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WireWalkersVA Launches Its Free Page Rank Checker Web Tool And Dynamic PageRank Icons

The newly launched page rank checker website, Check Page Rank Free, is being offered free by WireWalkersVA. Their goal is to provide these page ranking tools, dynamic icons and calculators for the free use of the web community.

New York (I-Newswire) October 3, 2012 – WireWalkersVA, a web site development, SEO and social media company, recently launched its new project, a free page rank checker called Check Page Rank Free. The aim of the project is to create the tools and functionality that will enable anyone to check PageRank; to check their own page rank from their own web site; and also, to give everyone the chance to display their page rank information right on their website, by means of free dynamic page rank icons.

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Social Media Sharing Promotion Launched for Small and Medium Sized Business

WireWalkersVA’s Social Media Sharing promotion allows business owners to share their social media account links with each other. And, the links get promoted to 60,000+ professionals.

Online PR News – 04-May-2012 –WireWalkersVA has officially launched their Social Media Sharing promotion. It allows businesses to share their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc) with each other. In addition, the social media accounts will be highlighted to some of WireWalkersVA’s LinkedIn Groups and Subgroups totaling 60,000+ Members.

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In a Recovering Economy, Nonprofits Turn to Social Media for Engagement – And, Revenue

An important survey showed that many U.S. nonprofit organizations were using social media to raise awareness as well as raise funds – allowing many nonprofits to survive and even thrive through a difficult economy. – Survey results show that 84% of the organizations who responded in the survey make use of social media and 74% of those who make use of social media feel that it is at least somewhat important in the organization’s overall strategies and mission.  In addition, 46% of the participating organizations reported that they were very or at least somewhat satisfied in their social media success.

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Business Advisors Promotion Launched for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

WireWalkersVA recently launched their ‘Business Advisors’ page to showcase business or marketing advice from business owners and entrepreneurs.  This advice is then promoted on their LinkedIn Groups (and Subgroups) with a combined membership of 80,000+ members.

Online PR News – 16-April-2012 – WireWalkersVA, a SEO, social media and web site development company, created a page on their site that serves as a platform for business owners, experts, entrepreneurs and start-ups to provide their corresponding business advice. It is called the “Business Advisors” page. The Business Advisors page is one way for business owners to promote their site, to let other people and businesses know what their site or business is all about, and, mainly, to share their experiences and advice to colleagues and other businesses. Being the manager and promoter of the world’s largest LinkedIn group (over 750,000+ members), WireWalkersVA knows that promoting your own business online and being successful at it – given the competitive business environment – is a hard thing to do. It’s one of the main reasons why the Business Advisors page was launched.

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Google Search Algorithm Targets Poor SEO Tactics and Techniques: Small Businesses Search for Seasoned Advice

Matt Cutts, Google’s Head of Web Spam, recently revealed that sites may be penalized for aggressive ‘over optimization’ that amounts to unnatural manipulation.

PRLog (Press Release) – Apr 10, 2012 – WireWalkersVA to Offer Evaluations of Small Business SEO Practices

Changes in Google algorithms are nothing new, but when Google’s Head of Web Spam (and unofficial SEO guide) Matt Cutts revealed Google’s latest planned tweaks a great many business owners were shocked by what he had to say – that sites may be penalized for over optimizing their web content for search engines.

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Survey Shows More Small Business CEO’s Confident as the Economy Improves

Small businesses sense that the economy is in a much better state. In a recent survey, more firms are planning to start increasing hires as they feel more confident in the economy and employment. – Peter Lee, CEO of New York based WireWalkersVA, thinks that the economy has indeed improved though he cautions that “ultimately, how one’s own business is doing is really what matters and not the median or average.”  In his company, Peter believes that people have always been their biggest investment and asset; and, they do plan to hire 20 to 35% more in the upcoming quarter.

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Business, Marketing and Social Media Forum Launched for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

WireWalkersVA recently launched a new forum on their site to create a business hub for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes.

Online PR News – 27-March-2012 –Businesses of all sizes should know that a new forum has been launched to serve as a place for entrepreneurs and business people (aspiring or otherwise) to communicate, engage, network, interact, partner with and share opportunities with each other.

WireWalkersVA, a SEO and web site development company, has recently launched a forum to allow businesses and entrepreneurs to interact and engage with each other. Business-minded people, experts and aspiring entrepreneurs can register for free and start connecting with other entrepreneurs. They can ask questions, give advice to other forum members, learn from other business experts or just browse the informative content that WireWalkersVA offers.

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Top LinkedIn Subgroups Increase Membership At An Accelerating Rate

LinkedIn Subgroups are reaching higher and unexpected levels of participation as their Memberships continue to increase at an accelerating rate. This appears most prominently on the “Job Openings, Job Leads and Job Connections!” Group.

PRLog (Press Release)Mar 15, 2012 –  LinkedIn is an online social networking site that is centered on building business connections.  It was launched in May 2003 and has since amassed over 150 million members from all over the world.

n May of 2009, Peter Lee, CEO of WireWalkersVa, a New York based company, founded the LinkedIn group called “Job Openings, Job Leads and Job Connections!”.  As a group that provides its members with job, career, and networking opportunities, it has enjoyed an ever-growing popularity.  Now with over 700,000 members, it is the largest of all 1,224,427 groups on LinkedIn.

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Facebook Timeline For Business Launches: Presenting New Marketing Challenges and Opportunities for Small Businesses

Facebook recently announced that they were going to release Timeline for business pages effective immediately and that on March 30th 2012, all business pages would be switched over to Timeline format automatically. Peter Lee, CEO of WireWakersVA, shares his insight about the present social network format change.

Online PR News – 04-March-2012 –Over the last twelve months, Facebook has become more important than ever before as a marketing tool for businesses large and small. As of January 2012, more than 60% of the small businesses operating in the US alone had a Facebook business page that they updated on a regular basis.

See Full Press Release published on March 4, 2012.


World’s Largest LinkedIn Group Breaks the 700,000 Member Mark

WireWalkersVA announced that their Group – ‘Job Openings, Job Leads and Job Connections!’ – has just exceeded the 700,000+ Member mark. It is poised to surpass the 1,000,000 Member milestone before the end of this year.

New York, NY (I-Newswire) February 28, 2012 – LinkedIn is the premier social networking site for professionals that was founded in 1993 and currently boasts well over 150 million users. LinkedIn Groups can be created by any Member and like minded members can join any Group they wish to based on their desired affiliations, interests and goals. LinkedIn Groups serve the important function of allowing members to discuss and network in a professional setting with peers. It also serves as an important vehicle whereby Members can promote their interests and/or seek opportunities.

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