SEO Optimization: Creating Optimized Content for Your Website

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From our last blog, we talked about how basic website content is crucial when you want to effectively perform SEO optimization.  In this blog, we are going to give some tips about the “optimizing” part itself.

You have the basic website content, now what? It’s not enough that you simply have all the necessary parts of a website.  It’s also essential that you are able to create optimized content that will increase user satisfaction and overall rankings in searches.

Here are some useful tips on how to optimize content for your website:

  • Create a website for people and not simply for search engine rankings

People can tell whether your website is merely tailored to improve rankings and it may not sit well with them.  Make sure that while your website does employ search engine optimization tactics, that you don’t miss the point.  Your website is still meant to be viewed by people, and if they like it, then they’re more likely to share it with their friends as well.

  • Make your content as informative and useful to people as possible

People are interested in websites only if they see that it directly benefits them.  So don’t make it look like something for selling your business, but something that they need.  This will encourage more traffic into your website.  And since usability and popularity factors are valued by search engines then you’ll also enjoy higher rankings.

  • Do a little research around your industry

Find out what your competitors and the industry leaders are doing right and learn from them.  You could also check out social media sites and see what people are talking about.  Try to see what hot topics are getting a lot of interest as well as recent trends.  This will help you get a great idea into what people are interested in and what type of content you should be putting into your site to captivate people. When you outsource SEO work, this will not be a problem for you as they have a great deal of experience when it comes to checking and researching these things.

  • Create attention grabbing headlines

Many websites write about the same thing but you have to find a way to stand out.  Summarize your content in around 50 characters, and make people want to read your content.  Don’t forget to include keywords in your headlines.  Some helpful formats that grab attention are the “who-what-why” format, the question technique, and lists (top 10’s, best and worst, etc).  HTML offers 6 different headline formats from H1 to H6.  H1 is given the most weight, while H6 is given the least.  So use these wisely.

SEO optimization: Attention grabbing headlines

  • Limit page content to reasonable sizes

Try not to put in too much information per page.  People often get overwhelmed when they see content crowded into one page.  Experts recommend limiting one topic per page.  This also helps make searching for information much easier because those one-topic pages are given their own URL’s and own descriptions.

  • Organize your content well

Try not to be too wordy with your content.  People like things written in a broken up way so that they can digest it in small parts.  Bullet points and lists are also effective ways to keep people interested.

  • Include images and visuals

Although search engines don’t read visuals, they are a good way to keep people interested in your content.  You could optimize images by creating a title, description, image caption, and relevant links.  Make sure you don’t post photos that are too large though.  Keep the file size in KB’s.

SEO optimization: Including images and visuals

  • Make your site easy to navigate through

Create a naturally flowing hierarchy of links to make navigation easy.  Easy navigation increases a user’s positive experience and makes the website much more popular to users.

  • Tag blogs or posts

Tagging is no longer given as much weight by search engines as it was before because people abused it with keyword stuffing.  However, it does help users find information more easily.  You could also use “Halo terms” or variations of a keyword in tags.

  • Choose the right keywords targeted specifically to your customers’ queries

Make sure that the keywords you use are tailored to what people type in search engines.  For example, if your product is a toy for dogs, make sure that you think about all the “Halo terms”, or all the possible keywords people may use when they search for dog toys, including “mutt”, “puppy”, or even specific breeds.  You also have to take the culture and language of your target market into account when looking for keywords.  You can use Google Adwords to find the most popular keywords.  Should you choose to outsource SEO, this step usually is already included in their SEO services.

  • Invite a call to action

A great way to get people to interact with your website and measure your site’s success is by giving a call to action.  This could be anything from downloading something, subscribing to the page, calling, registering, or of course, buying.  Aside from getting more interaction with this tactic, you also get the chance to get them more interested in your site.  For example, offering free trial services lets people see what a great company you are, and then they are more likely to buy from you and become loyal customers.

  • Improve your website’s speed

Google considers site speed into its ranking factors, simply because a speedier site increases usability and improves customer satisfaction.  If your website is slow, then the great content that you have may not be accessed by people because they got much too impatient waiting for it to load! Try to determine the reasons why your site is slow using tools like Web Page Analyzer and find ways to improve on them.

  • Make sure your website is perfect

Proofread and edit your website’s content over and over again to make sure it’s absolutely error-free and seamless with limited duplicate content.  This gives users the impression that your company is truly professional.  If there are mistakes in your content or there’s poorly written content, then users will doubt the legitimacy of your company and are less likely to trust your products or services.

Hope these tips will be of help when you’re doing SEO optimization for your website.  These tips may seem a lot to take but they are certainly worth it.  You can also outsource SEO responsibilities to an SEO company to make sure that all these tips are followed.



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