Great Google Chrome Add Ons for Content Creation and SEO

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Gone are the days when Internet Explorer was the most used browser in the world. According to, in September 2011 only 38% of desktop and laptop Internet users still used Internet Explorer. 25.53% use Firefox and rather impressively, for a browser that is only three years old, Google Chrome came in a close third with a 21.51% market share, up from 11.54% just 12 months earlier in September 2010.

There are a great many reasons that people, many of them former Firefox fans, have made the switch to Google Chrome. One of the reasons for many people is to gain access to the huge number of browser add ons that can be incorporated into Chrome in just a few seconds.

Although many of the same add ons are available to Firefox users, more and more independent developers of apps are choosing to showcase their work in the Google App Store.

eBook: Great Google Chrome Add Ons for Content Creation and SEOA great many of these apps and add ons can be very useful to those who are involved in content creation and SEO. Often you can find a Google Chrome add on that does the same thing (or more) than the expensive SEO and blogging software tools that are hawked all over the Internet.

This ebook was written to introduce you to some of the best and most useful of these apps and you should definitely read it before you spend another penny on expensive software you might not need:

Great Google Chrome Add Ons for Bloggers

As any serious business blogger can tell you, creating and maintaining a successful blog that will boost a company’s website traffic, improve its rankings in the SERPs and help promote the business’ brand – all things that a good blog should do – takes a lot more work than just writing a 500 word post on any old topic once a week. Here are just some of the great Google Chrome add ons that can help make your blogging efforts a lot easier and far more efficient:


Bloggers who have discovered Zemanta love it and for very good reason. Once you have installed Zemanta on your Google Chrome tool bar it is a little bit like having a blogging tutor and a research assistant reading what you are typing over your shoulder. As you write your post, Zemanta begins to offer you real time suggestions about content you could add – images, tags, relevant links and much more – that will enrich the post you are working on. These functions can literally save a blogger hours of research every week and the content that is suggested is all from respected and relevant sources.

For example, someone blogging about sports, a sporting equipment supplier perhaps, can use Zemanta to find links to the web pages of all the major sporting teams all over the world, individual athletes websites and social media accounts, articles and videos that are relevant to the topic they are currently working on as well as great images that are royalty free and can be used without any copyright infringement worries.

Zemanta also helps make designing the look of a blog post easier as well, with a number of great features including a drag and drop image editor that lets you put an image anywhere on the post without all the tedious insert maneuvers.

Zemanta is a great help when it comes to social sharing as it lets you share your new content across all your social media and bookmarking accounts with just a few clicks. And if your content is interesting and original, it will also be promoted to thousands of other Zemanta users.

Zemanta is not blog platform specific. It works with WordPress, Joomla, Typepad, Blogger, Moveable Type, Drupal, Tumblr and a number of other blogging platforms. And maybe the best thing about the Zemanta Google Chrome add on? Its free.


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