every image you publish on your blog. The ALT tag is the important one for searchbots as it gives a textual description of the image to the bot so it can be better indexed and will show up when an image search is performed for its keyword.

The TITLE tag is less important for SEO but useful for visitors as it displays the image name when a mouse is hovered over it. Not a big deal maybe, but “small child” looks a heck of a lot nicer than “upload1235”.

Simple: Press

Thanks to this amazing, and deceptively simple to use, plug in adding an extra level of reader interaction, in the form of a forum, to your WordPress based website or blog is a cinch. You don’t need to even know what code is, let alone how to write it! And just because it is free (like all the other WordPress plugins in this e book) do not think that it lacks bells and whistles if you want them. You can customize forum skins, grant user rankings, award badges, enable private messaging between users, link blog posts to forum topics and much more.

… eBook Continued –  Free Download Here!


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Business Marketing for 2012: Fact and Fantasy

If there ever comes a day when somebody manages to write the definitive book on marketing there is one thing you can guarantee in this day and age – that huge sections of it would be obsolete within a year, maybe even less.

True, there are some basic constants in marketing but marketing methods are changing very rapidly. The sad fact is that if you don’t keep up – or are not willing to change – you and your company could fall so far behind your competition that the lost ground may be hard to ever make up.

Business Marketing for 2012: Fact and Fantasy eBookIn this e book we are going to explore some of the marketing fantasies that some business owners and their management teams cling to so tightly – and the realties behind these mistaken beliefs as they apply to marketing in 2012.

Marketing Fantasy : B2B Companies are Wasting Their Time on Twitter and Face­book

There are those business owners and business managers – and this applies to Fortune 500 executives as much as it does to small business owners – who still refuse to see the value of a Facebook page or a Twitter account for companies that are primarily business to business sellers.

Some of them are embracing Linkedin as they see it as a “serious” business network but they dismiss Facebook and Twitter as lightweight stuff that is the stomping ground of spotty teenagers and Farmville obsessed Moms rather than a place where “real” business people hang out.

Not true. Facebookers have become a very diverse bunch and yes, there are lots of “serious” businesses who have devoted time and resources to establishing a presence there and the same holds true, for Twitter. Maybe some of these social media doubters should tell the CEOs of huge companies like Xerox, IBM and Bloomberg Financial, amongst dozens of others that they are wasting their time with their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts…

The fact is that they are not though. In 2011 39% of B2B businesses, large and small, who had a Twitter account reported gaining new customers as a direct result of a Twitter interaction and that figure climbs to 41% for Facebook. So if you have yet to join these networks because you think your audience is not there it really is time to think again.

Marketing Fantasy : Telemarketing is Still a Good Idea, Most People Don’t Mind the Calls.

Anybody who has actually ever worked as a telemarketer making cold or “warm” calls can tell you this one really is a fantasy and maybe always has been.

These poor souls have been hung up on, screamed at, cursed at, even threatened just for trying to do their jobs.

Add to that the fact that in 2011 200 million people signed up for the FTCs Do not Call Registry and we think you should be able to see that if telemarketing ever did really work it certainly does not now.

… eBook Continued –  Free Download Here!


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Top 10 LinkedIn Blogs

WireWalkersVA is very pleased to provide you with this list of Top 10 LinkedIn Blogs.  We made this list very quick and clean – without a lot of extensive commentary – so that you could explore and decide for yourself which blogs you like the best.

We also create some great LinkedIn content so please check them out here:


