Holiday Season Internet Marketing Campaigns

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Last Minute Tips for Starting a Holiday Internet Marketing Campaign

The holidays present businesses of all kinds with some great Internet marketing and SEO opportunities but the trouble is that they creep up on you so darn fast. You really did mean to get a great holiday marketing strategy together this year but you have just been so busy.

Holiday Season Internet Marketing Campaigns eBookThe fact is that by the time you read this you probably only have a little more than a few weeks or so before all the festivities begin. And most of the people you would normally call on to help you just do not seem to be around – out gift shopping according to their voicemail. Guess the holiday campaign will have to wait until next year.

Not so fast. It’s not too late to make the most of all the opportunities that a bit of holiday themed marketing opens up for any business. Here are some great last minute tips to help you get into the spirit of a holiday Internet marketing campaign that can work for your business.

Add Some Holiday Cheer to your Website

There’s no time for a complete holiday themed website overhaul but that would probably, for most businesses, be overkill (and expensive) in any case. However adding a few festive touches to it is not that difficult or that time consuming.

There are a number of free resources out there to help you “decorate” your website without breaking the bank. Believe it or not you can actually find a number of great holiday images at absolutely no cost in the free to use section of a stock photography site like Dreamstime and you can even customize your social networking buttons (you do have those on your website right?) so that they have a more festive feel to them.

These are only little tweaks but you might be surprised at just how effective they can be. Better still they are easy to remove once the holidays over and you want to get your site back to normal.

Crank Up that Content

Whatever kind of business yours is if you have a blog (which of course you really should) then it can provide you with not only a great venue to add some holiday related content but also with a great SEO boost.

Blogs tend to get indexed far faster than any other form of content these days so if you start to blog for the holidays now and your content is good original content it should start showing up in people’s searches very quickly.

And people spend a lot of time searching for holiday related content. What are they looking for (apart from the obvious deals and discount coupons but we’’ll get to them in a minute)

1. How to Lists – Whatever your business niche you should be able to find a way to create holiday themed ‘how to’ lists that relate not only to the holidays but your products and services too. If yours is a retail business it’s very easy but everyone can find an angle. For example, if you are an accountant a good piece on how to stick to a holiday budget would be something a lot of people will be searching for.

2. Tips and Tricks – These kinds of posts are hugely searched up around the holidays. How to buy a great gift for X (which would be even better if you can tie your products and services into it) might be a good piece to consider.


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