SEO On Page Optimization Tutorial for Dummies

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SEO means Search Engine Optimization or optimizing your website so that it is more visible and found easily by people looking for the information you are sharing. Whether it is crockpot recipes or tips on saving fuel, there is someone looking for something you offer.

Your website is your voice; it is the platform through which you are reaching out to people.  In the brick and motor world, when you think of calling a plumber you would either call a friend for a referral or look up a phone directory or the yellow pages.

SEO On Page Optimization Tutorial for Dummies

In the Online world, you would do something very similar. Instead of the yellow pages you would turn to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and type in your request into the search box. I have entered my key-phrase as “plumber in orange county”.  You will notice that I have been very specific in my search; I wanted a plumber in orange county ONLY. I live here and want one here immediately.

SEO On Page Optimization Tutorial for Dummies sample search

This is something you have to keep in mind for your business. You must identify how your business can solve or address user concerns. What is your goal or target or aim? Once you know that, you can translate that into the online world. This primary focus of your website will be known as a keyword. It is like the seed of your website, of your business, your core value. If you want an apple tree sow an apple seed, NOT a lemon seed. Got it?

Okay, now let’s take a look at what we’ve got. The results I have received have been influenced by many factors.

1.    I was logged into my Google account. So my results have been personalized by Google. If one my friends had ever rated any of these sites in any of the Business Review sites or on Google Places, those will show up on the first page. Also words like “Rebeca liked this” or something similar will appear under the listing. This is so potent – This is what we have addressed before. Recommendation!! Imagine a friend recommends you to go to a particular shop and suppose you trusted her; chances are that you would end up making a purchase in the same shop.

2.    Results would depend on how optimized the site is to the key-phrase I have entered. So if the website has used the keyword I searched for then it will turn up higher in the results. I am referring to the on page SEO factors here. These include title, H1, keyword density, image alt tags, image file-names, internal linking, file-names, and folder names.

3.    The off page factors – simply put, this means how people are linking to your website from outside. These includes links from directories, forums, articles, authority websites, age of your website, how many years have you renewed your website for and more.

On Page SEO Factors ~ Do On Page SEO the right WAY and Rock the Search Engines

So, are you ready to work some Magic on your website? Here is what you will need. A website or Blog, access to Google Adwords Keywords Tool or some sort of keyword tool, some papers or sticky notes, a cup of coffee and some thinking space.

Step 1:
Write down what your Core Business is all about. What is YOUR website about? Is it an information site? Are you selling products, is so what products? Are you selling advertisements, which company are they targeted for? Write down everything you know about your business, your hobby, your website, everything.

Step 2:
Go through what you have written and start cleaning it up. Clear your thoughts, clear your objectives, FOCUS. Is your site about TOYS? Great!! What kind of toys? What age group would be interested in them? Why would they want to buy these toys? Are there other brands available? What are the benefits for the user to buy these toys?

Step 3:
Try to further FOCUS on to more intense areas.  I did a quick search on educational toys. Look at all the cool things people are looking for.

SEO On Page Optimization Tutorial for Dummies keyword ideas

Wow! Each of these is a niche in itself. Let’s pick one… Okay let me pick “preschool educational toys”. I have a preschooler and I think I can work this niche and keep my son happy, so I am game…

Here we go again…
SEO On Page Optimization Tutorial for Dummies other keyword ideas

Interesting… Look at all the related keywords here… Lots and lots of searches…
Jot down some nice keywords which are human readable and can be used in your website. That is why we needed the paper and sticky notes…

Step 4:
Yay!! You are almost there… Now sort these keywords further. Throw away keywords which are not tight or focused around your main keyword. In the above image, I would chuck out “baby toys”. It’s too vast and not focused for my website. Try and get your list down to at least 10 good keywords.
If you didn’t get 10, just repeat above steps again. Take your time; this is a crucial part of optimizing your website.

Step 5:
Now, you are ready to start optimizing your website. You have your website, your 10 or more keywords, an Internet connection, your sanity and free time. Perfect!!

Now here is what has to be done… We will try to have a separate page for each of our keywords or key-phrases. This way we have the potential to get many searches for related phrases. These long tail keywords like “educational toys for kids” will get me many backdoor visitors who will hopefully find my other pages useful and make me some sales.

SEO Checklist ~ Mark it off as you go through it…

1.    Check if your keyword is in your title. You will find it in the header section.

SEO On Page Optimization Tutorial for Dummies: keyword in title

2. Check if the keyword is in a H1 tag on your page. If not, add a H1 tag, make sure that the primary keyword is in the H1 tag.

SEO On Page Optimization Tutorial for Dummies: H1 tag

3.  Use either your primary or secondary keywords in the H2 tags.

4.    Break up your content using H3 and H4 tags (not necessary).

5.    Use relevant images in your pages. Make sure that they are optimized – image name, alt tags could use some keyword love.

6.    Add some Keyword Love to your Content

a.    Bold, italicize your main keyword or keyword phrases. Do not go overboard here… If it doesn’t make sense or looks fishy, DONT do it…
b.    Make sure that your primary keyword is in your first paragraph and in the last.
c.    Link some keywords to relevant posts and pages on your website. These links will be very beneficial in the long run.
d.    Refer and link to posts on Authority websites. Note: This is a tip not found everywhere. This is very cool and helps your website a LOT.
e.    Add a lot of content. How much is too much? Don’t stop writing, till you have got the message across, made a point or made a statement. BUT don’t ramble… it stinks…
f.    Do not COPY – Write original stuff, take a few ideas BUT own them, give them a voice and give them some LIFE.

7.    Create a Sitemap and submit it to Google Sitemaps.

8.    Name your pages and directories as per your niche, use keywords if possible.
So that’s it, we are done with ON Page SEO Optimization and it wasn’t that big of a deal was it?


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