Jeremy Lin – New York Knicks: Sweet Tweet Sensation

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Born on August 23, 1988, Jeremy Lin is a professional basketball player with his team, the New York Knicks of the NBA or National Basketball Association.  Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks has captured the attention of basketball enthusiasts with his exceptional efforts by leading his team to a string of sensational victories.  He has enthralled the social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook with people gathering to like and follow Jeremy Lin as ‘Linsanity’ or ‘Linmania’ continues to explode on the scene – and, go viral.

Jeremy Lin has an official Twitter account that goes by the name of @JLin7 that you can follow if you want to know more about him.  This Twitter account has more than 384 tweets, 119 following and over 507, 512 followers which shows how popular Jeremy Lin has suddenly become.  He has even more followers than other basketball superstars such as Kobe Bryant with 101,116 followers and Magic Johnson with 471,103 followers.

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His Twitter account’s background is the New York City lights.  Jeremy Lin is tweeting actively during both the basketball season as well as during the off season.  His recent tweets comment on the success of the New York Knicks on the basketball court as well as shout-outs to his teammates for jobs well done.  Jeremy Lin uses his Twitter account to express his support for his team and to congratulate them as well for their winning and doing their best to achieve success.  He says that faith in God is what triggered Linsanity.

His most recent tweets also say how he loves playing with his teammates and how unselfish the team is.  He also thanks all the fans of the New York Knicks, both old and new for their support for their team.  Another tweet of Jeremy Lin also states that he must learn from his mistakes and move on.

As of now, Jeremy Lin does not have any favorite tweets and he is not yet following any lists in his Twitter account.

In addition to Twitter, Jeremy Lin has also an official Facebook page that goes by the name of  His official Facebook page has more than 354,000 comments and over 680,000 likes.

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