Marketing & SEO Tools

Here are some great Marketing Tools that you’ll want to review. They’re all widely used, highly effective – and importantly – mostly FREE.

Marketing & SEO tools: Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics
Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness.Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features now let you see and analyze your traffic data in an entirely new way.

Marketing & SEO Tools: Google AdWords Keyword ToolGoogle AdWords Keyword Tool 
This is an excellent resource for keyword analysis and keyword strategy development. You enter a word or phrase, website or category and can filter it by location, language and device. You get back instant and insightful data on the level of competition for those keywords; and, the global and local amount of monthly searches for those keywords.

Marketing & SEO Tools: Google Insights for SearchGoogle Insights for Search
Google Insights for Search is an incredibly useful tool that helps you compare and analyze search trends over time and their popularity depending on place.  It gives information on search volume, the categories your keywords falls under, as well as related searches and rising searches related to your keywords.

Marketing & SEO Tools: Google TrendsGoogle Trends
Google Trends is a tool that helps you analyze keywords and sites to see trends in searches for a particular key phrase across the years, their popularity depending on place, and even the specific sites that were most visited.  It’s a great help for determining the right keywords to use and is particularly useful when combined with Google Insights for Search.

Marketing & SEO Tools: Google Webmaster ToolsGoogle Webmaster Tools
Google Webmaster Tools provides you with detailed reports about your pages’ visibility on Google. You can get Google’s view of your site and diagnose problems. Discover your link and query traffic. Share information about your site with Google.

Marketing & SEO Tools: Bing Webmaster ToolsBing Webmaster Tools
Bing shares a great deal of data about your website through their Webmaster tools. The information shared via their tools helps you understand how Bing sees your website and allows you to make informed decisions on what to work on next for your website.

Their data can pinpoint errors on your website, content which is accidentally blocked from being crawled; uncover areas for you to invest in to increase rankings and traffic, and more.

Marketing & SEO Tools: Alexa RankingAlexa Ranking
Alexa is a website information company that has several tools which could help you compare how you stack up next to the competition. It can also give you valuable information on what to do to improve your rankings if you’re falling behind.

The Alexa Traffic Rank compares your popularity, reach and overall page views with your competition.  The Search Analytics tool lets you know which keywords are leading traffic into your competition’s websites so that you get ideas on effective keywords you could use.  The Audience Data tool lets you know the demographics of the people who go to the websites of your competition so you can tailor your website to suit their tastes.

Marketing & SEO Tools: Scribefire Next Blog Editor
Scribefire Next Blog Editor (Firefox Blogger Add-On)
Scribefire was one of the most frequently used of all the Firefox add-ons ever made available and Scribefire Next is its evolution. It is a great tool for those who find it hard to make the time to blog regularly.

Marketing & SEO Tools: Zemanta (Firefox Blogger Add-On)Zemanta (Firefox Blogger Add-On)
Also available for Google Chrome, Zemanta is a Firefox Add-On that has gained huge popularity with bloggers. By installing Zemanta you are essentially getting a research assistant and a blogging coach all in one, right there in your toolbar.

Once you have begun writing a blog post Zemanta loads in the sidebar and begins to present you with suggestions about related or complimentary content you could add – images, tags, relevant links and much more – to enrich the post you are working on.

Marketing & SEO Tools: SEO BloggerSEO Blogger (Firefox Blogger Add-On)
Keyword research is just one of those activities that can take up an awful lot of your precious blogging time but this Add-On can help a great deal. As you begin to write your post it begins to offer keywords based on popularity and relevance to whatever you are in the process of writing and you can add them to your post where appropriate without ever having to leave the screen you are working on.

Marketing & SEO Tools: SEOQuakeSEOQuake (Firefox SEO Add-On)
The most popular SEO Add-On for Firefox for some time now has been SEOQuake. For each webpage you visit (including your own) it provides you with a great many SEO related information at a glance.

