Our Process

Step 1 Sign-up for a service plan that fits your needs.

Step 2 Pay for your service through bank transfers, credit card or Paypal.

Step 3 Optional. The first 30-minute consultation meeting is free. A project manager will schedule a Skype call to learn more about your needs and expectations to better customize the process for your business. You can also use the time to orient us about your long-term goals.

Step 4 You send us your tasks so that we can get started immediately. If you prefer, you can upload your files to a secure shared portal for easier collaboration. We will organize everything for you as well as track the time spent. You have access to your files 24/7.

Step 5 We completely execute all required tasks and send you a weekly status update. You can send us feedback anytime you want. We believe that this encourages continuous improvement from everyone.

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