CASE STUDY: Google Rankings!

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Link Building Campaign Electronic Watch Website


  • Average daily traffic was improved by 80% in just 1 month of starting the Link Building Campaign
  • Improvement of Google Page Ranking from Page Rank 0 to Page Rank 2 in about 2 months time
  • Google Rankings
    • Main Keyword “casio klockor” from nowhere to a Google Ranking of number 5 (300,000+ Competitors)
    • Second Keyword “casio klocka” from nowhere to a Google Ranking of number 5 (300,000+ Competitors)

SEO solution, Tools and concept:

  • Link building campaign with a time range of 1 to 2 months


  • Increase search engine visibility of a website targeting very competitive keywords.
  • Attract highly targeted and potential buyers of certain products.

Search Engine:


CASE STUDY: Google Rankings

SEO Consultant:

Marc L


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