Five Steps to a Successful QR Code Campaign

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QR codes – 2D barcodes that can contain all kinds of information that can be “read” by a smartphone that has the right reader app installed – are popping up all over the place right now, everywhere from the front of NYC skyscrapers to the bag your fast food burger comes in.

Although the concept took a while to catch on in the West, QR – Quick Response – codes are becoming more and more commonplace and a great many more companies are beginning to understand that these strange squares with squiggles on them can actually be used as rather powerful, and affordable, marketing tools.

Image: Five Steps to a Successful QR Code Campaign eBookLike any marketing technique though there are certain ways you can implement a marketing campaign using QR codes that will make it far more effective.

In this ebook we will guide you through five simple steps that will help make your QR campaign, even if it is your first, a success.

Step One: Defining the Purpose of Your QR Code Campaign

The first thing that any business, large or small, needs to realize when planning a QR code campaign is that QR codes are as useful as a utility as they are as a marketing tool. The biggest key to running a great QR code campaign is determining just why you are doing it and more importantly what value it will be bringing to your potential customers. So you should consider:

► Do you want your QR code to guide those who follow it to informational and/or educational content like a video about your product and your company, or an online catalog that details your offerings? For example, many Realtors have really embraced QR codes as a way to provide house hunters cruising a neighborhood with a lot more information about the property they have stumbled upon than an old fashioned for sale sign can.

► Would you be better off encouraging and boosting mobile purchasing habits by providing special freebies or discounts to those who take the time to notice your QR code?

► What is it that you as a company want to gain from the interaction? Are you looking for emails, phone numbers, some kind of social media engagement or are you hoping for a mixture of it all?

► Are you going to use a single QR code to advertise all your products/services/offers or would you be better off creating several different ones that each highlight a separate offering, whether that offering is a great video or a coupon for 50% off?

Where and how you are going to use your QR code is another consideration. In reality they can really be used anywhere that a smartphone user can snap a picture of them. A flyer, a business card, a mug, a shopping bag, even a t shirt, where you can use your QR code is really limited only by your imagination and your budget.

Once you have determined just what you want to provide your potential contacts with and how, then and only then, should you move onto the next step.


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