Marketing & SEO Tools: SEO DoctorSEO Doctor (Firefox SEO Add-On)
Onsite SEO can be tricky for a new SEO practitioner to master as there are so many elements involved. SEO Doctor is a tool that “diagnoses” what might be ailing your own webpage and offers suggestions for its “recovery” that you can implement without having to have a degree in computer programming.

All of the analysis performed by the SEO Doctor tool follows Google Webmaster guidelines and all of the suggestions this Add-On offers comply with those as well.

Marketing & SEO Tools: YoonoYoono (Firefox Social Media Add-On)
Yoono is one of the most commonly used social media related Firefox Add-Ons and for good reason. The application allows you to connect all of your social network accounts to it and then post to any or all of them from the Yoono sidebar widget rather than actually having to go to the site itself, which can save you a great deal of time on a daily basis.

Yoono is not just limited to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter either, as you can also integrate IM accounts like Gtalk, Skype, MSN Messenger and Yahoo IM into its interface as well. And if all the chatter gets too much for you, you can disable notifications from any of the linked services with just a few mouseclicks.

Marketing & SEO Tools: Facebook ToolbarFacebook Toolbar (Firefox Social Media Add-On)
Spending all day on Facebook is hardly possible for anyone (even FB obsessed teens have to go to school!) This Add-On helps a great deal as it keeps an eye on your Facebook pages for you, alerting you when anything you might need to pay attention to (a new fan, a new comment, a new like etc) occurs.

Marketing & SEO Tools: Social AnalyticsSocial Analytics (Firefox Social Media Add-On)
This Firefox Add-On lets you see at a glance just how popular a website is in the social media world. Click on the in browser icon and you will be shown how many times the page has been liked, tweeted, +1’d, stumbled and much more.

The Social Analytics tool is very useful both for helping determine the popularity of your own individual webpages and/or blog posts as well as for evaluating how well your competitors social media efforts stack up against your own.

Marketing & SEO Tools: Zemanta (Chrome Add-On for Bloggers)Zemanta (Chrome Add-On for Bloggers)
By installing Zemanta you are essentially getting a research assistant and a blogging coach all in one, right there in your toolbar.

Once you have begun writing a blog post Zemanta loads in the sidebar and begins to present you with suggestions about related or complimentary content you could add – images, tags, relevant links and much more – to enrich the post you are working on.

Marketing & SEO Tools: Google DictionaryGoogle Dictionary (Chrome Add-On for Bloggers)
The Google Dictionary Chrome Add-On is another one that many bloggers end up wondering how they ever lived without. Using Google Dictionary, if you double click on any word a bubble pops up that instantly provides you with its basic dictionary definition. Hit ‘more’ and you are shown its full definition, complete with synonyms, antonyms and alternate meanings. You can also translate the word into your choice of one of 18 supported languages.

Marketing & SEO Tools: dotEPUBdotEPUB (Chrome Add-On for Bloggers)
dotEPUB is a Google Chrome Add-On that can turn any webpage into an ebook in the popular epub format. The big advantage of this Add-On for content producers is that there is a widget you can add to your blog or website that will allow your readers to download your post to their e-readers, whether that is a Kindle, a Nook, an iDevice or a desktop based reader.

Marketing & SEO Tools: SEO for ChromeSEO for Chrome (Chrome Add-On for SEO)
This is the most popular and widely used of the all in one SEO Add-Ons available for Google Chrome. Once installed on the Chrome toolbar, for almost every page you visit, SEO for Chrome can tell you:
-How many backlinks are pointing at the site.
-The number of bookmarks and/or social shares the page has received from a number of sources like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon and Digg.
-How much traffic the site receives as measured by Google Ad Planner and Quantcast.
-Basic PPC performance stats.
-The site’s major search keywords.
-No follow links.

