Five Ways to Be More Persuasive in the Social Media World

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There are a lot of different opinions out there when it comes to the world of Internet marketing. The one thing that almost everyone in the field can agree on heading into 2012 though is that you can no longer have an SEO campaign of any kind that does not involve social media marketing.

So companies and businesses everywhere, large and small and in all niches are spending more time on their social networking efforts. Increasingly this is proving to be hard work as you really do need to cover all the bases that apply to your company. With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now Google + and many more sites to consider participating in, social media marketing is getting more complex everyday.

eBook: Five Ways to Be More Persuasive in the Social Media WorldOne constant of any good marketing campaign is that it has to be persuasive. Figuring out how to do this in the social media arena is a challenge that businesses have to meet if their SMM efforts are to be worth anything at all.

Social media marketing is tricky; the hard sell simply does not work. So if you can’t rely on that how can you be more persuasive? In this ebook we are going to share five great ways that you can make your social media marketing messages more persuasive and effective without coming off as unauthentic, an impression no company wants to leave.

An Oldie But a Goodie – Reciprocation

One of the oldest tricks in marketing, but still one of the most effective is taking advantage of the concept of reciprocation. That is the idea that if you give someone something – or do something for them, for nothing – and then ask that person for a favor they will be inclined to comply.

A great way to use the concept of reciprocity are content giveaways. Companies provide free video lessons, ebooks, trials of their service, all kinds of things.

In return for all these free goodies the company adds a call to action that does not sound at all hard sell or pushy. For example “Now that you have downloaded our free x please like us on Facebook; follow us on Twitter; visit our website and sign up for our newsletter.”

Many people will respond to this softer sell very well, figuring (as you want them to) well they did give me X, there’s no harm in doing Y for them.

A good example of this in action in the social media world is the file storage site Dropbox. The company gives away 2GB of cloud file storage to anyone for nothing (and that’s quite a lot of room).

In return the company asks that you spread the word about their service (which does of course have a paid option for users who need lots of storage space) through your social media accounts, providing you with a personalized link to do so. For every friend/follower/ connection of yours that signs up via your link you get 250MB more storage space, again for free. This is a great example of reciprocity in action.

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