Jeremy Lin – New York Knicks – 100 Million Dollar Man?!

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Jeremy Lin – if you haven’t heard – plays basketball professionally for the New York Knicks. He is gathering the mega-attention of basketball aficionados worldwide with the skills he is showing on the basketball court.

Is Jeremy Lin the next 100 million man?  Yes, we think he will be, either now, soon or in a few years time. Tiger Woods was able to make a hundred million annually in his prime – and, may still do so as he makes his comeback. Kobe Bryant currently makes more than 30 million if you include endorsements. Jeremy Lin can make as much or more than these mega-earners as there’s more hype and media attention around him then anyone else right now and he’s even bigger in Asia (especially China and Taiwan), booming economies that love basketball and that don’t mind paying for what they like.


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He is the newest and most heralded sensation in the NBA – of all time, in all of NBA history.   Since he began his first game as a part of the New York Knicks, he is averaging points and assists averages (and totals) as high or higher than superstars such as Kobe Bryant and Lebron James.

He’s only making a paltry – for NBA superstars at least – $800,000 or so in the NBA right now as a rookie but his salary will zoom up many multiples soon enough.  NBA superstars can easily earn 20 to 25 million a year.  But, that’s just the start of it.

Jeremy Lin’s endorsement potential is humongous.

Let’s face it.  America loves an underdog story.  It’s always been this way and it always will be this way.  The media eats this up and they’re going to keep eating this up.  Meaning, his media exposure is limitless and his brand is building exponentially, not just here but worldwide.

We don’t think Tiger Woods ever garnered this much attention even in his heyday – or, even in his bad days.  And, Tiger Woods certainly no longer has the pristine and loveable image that Jeremy Lin virtually oozes – but, which is also so authentic at the same time.

Again, the money will be in endorsements and given that his brand is limitless, his endorsements can be too.  Is there anything that you think that he couldn’t sell?

Is he the next 100 million man?!  You can bet on it!

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