Great Ways to Screw Up Your WordPress Blog

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By now most business owners in all kinds of different niches have heeded the advice to use a business blog to help promote and strengthen their internet presence as well as to help them provide the steady stream of new, original content that the search engine bots are more hungry for than ever before.

Great Ways to Screw Up Your WordPress Blog eBookWordPress is by far the most popular platform choice for bloggers the world over and for many good reasons.  Hosting and a good theme aside most of what you need to build an effective WordPress based business blog is free – almost all of the best WordPress plug ins that can be used to enhance your blog are offered free of charge – the beauty of open source.

Learning to use WordPress is also a rather easy prospect.  If coding is not your thing and HTML means nothing to you then fortunately you can usually find that someone who ‘is’ geek proficient who has already created a plug in that will do exactly what you were hoping and if worst comes to worst there are plenty of people who like to hang around in the official WordPress forums to help the noobs out.

All of this having been said though, it is actually very easy to make some simple moves that will completely screw up your WordPress blog, often without you even realizing it.  In this e book we will explore just how easy it is to screw up your WordPress blog and spoil the chances that it will be the useful asset it is supposed to be.

How to Screw Up Your WordPress Blog – Use a Free Theme from an Unknown Source

When you begin looking for a theme for your WordPress blog you will quickly discover that you have plenty of options – many of them free.  WordPress themselves will offer you the chance to use a free theme they “approve of” but these do tend to be rather simple and not very flexible so chances are that 1,000 other bloggers are also using it (because it was free).

At this point new bloggers begin to look for something a little more exciting.  There are some amazing paid themes out there but often bloggers new to WordPress will choose a free theme from an unknown website instead – after all why spend $40 if you don’t have to?

Choosing this option can be a great way to ruin your new business blog right from the start.  Not only do these themes lack any kind of support at all but they are also often incompatible with many of the most useful plug ins you may want to use later down the line.

Worse still many contain extra links (usually in the footer) that go to a site of the developers choosing, one that is probably completely unrelated to your niche and getting rid of it often means altering the theme files themselves – something that is not a recommended activity for those who do not know an awful lot about HTML as removing just a single character can cause a whole theme to collapse.

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