Top 10 Quick Facebook ‘How To’, Tips, Tools and Resources

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WireWalkersVA is very pleased to provide you with this Top 10 list of the most useful Facebook ‘How To’, Tips, Tools and Resources out there.  We made this list very quick and clean – without a lot of extensive commentary – so that you could explore and decide for yourself which resources you like the best.

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Note: Some of these Facebook apps can be viewed properly when logged in to a Facebook account.

  1. Facebook Resource Page – Where can you find reliable resources about Facebook but on Facebook itself? You can check the resource tab at the admin panel of your page or account.
  2. AllFacebook – Make sure you’re the first one to know what’s up with facebook.  AllFacebook offers news, analysis, and security tips regarding Facebook.
  3. Ecwid – If you want to open a storefront within Facebook, you can try adding and installing Ecwid to your page.  You can also add several payment options like PayPal, Google Checkout and several others.
  4. Face It Pages – This tool allows businesses to create their business pages easier. You can add applications, track views and promote your Facebook page using this tool alone.
  5. Calendar – This application has the nicest and most integrated calendar on Facebook.  You can customize and personalize your calendar.  You can also add some SMS reminders and put together a to-do list.  You can also share events in your calendar with your friends.
  6. Pagemodo – This is another tool that allows business and personal pages to be customized. It makes it easier for pages to get more ‘likes’, and add several apps to the page so that visitors can easily manage and browse through it.
  7. Zoho – Allows you to share and load your Zoho documents like spreadsheets, presentation and your other databases.  It also allows you to migrate to your documents and create a new account.
  8. Facepile – This shows profiles of people who have liked your page in Facebook.  If they signed up to your webpage using their Facebook account, you will see it here as well.
  9. Activity Feed – This plug-in shows the recent activity in your site.  It allows you to display personalized content.  Activity is shown when users interact with your site by reading, liking or any sort of custom action.
  10. ContactMe – Adding this application to your page with allow people to get in touch with your more easily.  You can customize the forms and add fields depending on your needs.

Which resources do you like the best?

Which additional resources would you add to this list?

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