Marketing & SEO Tools: SEO Status Pagerank/AlexaSEO Status Pagerank/Alexa toolbar (Chrome Add-On for SEO)
There are several different Google chrome Add-Ons that can give you a page’s Pagegrank and its Alexa ranking at a glance but this one is less obtrusive than most of them.

Click on the button on almost any page (if a page is very low ranking the Alexa ratings will often not show) and you will be shown the page’s Alexa ranking, Google Page Rank, the backlinks that are coming into the site as well as the whois information. This is another great tool for competitor research.

Marketing & SEO Tools: Alter KeywordsAlter Keywords (Chrome Add-On for SEO)
Including too many keywords on a single web page can be as damaging to a site’s reputation with the search engine bots as having none at all. This Google Chrome Add-On will find the keywords on a page and then analyze the frequency at which they are used, alerting the user if it is too dense to be considered acceptable for search engine purposes.

Marketing & SEO Tools: TweetDeckTweetDeck (Chrome Add-On for Social Sharing)
TweetDeck is an all in one Google Chrome Add-On that lets you use, and keep track of, all your social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. The app allows you to schedule updates in advance and monitor your Twitter news feed in real time as well as Facebook status updates, should you choose to include them.

One of the neatest things about TweetDeck though (apart from the fact that it is completely free) is the Me column function. In this column all of your @messages, Twitter mentions and Facebook messages and notifications can be seen in one place, making it very easy to ensure that you do not miss any instances where you are included in a social conversation. Leave the Add-On running while you are working on something else and any time there is activity you need to be aware of TweetDeck will notify you in a pop up window.

Marketing & SEO Tools: Social BroSocial Bro (Chrome Add-On for Social Sharing)
SocialBro is a powerful little Add-On that provides you with all kinds of statistics related to your Twitter account. It offers a great many ways to analyze your followers (gender, geographic location, profession, number of followers and more) as well as an easy way to unfollow those who are not following you back.

You can even download a PDF or Excel list of your followers and there demographics so it can be used offline. This app is probably one of the most comprehensive Twitter analytics tools available and is well worth it to anyone who takes their Twitter activity seriously.

Marketing & SEO Tools: Profile Engine: Advanced Search for FacebookProfile Engine: Advanced Search for Facebook (Chrome Add-On for Social Sharing)
Searching Facebook effectively is not always that easy, making it difficult to find people who might be in your target demographic. This Google Chrome Add-On helps solve that problem. The app lets you search Facebook in a number of different ways and using criteria that standard Facebook search does not offer. Profile Engine lets you search Facebook users by what schools they went to, where they work, age, gender, geographic location and even relationship status.

Marketing & SEO Tools: Hike Tab BuilderHike Tab Builder (Facebook App)
A Facebook Fan tab can certainly be very impressive looking while encouraging people to go ahead and hit that Like button so that they can get to that great hidden content below.

Hike is a free tab builder that you can use to create some great reveal tabs and other custom content. You can use images, custom HTML or text to create your tab and you can really get creative as well as change it as often as you like. You can even build a video page for free. And the best part is you do not need to know a thing about coding to use this app, a real plus for those of you who just do not have the time to learn anything else right now!

Marketing & SEO Tools: Survey MonkeySurvey Monkey (Facebook App)
Polls and surveys are a fantastic way to connect with Facebook fans and Survey Monkey is a company that helps companies produce some great ones. The Survey Monkey app for Facebook is free and you can add it to as many Facebook fan pages as you like, great for admins who are trying to juggle multiple pages.

Marketing & SEO Tools: LivestreamLivestream (Facebook App) allows anyone to create their own channel to broadcast anything they want and the Livestream Facebook app that brings the service to your Facebook fan page is the same one that Facebook itself used to broadcast Mark Zuckerburg’s F8 keynote speech in 2011.

You can host a presentation, a product launch, broadcast how tos and hold live FAQ sessions. The app is easy to use, is available in both Mac and PC versions and works with almost any video camera or web cam.

