CASE STUDY: Easily Grow and Manage 10,000 to 100,000+ Twitter Members

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  • Reach a sizeable portion of your target market via Twitter tweets, direct messages and replies
  • Gain market presence and visibility; and generate leads
  • Save time, money and frustration by doing it the professional way

SMM / Twitter: Solutions, Tools and Concepts:

  • Follow a tried and true Twitter Member Growth Plan and the 10,000+ member goal is easily attainable.
  • Standardize and automate your processes for easy and continuous Twitter account management and marketing


  • Create or populate an existing Twitter account with 10,000+ highly targeted Members within a relative short period of time and at a reasonable price. (The Client wants to dictate with a high level of granularity exactly the prospects to be targeted.)
  • Create an easy, ongoing, Twitter management and marketing system that easily manages follows, follow backs, tweets, retweets, RSS Feeds, direct messages, replies and more with a minimum of effort.

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Note:Once you’re at 10,000+ Twitter followers it’s not that much of a stretch to get to 100,000+ followers. Ask us how.

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