Facebook Insights: Marketing Stats and Demographics

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One of the biggest things that any business wants to know about their Facebook fan page is just how well (or how poorly) it is performing. Sure you can count the likes yourself, or if you really have time on your hands check out the profiles of your new fans one by one to “get a feel” for just who it is that you are managing to connect with. But really, who actually has time for that?

Facebook Insights: Marketing Stats and Demographics eBookThat is why it is such a good thing that Facebook Insights exists. This feature can tell you all sorts of things, at a glance, about your page’s performance. And as useful as Facebook Insights have always been, not so long ago they got an upgrade that makes them even more useful than ever before.

In this e book we will be walking you through all the new features available in Facebook Insights and the valuable fan information that you can put to great use.

What’s New in Facebook Insights?

The changes that were implemented in the fall of 2011 brought a number of new features to Facebook Insights. These included:

► People are Talking about This: This is an important number as it represents the number of people who engage with your Facebook page in any way. This figure includes users who have liked your page, commented on or shared a post, tagged your page in a photo or an update, responded to an event invitation you sent and/or answered a question that you posed through the Facebook questions feature.

► Friends of Fans: This new demographic lets you see just how many friends your current fans have, so you have an idea of what their social “value” to you is.

► Reach: The number of people who viewed a piece of content on your page

► Virality : The number of people who saw a piece of content on your page and “talked about it”, by liking, sharing, commenting etc.

Getting Started in the New Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights are available for page admins to see. They can be accessed by way of the side toolbar right underneath your Facebook fan page’s profile picture. When you click on the “Insights” radio tab you will be taken right to the overview of your stats for your page. It should look a lot like this:

 Image: Facebook Insights

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