Pinterest – SEO Benefits and More!

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By now you have probably at least heard about Pinterest. It is the latest hot social networking site, a place where you can gather together images of all kinds of interesting things on virtual pinboards – sort of like online scrapbooking. In basic terms you find an image of something you like, “pin it” to your board and allow other users to share it, like it or comment on it. They can follow you, you can follow them, you can share your pinning activities on other social networks, its all pretty cool stuff.

eBook: Pinterest – SEO Benefits and More! Although it was probably not the site creator’s original intended purpose for their new site just two years ago, businesses large and small are having a lot of marketing success using Pinterest. In fact, according to a recent Mashable post for retailers Pinterest outstrips Google+ for driving traffic to small and large retail business websites.

As well as the marketing benefits it offers there are also some very nice SEO benefits to be gained from maintaining a Pinterest account and it is these benefits we are going to discuss in this e book.

SEO Benefits from Pinterest #1: Better Analytics

Comprehensive analytics are one of any marketers best and most useful tools. If you look at your website analytics reports you can see at a glance the websites and other traffic sources that brought people your way. Social networks are not so helpful. facebook for example offers their “insights” but does not give you any information about just which piece of your content sent someone winging their way to your website.

Image: Pinterest

Pinterest is different. Pinterest will actually show you exactly which of your “pins” earned that all important click thru and let you see that item on the Pinterest site. This is also great for social interaction as you can then thank the person for sharing, or connect with them through a comment.

SEO Benefits from Pinterest #2 – Seamless Facebook Integration

If you create your new Pinterest account by signing up using your Facebook page (yes, you can use your buisness page) you will have the option to seamlessly share your Pinterest activities on your Facebook page whenever you like.

Not all of your pins perhaps but one’s that are really interesting, or just one a day or so. That way your Facebook fans will discover you Pinterest account, expanding your social reach once again. You can also (and you should) cross promote with Twitter as well. You can also cross promote with your own blog for an even deeper integration.

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