The Marketing Power of a Meme

You may have realized by now that actually getting noticed in the social media world – especially on the ever popular but tricky to master Facebook- is not easy. Thanks to an increase in the number of users and some interesting algorithm changes, it actually seems to get harder every day, especially if you maintain several different social media accounts and are trying to populate them all in a limited amount of time.

If you have done any amount of testing in the social media space, you will probably have found that images can be a very big draw. Getting people to look at your pretty pictures though is only a part of the puzzle. For them to be most effective, you also need those users to share them in some way too. One tactic that can be very effective that many people overlook though is the careful use of memes.

What is a Meme?

Speaking in technical terms, the word “meme” is defined by its creator, Richard Dawkins, as a “package of culture.” You will almost certainly have shared more than a few of them in your personal social media activities (who doesn’t love Grumpy Cat?) but may have never thought that making use of such a casual, light hearted thing could actually become an effective part of your overall marketing strategy.

The advantages of using memes in marketing include:

The Potential to Go Viral – Perhaps more so than any other form of content, a great meme has the potential to go viral very quickly. It takes just a few seconds for a user to be charmed, amused or interested in a meme and just a second more to share, taking up far less of their time than say a YouTube video that they actually have to stop and watch.

Easy to Create – Finding the time to create lots of content is something that many people struggle with and yet a strong social media presence demands quite a lot of it. Memes are relatively quick and easy to make and while they should never, ever be all that you share, they can fill in the gaps between more substantial postings very nicely.

They are Relevant – Remaining relevant to your audience is essential. Social media is not about hard sell advertising so if all you ever do is post and tweet about your products, or pin pictures of your products then people are really not going to be interested or find what you are posting in any way relevant to them or worth the time. Mixing it up and adding both written and visual content is a must and so making memes a part of that strategy can really pay off.

It’s Fun – Who says that content creation has to be one long monotonous process that you dread tackling every day? Memes allow you to get a bit creative and have some fun and really, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all!

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