In a Recovering Economy, Nonprofits Turn to Social Media for Engagement – And, Revenue

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An important survey showed that many U.S. nonprofit organizations are using social media to raise awareness as well as raise funds.  The survey, the Q1 2012 Sage Nonprofit Insights*, discusses how social media is affecting how nonprofits interact with their members and reach out to their constituencies.

Survey results show that 84% of the organizations who responded in the survey make use of social media and 74% of those who make use of social media feel that it is at least somewhat important in the organization’s overall strategies and mission.  In addition, 46% of the participating organizations reported that they were very or at least somewhat satisfied in their social media success.

It is noteworthy that not all organizations even measured their social media success.  However, the organizations who did not measure their success were the ones who were most likely to feel dissatisfied with their efforts.  For those organizations who measured their success, about 76% were satisfied.

39% of the participating organizations reported that the reason for their social media efforts were to raise funds.  From the statistics, it’s clear that social media engagement continues to increase among nonprofit organizations for this as well as purely ‘social’ purposes.

It is not surprising that even nonprofit organizations are turning to social media.  Peter Lee, CEO of WireWalkersVA – a New York based company, stated that “Nonprofit organizations have many of the same challenges as for profit businesses.  Each has to promote and generate interest in it’s ‘offerings’ and each has to generate revenue in order to continue to fund its operations.”

“In the middle of a barely recovering economy, nonprofits are being hit hard – but, we’re also finding that they’re making up for some of that by taking advantage of their own natural ‘social’ tendencies to enhance their financial positions,” Peter adds.

*Sage North America (

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