  1. Official LinkedIn Blog – If you’re looking for information on LinkedIn, the best place to start is with the official LinkedIn blog.
  2. LinkedIntelligence – An unofficial source for everything LinkedIn: news, tips, tricks; how to use LinkedIn.
  3. LinkedIn User Manual – This blog is all about how to use LinkedIn.  As it’s name states, it’s a blog that’s a ‘LinkedIn User Manual’.
  4. LinkedIn Strategies blogThis site, created by Nathan Kievman, carries a blog about all things LinkedIn. As the name implies, you can find various LinkedIn marketing strategies in here. You can also find some tips from the founder itself and from several experts.
  5. Mr.  LinkedIn – Run by a LinkedIn trainer, this blog contains information on how to pump up your LinkedIn profile.  It provides links and interesting tips on how to make use of your profile and how to get noticed by your target company.
  6. I’m on LinkedIn, Now What? – This blog discusses the next steps after creating a LinkedIn account.  It also responds to queries recommends applications that will allow you to maximize your account.
  7. LinkedIn to Succeed – The author shares facts and information on why having a LinkedIn profile is important.  You can also contact the author for a discussion on how to make the best use of your LinkedIn profile.
  8. Windmill Networking – This blog has a separate section for LinkedIn which talks about tips on how to maximize your account.  It also gives tips on how to filter and manage content on LinkedIn.
  9. Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn – This is a very popular post by Guy Kawasaki which gives the user ideas on how to use their profile to better their career.
  10. SEO Your LinkedIn Profile – This blog discusses how you can use SEO to get your LinkedIn profile better visibility.

Which LinkedIn blogs do you like the best?

Which additional LinkedIn blogs would you add to this list?

Please see our other Social Media Resources.

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Google Search Algorithm Targets Poor SEO Tactics and Techniques: Small Businesses Search for Seasoned Advice

Press Release

WireWalkersVA to Offer Evaluations of Small Business SEO Practices

Changes in Google algorithms are nothing new, but when Google’s Head of Web Spam (and unofficial SEO guide) Matt Cutts revealed Google’s latest planned tweaks a great many business owners were shocked by what he had to say – that sites may be penalized for over optimizing their web content for search engines.

Speaking to Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas Cutts explained that the changes were designed to “level the playing field” for high quality websites that do not put such a heavy focus on optimizing for search engines.

“We try to make the GoogleBot smarter, try to make our relevance more adaptive, so that if people don’t do much SEO we handle that.  And we are also looking at the people who abuse it, who put too many keywords on a page, exchange way too many links, or whatever else they are doing to go beyond what you normally expect.  We have several engineers on my team working on this right now,” Cutts said.

At the time, Cutts said that the changes would begin rolling out shortly, but they seemed to hit faster as a popular paid blogging network, Build My Rank, announced just a few days later that all of their links had been de-indexed, damaging both their own sites and potentially those of its many members.

The service had been offered to webmasters as a way to build more links to their site by trading content with other site owners.  There are many who feel that such a practice was basically buying links – a practice Google has long frowned upon – and that the sheer number of subscribers the service had made it hard to overlook.

In light of all this many business owners are concerned that their previous SEO efforts may now in fact harm, rather than help, their websites and that SEO may officially be dead.

Most industry experts however do not believe that is the case.  Says Peter Lee, Owner and CEO of WireWalkersVA, a well respected virtual assistance company that provides SEO services “SEO is not dead; it is just changing, again.  Any good SEO knows that the business of search engine optimization changes every day, but it is true that many are worried that the tactics that they thought were good ones, such as buying into a paid blog network or submitting dozens of versions of the same content to sites all over the web to gain links, were not such good ideas after all.”

So who does Mr. Lee think will be affected?  He continues “If you have been using an SEO company or SEO practitioner who emphasized slow and steady SEO implementation all along and avoided questionable practices such as joining a paid linking network like BMR and your site has great, ‘written for people’ content then you should be fine.”

“Those who stand to be hurt are those that put poor SEO practices (especially adding excessive keywords, gaining back links by any means possible) before great content and social interaction.  These people were not necessarily trying to do anything wrong – they just followed less than sage advice and in many cases got carried away.”

For those who are concerned that their current SEO plans are leading them down the wrong path, WireWalkersVA is offering a no obligation 30 minute consultation with one of their SEO experts to help small business owners determine if there are things they need to change, or even what action to take if they are one of the site holders whose Internet presence has been damaged by the update.

About WireWalkersVA

WireWalkersVA is a SEO, Social Media and web site development company based in New York, NY and was started by its CEO, Peter Lee and a dedicated team of business, marketing and social media advisors.   Their website provides business, marketing and social media resources in the form of free ebooks, podcasts, videos, blogs and a business forum.

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