Facebook Marketing Case Study: Foot Locker

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It’s an extremely competitive world out there and businesses are often looking for the next best way to improve their sales and make more money. Excellent marketing strategies have proven to be the most effective way to do so. However, most marketing techniques are much too costly and new businesses can’t always afford it. Businesses have then turned to new techniques such as social media marketing to expand their reach, increase brand awareness, and sell more products at – oftentimes – a fraction of the cost of regular marketing techniques.

Facebook Marketing Case Study: Foot Locker eBook coverOut of the various social media sites available, most businesses turn to Facebook for its versatility and ease of use. However, it’s not always easy to create an effective Facebook page. And while there are many tips out there that offer to help people create better Facebook pages, it’s not always easy to understand them unless you actually see them being implemented. Thus, we’ve created a case study on Foot Locker, a shining example of an effective Facebook page, to help young businesses out in creating their own.

The Company Background

Foot Locker is an American company that sells sportswear and footwear. It is renowned for its employee uniforms which resemble those of referees. Foot Locker began in 1963 when F.W. Woolworth Company bought the Kinney Shoe Corporation and used it as a subsidiary. Kinney Shoe Corp later branched out into specialty shoe stores such as Stylco, Susie Casuals, and finally, Foot Locker in 1974.

By the time they reached the 1990’s, Foot Locker became a top performing line and was responsible for over 70% of Kinney Shoe Corporation’s sales.

Today, it operates in more than 20 countries worldwide and has nearly 4,000 mall- based stores in America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

A General Overview of Their Facebook Page

Foot LockerThe Foot Locker Facebook page began in mid-2009 and has now amassed 1,888,586 fans and counting. As of January 2012, it’s been found by famecount.com to garner 1,588 fans A DAY.

In addition to that, Foot Locker has nearly 24,000 people “talking about this”, which is a feature which shows how many people have liked them, commented, or shared one of their posts in the past week.

As of January 1, 2012, they also had 876 people who “were here”, which is a measure of the foot traffic to actual Foot Locker locations (To get the “were here” feature on your Facebook, be sure to include the addresses of your shops on your page).

Upon entering the Foot Locker Facebook page, fans are shown an image of their logo as well as clear photos of their products in the top bar. What we found most unique about Foot Locker’s page is that unlike a lot of other Facebook business pages, it had A LOT of people commenting on their wall. Nearly all of the posts on their wall were from people who were inquiring about products or giving feedback on things they’d bought. Foot Locker is an absolute master at getting people to engage with their Facebook page.

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