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How to Use YouTube for Business

Why Should I Use YouTube?

YouTube is a video-sharing website that began in 2005 and has exploded in popularity ever since. It gets over 2 billion views per day, making it the second largest and most widely used search engine next to Google. Since Google’s purchase of YouTube in 2006, it has given its videos increasingly prominent exposure in its search results. This has made the use of videos a virtually indispensable method of increasing a company’s ranking in a Google search.

How to Use YouTube for Business eBookFewer people utilize SEO techniques for their YouTube videos, which means there’s less competition and it’s easier to get your video ranking to the top in a short period of time. If you haven’t started using YouTube to market your business, then you should definitely get started on it.

In this e-book, we will explain how you can increase your search engine ranking using YouTube, some tips on what videos you can use and how to have an effective channel. Then, we’ll show you how to start an account with YouTube – starting today.

How Can I Use YouTube for My Business?

Although videos cannot replace a good website for your company, it can definitely help get your company more recognition in less time and effort. However, many companies simply have no idea what to post on YouTube that could possibly help their business.

Here are some ideas on what types of videos you can create for your company:

Videos that share knowledge or show your expertise

Post videos that give your viewers helpful tips or advice concerning your company and its services. You could also post interviews with experts who can give viewers more information related to your industry or who can attest to your company’s credibility. An advantage of posting videos is that most people are more likely to pay attention to 5 minutes of somebody speaking, than read a long text explaining the same thing. You’re much more likely to grab their attention and keep it.

You could also use YouTube to post videos of presentations you’ve given which, aside from showing its viewers something informative about your company or product, can also show them that you’re an authority on the topic at hand.

Interesting Advertisements

Take advantage of YouTube’s easy video-sharing options to post any of your company’s TV ads, radio ads, or even slideshows. With people’s increased dependence on TIVO, internet streaming, downloads, and the like, people watch TV and listen to the radio much less than they did before. They may have missed some great commercials that you’ve spent good money on and you could post these on YouTube for free!

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How to Use YouTube for Business

Did you know? That you can use YouTube for your business? That YouTube is not only for entertainment videos but a way for you to connect and interact with your possible and existing customers? Indeed (on both counts).

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