Jeremy Lin and the Midas Touch: Best Brands for Lin to Endorse

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Jeremy Lin, a relative unknown in the NBA since he was drafted, has been receiving quite a lot of attention these past few weeks.  He is so talked about these days that the media has coined the term “linsanity” to account for all the buzz surrounding him.  Nike has already begun designing a shoe for Jeremy Lin and other brands are all eager to sign him on to endorse their brands.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), Lin has been conservative about taking on endorsement deals and has turned down thousands of offers.  However, here are a few brands that we think Jeremy Lin should really endorse:

1. CBRE group

CBRE is the largest commercial real estate company in the world.  There are several reasons why we think Jeremy Lin would be perfect for endorsing this company.  For one thing, they are based in Los Angeles which is also where Jeremy Lin was born.  Another reason is that much has been made of Jeremy’s living situation and the fact that he lived with his teammate Landry Fields (sleeping on his couch) and didn’t have a permanent place to stay until recently.  If anyone could use and promote a real estate company, Jeremy could.

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IKEA is a great furniture and home furnishings store with a reputation for good price and efficient form and functionality.  If anyone can sell IKEA and one of IKEA’s couches it would be Jeremy.  Can you imagine Jeremy lying on an IKEA couch and saying ‘A couch like this helped me make it to the NBA.’  Actually, that may not be such a great ad but you can see the possibilities.

3. Acer

Acer is an electronics company that has grown to be the 4th largest producers of computers in the world.  The main reason why Jeremy Lin would be perfect for endorsing this company is simply because it’s a great Taiwan brand, just as Jeremy Lin is a great player of Taiwanese descent.

4. Panerai

Panerai is a luxury watch brand that began in Italy but is now being manufactured in Switzerland.  Since most luxury brands are focusing on Asian markets these days for their huge buying power, an Asian icon like Lin would be great for boosting this luxury watch brands sales.  Another great reason why Lin would be a fitting endorser for this brand is that Panerai has been around since 1860 but has only been receiving its due attention in the past few years.  It’s just like Lin who has been benched for so long and has only been recognized as an amazing player these past few weeks.

5. Chuck Taylor All Star

Even though this popular brand is now commonly used as a casual shoe, Chuck Taylor first created the “All Star” design as a basketball shoe.  As a shoe made for basketball and named “All Star”, it’s all very fitting for a basketball sensation who was just invited to play in the NBA All-Star Weekend last February 16th.

6. Toyota

Toyota is a Japanese automobile company that is the largest car manufacturer in the entire world.  Why we think that Jeremy Lin should endorse this brand is simply because like Lin, Toyota is an excellent hardworking, durable and reliable brand and a good investment.

7. American Sports Apparel

Because Jeremy Lin is hailed as a graduate of the ever-prestigious Harvard University, he has every bit the image of a well-bred college jock.  This is the perfect brand image for American Sports Apparel which sells college merchandise and sportswear such as sweatshirts, jerseys, and varsity t-shirts.

8. Pepsi

For over a century, Pepsi was largely overshadowed by its main competitor, Coca-Cola.  However in 2005, PepsiCo exceeded the market value of the Coca-Cola Company for the first time since its development.  Today, PepsiCo is the largest food and beverage company in America in terms of revenue.  This is the classic story of an underdog triumphing and Jeremy Lin is another shining example of this.

9. Red Bull

Red Bull is the most popular energy drink in the world.  Why Jeremy Lin would be a good endorser for this product is simply because as Red Bull gives people an added boost when they need it, Jeremy Lin gave his team a much-needed boost when they wasn’t doing so well.

10. Denny’s Diner

Denny’s is a simple diner that has about 1,500 restaurants scattered all around the world.  In Jeremy Lin’s official YouTube channel, TheJLin7, he’s uploaded a video called “A Day in the Life” which features him eating breakfast at Denny’s.  The breakfast consisted of a salad, some eggs, and a T-bone steak, with which Lin comments “breakfast of champions”.  It would make for a great marketing tactic if Denny’s used Lin to endorse their diner as a place to get a good wholesome meal to jumpstart your day.


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