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When choosing your SEO outsourcing company, it is best if you understand beforehand what SEO services are available and which ones you may need.   In our previous blog, we talked about keyword analysis and strategy.  Today, we are going to take a look at how to effectuate a Google Adwords Campaign – an SEO Service many businesses find useful.

In the Google Adwords control panel you can easily access their Google Adwords Keywords Tool that assists in keyword analysis.   You can then set your own pay-per-click fee and Google will show your ads in search results depending on your bid for keywords.   Of course, if you don’t bid enough and the going rate is higher, it’s possible that none of your ads will be shown at all.

You can get started with a Google Adwords campaign by clicking the previous link.  Click on “Create your First Campaign” and you will be directed to this page:

SEO Services: Google Adwords Campaign

You can name your campaign and then you will be given the choice of which countries you want to target.  The more countries you choose, the wider the reach.  However, increasing the countries that you target will also lower the quality of traffic.  So try to find a good balance between a wide reach and targeted traffic.  After this, it’s time to write an ad to promote your product.  Try to create an ad that is clear and will capture your target market’s interests.

Next, you will be given a text box where you can add all your chosen keywords.

Finally, set your budget and the cost-per-clicks.  Higher cost-per-clicks usually get you higher rankings in searches and lead to more clicks overall.  However, choose one that still fits into your budget.  $0.50 a click is decent, while a network bid of 10 cents will suffice as a starting point.  (Note: again, this depends on the competitiveness of your keywords and the resulting going rate.  You can’t just bid a rate that’s too far below the going rate if you want any ‘action’.)  If you are within an acceptable range however, you can pick the lowest part of the range to begin with and can increase the rate later if you see a need.

You can analyze your progress by integrating Adwords with Google Analytics.  Simply link your two accounts and then go to the “Tools and Analysis” page on Google Adwords and sign up for conversion tracking.  With this tool, you can find out what keywords referred traffic to your website, and you can sift the good keywords from the bad.

Google Adwords Tools and Analysis

You can opt to launch more than 1 Google Adwords campaign because Google will help find out which ones are most effective.  This will allow you to play around with different words and different target markets to see which combination of factors is the most effective.

Creating a great Adwords campaign will help increase traffic, online sales and help get your brand more recognition so make sure you use it wisely. When you utilize a SEO outsourcing company, you won’t have to worry about this process at all as they will be the one to do it for you. You can certainly choose to have a Google Adwords campaign included in your SEO services package.


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