The Eight Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing

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Like almost anything else in business there are as many ways to completely screw up a social media marketing campaign as there are ways to make it succeed. And it is not just the “little guys” who make big mistakes, some really big name companies have made some rather embarrassing social media gaffes.

The Eight Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing eBookThere are, however, social media marketing mistakes and there are social media marketing sins, tactics that are just unforgivably bad. In this ebook we are going to share eight of the real biggies (the traditional ‘seven sins’ is so passe) and how you can avoid them.

Social Media Marketing Sin Number One – Proceeding Without a Plan

You (or your boss) has decided that yes, it’s time to get into this social media marketing stuff that everyone keeps harping on about. And you actually have quite a lot of fun setting up all these social networking accounts. You add the right logos, create some cool backgrounds and post a bit of content. Then you have no idea where to go from there.

How do you attract likes/followers/contacts for these accounts? Who is supposed to be in charge of monitoring this stuff on a day to day basis? More importantly, what the heck are you going to post on a day to day basis? Diving headlong into social media marketing without a plan is a complete waste of time and is almost certainly doomed to failure.

A social media marketing plan does not have to be rigid and inflexible (e.g., you will post 8 tweets and 2 retweets a day or else) but you do need to have a plan before you head into the social media arena.

Social Media Marketing Sin Number Two – Doing it All at Once

Rome was not built in day – and neither are good social media marketing campaigns. There are more social media channels out there than Facebook and Twitter that might be very useful to your business – but, build your presence on each one slowly and carefully, instead of creating a dozen different accounts in a single day and then becoming so confused by it all you cannot even remember what passwords you chose.

Blank empty social media profiles will still probably show up in a Google search for your company’s name and they really do look rather sad and unprofessional when they do. When it comes to setting up social media accounts for marketing purposes be a tortoise not a hare, slow and steady wins the race.

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