Jeremy Lin – Top Google Trend Setter of 2012

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So just how Linsane is the world getting?  We’ve looked at some of Google Zeitgeist’s top searches of 2011 at their peaks as well as some of the top searched people of the start of 2012 and Jeremy Lin tops them all!

Adele received due attention on February 13 this year when she won 6 Grammy’s, matching the world record for the most Grammy awards won by a female artist in a single night.

Jeremy Lin – Top Google Trend Setter of 2012 image
Dick Clark also got some considerable media attention on January 25 of this year when his company, Dick Clark productions, had some well publicized issues over the rights to broadcast the Golden Globe Awards.

Rebecca Black was the #1 top search of 2011 when the 13 year old came out with a widely criticized YouTube video called “Friday” that went viral and received over 160 million views.

Savannah Brinson was catapulted into fame when it was announced last January 2 that she was engaged to basketball superstar, LeBron James.

Casey Anthony caused a media sensation last year when she was acquitted of the murder of her 2 year old daughter when several pieces of evidence seemingly pointed otherwise.

And Steve Jobs, the co-creator and the brains behind Apple, was widely celebrated and mourned last year when he died unexpectedly due to pancreatic cancer.

However, despite the media buzz that all these people have gotten, they were still no match for the Linsanity that surrounded Jeremy Lin these past few weeks.  He went from a relative nobody to a superstar when he led the New York Knicks into a winning streak just last February.


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