SEO Services and the Necessity of Search Engine Marketing

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WireWalkersVA is pleased to share with you the importance of Search Engine Marketing or SEM – and how a SEO company can be of help with this process.

You may fall under the category of website owners that have great sites with excellent content and feel as though they don’t need to market themselves anymore.   Unfortunately, it becomes an absolute waste of great content when nobody is there to see it.  When you are invisible to search engines, you’re nearly invisible to the rest of the world as well.  This is where SEO services such as Search Engine Marketing comes in.  However, if you’re too busy with other business concerns, you can have a SEO company do the marketing for you.  But sometimes, you may have to learn how to become more visible to search engines yourself by understanding how they work and what they look for when they rank results to queries.

For example, there are certain limitations to search engines which make some useful content not readily available to them.  One major limitation is that search engines can only read content that is in HTML form.  This means that if you have useful content in video, image or audio form, search engines cannot interpret it as being relevant.

Another limitation is that sites that don’t have solid links to interconnect all pages make it difficult for web crawlers to spider and thus become poorly ranked.  Finally, how search engines pull out results is very specific to the queries of its users.  So if your web page has excellent content but the keywords are slightly different from what the average person may type in the search box, then you won’t rank as highly as web pages that do tailor their content specifically to what people actually search for.

Why do you need such SEO services? Why would you need to be highly ranked anyway, you may ask? As was previously mentioned, nearly half of all users click the highest ranked website after performing a search.  The 2nd ranked and 3rd ranked get a considerable amount of traffic also but all the ones below them only get less than 5% of clicks.  People simply can’t be bothered to look through several websites that offer them the same thing.  Aside from that, people also tend to view the top ranked sites as more trustworthy while the ones in the next pages more likely to be unreliable, poorly maintained, or spam.  If you have a good product that’s priced well, it still won’t get you the recognition you should be getting if your website is not optimized.  You miss out on the opportunity to get new clients from the hordes of people who search daily for products and services online.

Now you may also be a business that relies more on your store than on your online sales.  You may consider your website as merely a reference (or, ‘brochure’) in case customers need to get contact numbers or ask a question.  However, it has been found that an increasing number of people have been choosing to buy products online, so much that for every $16 spent in stores, $1 is spent online – and, the trend is unmistakably towards increasingly more online sales.

SEO services: Search Engine Marketing - Increasing online sales

If you’re simply relying on in-store sales, then you’re missing out on potentially huge revenues by not pursuing internet sales as well.  Also, it has been found that people look for new products using the internet and read reviews on them before they make those purchase offline.  If you’re looking for a way to increase the overall purchases in your store, then you have to learn to increase their visibility online.  For your business website to be visible online, you will need different kinds of SEO services like search engine marketing, for example.

It is very understandable that sometimes, you will want to focus more on other aspects of your business. When this happens, and since online presence is really important, it is best that you consult with a SEO company to render SEO services to your business website.


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