Marketing & SEO Tools: One Way CommerceOne Way Commerce (Facebook App)
One Way Commerce is a free Facebook app designed to let you add a store front to your fan page safely, securely and stylishly. The app lets you personalize your store, upload product images and other graphics and easily add both product descriptions and pricing details. You can even upload digital goods to be distributed right from your Facebook page after the customer has completed check out. In addition the One Way Commerce Facebook app can be integrated both with a Quickbooks account and a account which makes keeping track of everything very easy.

Marketing & SEO Tools: FotoBabbleFotoBabble (Facebook App)
Sharing photos with your fans on your Facebook page, and encouraging them to share their photos on your wall is a great way to interact with them on a far more personal level. This free app helps you take that to a whole new level though. Instead of just adding a text description to the photos you post this app enables you, and your fans, to add an audio description as well.

Fotobabble can be great for any business in any number of ways. You can describe a product, give a little background about it and really give the image an interactive feel. You can post staff pictures and have them “introduce” themselves. You could post an audio enhanced guided tour of your office. The possibilities are really endless.

Marketing & SEO Tools: FriendCardFriendCard (Facebook App)
Basically once you have installed the app you can create branded e greetings cards that your fans can then personalize and send to their Facebook friends, free of charge. It’s hard to find a free greeting card to send on Facebook so offering this service to your fans, whatever your business niche is can really help build both loyalty to your Facebook page and to your business brand in general.

Marketing & SEO Tools: Eventbrite for PagesEventbrite for Pages (Facebook App)
Event Brite is a free service that lets anybody create a promotion for their event and create and give away, or sell, tickets for it. As seminars and workshops, both live and virtual, are two things that a number of small businesses are using for marketing purposes this Facebook app could be just the inspiration you need to start such a campaign yourself. You could also use it for things like client get togethers or even just a business open house day.

Marketing & SEO Tools: Cool Author Box (WordPress Plug-in)Cool Author Box (WordPress Plug-in)
This simple little plug in gives you the ability to create a great author bio – complete with image – that can be added to the end of every blog post. This is a great way to increase your visibility, credibility and your connection with your audience.

Marketing & SEO Tools: SEO Friendly Images (WordPress Plug-in)SEO Friendly Images (WordPress Plug-in)
SEO Friendly Images is a plugin that takes all the work out of optimizing images, as it automatically adds the proper ALT and TITLE tags to every image you publish on your blog.

Marketing & SEO Tools: Simple: PressSimple: Press (WordPress Plug-in)
Adding a forum to your WordPress based website or blog is a cinch. You can customize forum skins, grant user rankings, award badges, enable private messaging between users, link blog posts to forum topics and much more.

Marketing & SEO Tools: Viper’s Video QuicktagsViper’s Video Quicktags (WordPress Plug-in)
If you are sick of copy pasting embed code into the HTML side of your post every time you want to add a video, or yours is a WordPress template that does not support embeds, and there are quite a few of those, then this is a must have plugin for you.

Marketing & SEO Tools: WP Greet BoxWP Greet Box (WordPress Plug-in)
In its settings you can compose different welcome messages that will display to a visitor depending upon which site they came from to reach yours. The concept is clever, cool and a great way to build up reader loyalty.

Marketing & SEO Tools: Sexy BookmarksSexy Bookmarks (WordPress Plug-in)
This is one of the best social bookmarking plugins available right now. You can pick and choose which bookmarking options you offer your readers – as few or as many as you like – and the graphical representations for each site are visually nicer than pretty much any other social bookmarking plugin.

Marketing & SEO Tools: JigoShopJigoShop (WordPress Plug-in)
This is a great plug in for those who use WordPress as the CMS for a whole site or just for bloggers who want to add an e-commerce option to their site. Jigoshop allows you to create a fully functioning, streamlined and most of all secure store without you needing to know anything about programming. Payment and shipping options can be built right in and you can track every little detail about your store’s operation from a single, easy to understand dashboard.

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