How to Do a Press Release: Tips and Tricks

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Businesses large and small in every niche are always looking for new and effective ways to promote their company, their products and their services. Yet even though the marketing world is in a constant state of flux and change (thanks to the rise of social networking and social media advertising) one of the oldest ways of getting your company noticed – the press release – remains one of the most effective.

eBook: How to Do a Press Release: Tips and TricksLike so many other things, the press release has moved online. And, thanks to free press release sites even the tiniest start up company can get the word out about their business. They can also attract the attention of potential clients and customers as well as news and media outlets, especially local ones, who are always on the look out for good new content and are now turning increasingly to online sources to get it.

In this eBook, we are going to explore what an effective press release should be about, how it should be written and the best ways to share it with the world.

What Makes a Press Release Newsworthy Instead of Spam?

A press release, free or otherwise, does still need to be well written and most importantly of all, newsworthy. Any reputable press release site will refuse to distribute your press release if it is written like a spammy ad rather than actually something that offers real news. And that even applies to services that distribute press releases for free.

So what makes a press release a newsworthy one instead of just an advertisement that will be rejected out of hand? Well, how does your event, product or service impact the world at large? Your new product or service launch is of course of huge interest to you and your staff but what about everyone else? The best way to determine that is to ask yourself honestly, if this was not your company would you still be interested in reading about this on Google News or a similar news outlet?

Here are some press release topics that will almost always make for good news:

► You can use your press release to explain to the world how your company is reacting to a particular trend or how your product may change the face of a certain industry or niche, if only just a small amount.

► Are you promoting or advocating for a cause? Do you contribute a percentage of the profits to a certain charity? Is your company sponsoring, organizing or participating in a fund-raising event? This is almost always a newsworthy tie-in that many a journalist will often be keen to pick up on.

► Did you make a change within your organization that will affect the face and operations of your business? Can you explain why hiring that new CFO will have an impact and what that impact will be? If you can answer yes to that question then that is a newsworthy angle for your press release as well.

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