SEO Values & Principles

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Values and Principles

What’s a 1st Page Ranking Worth if Google Blacklists and Removes your Company from its Search Engine? (Anything that’s Easy and Fast Will Get You and Your Company in Trouble.)

  • We Advocate Value added SEO
  • We Believe in Content and the Value of Good Content
  • We Pursue Organic Growth, Traffic and Rankings
  • We Advocate White Hat Methods
  • We Propose Simple, Understandable Packages for Those that Want Something Simple/Understandable
  • We Provide Customized SEO Services for Those that Want to Direct What they Want Done or Have Special Needs or Requests
  • We Use Automation of SEO Practices for Efficiency for Our Clients
  • We Don’t Advocate the Use of Black Hat Automation
  • We Don’t Advocate Trying to ‘Trick’ Google or other Algorithms, the Social Media Sites or anyone Else.
  • We Don’t Chase Google, Bing and Yahoo Search algorithms. We Pursue Value and the Algorithms will Find Us.
  • We Don’t Chase SEO Fads.
  • We Advocate SEO Tools, Concepts and Techniques that Last No Matter How Many Times Google or anyone Else Changes their Algorithm because, in the End Google is Looking for Value and – When We offer Value – Google and the Others Will Find Us.

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