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Facebook Business Case Study: Walmart Retail

Are you a new or growing business hoping to use Facebook to expand your reach and gain new clients? If you are, then I’m sure you’ve been looking around for ideas on how to create a good Facebook page that will attract a lot of fans and get your brand out there to the millions of people who don’t know about it yet.

Well, this e-book is not about giving you tips on what to do, but SHOWING you the elements of a good Facebook page by analyzing one that’s already gathered millions of fans. And what better example to give you than the Facebook page of one of the largest corporations in the world, Walmart.

Background of the Company

Facebook Business Case Study: Walmart Retail coverWalmart was founded by a man named Sam Walton from Arkansas. After gathering experience working for J.C. Penney, Walton met the Butler Brothers who owned a chain of stores called Ben Franklin. He was offered the chance to run one of their stores in Newport. He then proceeded to run the store extremely well. Later on, he opened a franchise of Ben Franklin but named it “Walton’s Five and Dime” which was slightly less expensive than competitors in the industry.

Sam Walton finally opened the very first Walmart Discount City in Rogers, Arkansas on the 2nd of July, 1962. It was so successful that in less than 5 years, it had expanded to 24 stores around Arkansas and reached nearly 13 million dollars in sales. By 1968, Walton expanded his store outside Arkansas to Missouri and Oklahoma.

Walmart grew in popularity, continually expanded its stores, established itself as a “neighbourhood market”, and increased its revenues until 2002 when the company reached 219.8 billion dollars and became listed as America’s largest corporation on the Fortune 500 list.

Today, Walmart is the largest retailer in the world with a total revenue of 421 billion dollars in 2011. It has approximately 8,500 stores scattered around 15 countries and it still continues to grow.

General Overview of Walmart’s Facebook Page

The Walmart Facebook page is undeniably a popular one having been listed as #6 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 guide. And it’s no surprise that their Facebook page was so high up on that list considering that it has amassed a whopping 11,264,856 fans as of January 2012 and has been found by Social Baker to gain an average of 3,903 fans each day.

In addition to the astounding number of fans who have joined, there were 131,950 people “talking about this”, which is a feature that shows how many people have interacted with the page in the last week. By “interacted”, we mean joined, Liked, commented, or posted something on their Facebook page. It’s a great indicator of how active a page is and not just something that people have joined and forgotten about. Also, there are 405,515 people who “were here”, which shows how many people were detected by Facebook as being in the actual stores. This feature can give a rough estimate of the number of people that visit a certain store and is available to business pages that include their addresses on their Facebook.

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Facebook Business Case Study: Build-A-Bear Workshop

The Company Background

Build-A-Bear Workshop is an American company that specializes in selling custom-made teddy bears and other stuffed animals. Customers are led through an interactive process of assembling a stuffed toy of their choice. They are allowed to choose the type of stuffed toy (such as a teddy bear, dog, bunny, etc), the amount of stuffing, and then they can choose to dress them up in a wide variety of clothes and accessories that Build-A-Bear also retails. In addition to all that, customers can choose to give their bear a heart which they are supposed to rub and kiss “so that their teddy bear knows them best” and make a wish on before it’s placed inside the bear. They can also choose to put in a microchip that creates sounds when the bear is squeezed. After that, their bears are boxed up and given birth certificates with a name that the customer is allowed to choose.

Facebook Business Case Study: Build-A-Bear Workshop eBookAnother special feature of Build-A-Bear is a barcode inside each stuffed toy with the owner’s contact information so that when a stuffed animal goes missing, finders can return them to any Build-A-Bear store and they can be returned to their rightful owners. This makes each stuffed animal purchased in their store feel completely unique and valuable to the customer.

Build-A-Bear Workshop began in October 1997 when Maxine Clark opened the very first store in St. Louis Galleria. It was an immediate success and the store reached sales of $400,000 within 4 months of opening. Maxine Clark obtained copyrights and trademarks for the company in the late 90’s such as their logo and company slogan, “Where Best Friend’s Are Made.”

The store expanded quickly and by the time it reached 2007, there were more than 400 stores all over the world that had sold more than 50 million bears. In 2011, the Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice was chosen as the new spokesperson for Build-A-Bear Workshop. She has since appeared in several of their commercials.

A General Overview of their Facebook Page
The Build-A-Bear Workshop Facebook page began in 2008 and has since acquired 1,690,785 fans. It also has 7,824 people “Talking about this” which is a feature that shows how many people have liked, shared, or commented on the Facebook page in a week’s time. This is a great indicator of how active a Facebook page is and not simply an inactive page that has just garnered a good number of Likes.

Build-A-Bear Workshop Facebook pageIn addition to that, Build-A-Bear Workshop has 11,619 people who “were here”. This is a feature which shows how many people were in the actual Build-A-Bear Workshops in a week’s time. For businesses to be able to use this feature, they simply have to include all their business addresses in the location section of their Facebook page.

The Build-A-Bear Workshop page that immediately greets people who chance upon it is bright and gaily colored in yellow and blue, the trademark colors of Build-A-Bear Workshop. It features the company logo proudly displayed as their profile picture, along with a photo of “Smile of the Week”.

The “Smile of the Week” is a promotion which encourages people to post photos of themselves along with their Build-A-Bear stuffed toys for the chance to get featured on their Facebook page. It’s actually a brilliant little promotional tool because their wall is filled with a good number of smiling people with stuffed animals because of it. It tells people who come across their Facebook page that their stuffed animals bring smiles. Their wall is also filled with posts and comments by fans, a good indicator of an effective Facebook page.

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Facebook Video Business Case Study: Enterprise Rent-A-Car

The largest car rental company in North America, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a giant in its industry.  Started in 1957, this company is considered one of the most established rental car companies in the U.S.   The company is said to be responsible for the acquisition of 7% of all new automobiles sold in the U.S.

The Enterprise Car Rentals Facebook page (Enterprise Rent-A-Car) has 88,470 likes.  Enterprise doesn’t have a lot of ‘Likes’ at the moment but see here how they’re laying the foundation for the growth of their Facebook page and all the things they’re doing right – and, maybe a few places where they could improve.


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