Facebook Marketing Case Study: Victoria’s Secret Pink

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Many businesses want to take advantage of social media marketing to increase their reach to crowds and increase their brand recognition. Facebook in particular, is a social media site that most businesses use to market their businesses. There are several sources for tips on launching a successful Facebook page. However sometimes, the best way to learn is through example. So here we provide a case study on one of the most successful Facebook pages out there, the Victoria’s Secret PINK.

Facebook Marketing Case Study: Victoria’s Secret Pink eBookWith 10,591,783 fans and counting, and nearly 64,000 people “talking about this” (this is a count of people who have engaged with the site on a per weekly basis), this Facebook page definitely got it right when it came to figuring out their target demographic, successful marketing techniques, gathering followers, and engaging with them.

A Little Background on the Company…

Victoria’s Secret was founded in 1977 by a businessman named Roy Raymond. He claimed he felt embarrassed about purchasing lingerie for his wife from a department store with other shoppers present. Victoria’s Secret was meant to be a retail shop specializing in lingerie with staff that were all trained to help both women AND men out in choosing the right styles and sizes. Victoria’s Secret was later sold to Leslie Wexner for 4 million dollars. By the 1990’s, it grew to be the largest American lingerie retailer.

The company is renowned for its use of the best supermodels in their ads and fashion shows to create an incredibly sexy brand image. It now sells bras, panties, hosiers, cosmetics, sleepwear, perfume, and other products in well marketed lines such as Angels, Very Sexy, and Body by Victoria.

PINK is a sub-brand of Victoria’s Secret that was founded in 2004. It was created to cater to late-teens and college-aged women with more age-appropriate underwear, sleepwear, cosmetics, and accessories. Its marketed image is more fun, playful and flirtatious than the original Victoria’s Secret line. Because their target market is a much younger generation, PINK promotes its products in college tours, MTV, and in social media sites. PINK began their Facebook page in 2009 and is now one of the most popular fan pages out there in terms of its following and engagement.

The Facebook Page

Upon finding the Victoria’s secret PINK Facebook page and liking it, we were confronted with a bubbly and bright page with a cute and flirtatious-looking model wearing trendy PINK underwear. It immediately advertised a contest called “The Ultimate Fashion Show Challenge”. The winner of the contest was to be awarded a custom made light-up bra as well as a $400 shopping spree at PINK.

Victoria's Secret Pink Facebook page

The PINK Facebook page had several extra tabs aside from the regular tabs such as “The Scoop”, Wallpapers, Gift Cards, and Polyvore. We will go through the important tabs and explain the purpose of each, as well as their successful aspects.

► Info

This tab is used by businesses to give the background of their company, explain what they offer, and give links to their other websites. People who go to any Facebook page are likely to see the info page before anything else. PINK tells fans in their info page that their brand is geared towards giving “comfy yet chic wear” for “the independent spirit” to make them feel “absolutely unique”. These power words stick to potential customer’s minds while browsing PINK’s product line and they immediately see the trendiness and comfort factor of PINK’s products.

PINK also includes links to all their websites and social media sites to increase their traffic and followers. This then increases their rankings in search engine results.

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