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It’s Time to Save Money: Parcel and Freight Auditing Advice

Companies that regularly use UPS, FedEx, and freight services can gain by using a parcel auditing firm. Auditors will check for late shipments, and look for errors in billing rates, which make companies eligible for credits. They will then file an internal credit request with the shipping carrier and arrange reimbursement.

Look for a firm that uses advanced technology that checks for several kinds of possible billing error, including duplicate billing, void billing, and erroneous residential and dimensional charges. Invoices should be supported by detailed reports that show on which carrier invoices to find each credit.

Many companies often don’t have time to deal with their invoices, or don’t have the necessary staff or software to go through hundreds of them at once. When these companies do examine their invoices, they often don’t understand them well enough to request credits on their own, and won’t even realize they are eligible for certain credits.

Parcel auditors require access to your UPS CSV files and FedEx TXT files. This will enable their analysts to see the credits you are currently receiving, and point out which credit opportunities have been overlooked. Auditors are only compensated on a contingency basis – once they have made your company money.

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