Great Content Creation Ideas to Keep Your Inbound Marketing on Track

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More businesses of all sizes are realizing now more than ever just how much value they can get from inbound marketing, whatever their niche may be. Inbound marketing is hard work though, especially for those tasked with dreaming up that holy grail of the discipline – fresh, original content and lots of it.

eBook: Great Content Creation Ideas To Keep your Inbound Marketing on TrackMany companies who try to implement an inbound marketing campaign do indeed come unstuck because they simply run out of things to say and share, encountering a nasty case of  marketer’s block, something that is very similar to writer’s block but given that there are so many channels of information they need to cover can be ten times worse.

There is no reason why that should have to happen to you though. In this e book we want to share with you tons of great content creation ideas that should help keep your inbound marketing campaign not only on track but gathering steam every day.

Great Content Creation Ideas: Blog Content

For a blog of any kind to be effective, whether it is designed for personal or business purposes it needs to be filled with great content and that content needs to be added on a regular basis.

Because of this, blogging can be one of the hardest tasks for any inbound marketer and often becomes so frustrating many a blogger has simply given up and abandoned their blog rather than go through the stress of trying to come up with new ideas every day. Here though are some ideas that should provide you with some inspiration:

Lists – People gravitate towards top ten lists, just ask David Letterman.

Image: Great Content Creation Ideas To Keep your Inbound Marketing on TrackWhatever your niche there are bound to be a great many you can come up with if you give it a little thought. The lists you do create need not be directed specifically to your product or service though, just be of value to those who may be interested in them. For example, if you are an accountant blogger something as simple as “Top Ten Smartphone Apps for Managing Money” would work very well on a day when those creative juices just aren’t flowing.

How Tos – How tos are another content type that people really enjoy reading and from a bloggers point of view they can provide all important evergreen content for their blog. The chances are usually high that if it is well written and presented a how to post that is year old can be as useful to a reader as it was the day it was posted.

Another great thing about how tos is they are great way to introduce multimedia into your blogs. Many people are visual learners and they respond better if they can actually see things being done. If a video or an infographic would help explain your lessons to those people then go ahead and add them, especially since by doing so you will be creating content that can be shared a great many other ways as well.


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