Top 10 Quick LinkedIn ‘How To’, Tips, Tools and Resources

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WireWalkersVA is very pleased to provide you with this Top 10 list of the most useful LinkedIn ‘How To’, Tips, Tools and Resources out there.  We made this list very quick and clean – without a lot of extensive commentary – so that you could explore and decide for yourself which resources you like the best.

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Note: Some of these LinkedIn tools/services can be viewed properly when logged in to a LinkedIn account.

  1. LinkedIn Signal – Considered one of the more powerful services that LinkedIn has released, Signal allows users to filter through only relevant updates and statuses from your own LinkedIn and Twitter streams.  Filtering can be adjusted to include your colleagues, contacts and competitors.  It also shows you the most popular links and hottest stories.
  2. MyLinkWiki LinkedIn Info and Help – This page works like a Wikipedia page where it contains all you need to know when using LinkedIn.  It is more for beginners who have just started using LinkedIn.  The page explores various functions of LinkedIn and many things you can do after you’ve signed up.
  3. ChromeIn(Note: This is a direct download link) Allows you to integrate your LinkedIn profile with your Chrome browser.  Once you’ve integrated your profile to your browser, you can easily see the activity among your contacts without opening the actual page in your browser.
  4. LinkedIntelligence – A collection of Linked In information as well as career management tips.  The site also has a list of top articles that can help you manage and use your profile.
  5. SEO blog for LinkedIn – This page has a collection of articles and guides on how to use LinkedIn for marketing and SEO.  There are around 20 sources that can guide you on marketing your profile.
  6. LinkedIn Instant – This is a LinkedIn tool that allows you to do searches within your LinkedIn network – well, instantly.
  7. LinkedIn Profile Extreme Makeover – Written by Guy Kawasaki and used by many users around the globe, this page teaches you how to make a killer profile that appeals to companies, especially employers.
  8. The Official LinkedIn Blog – Where else can you find important LinkedIn information but on LinkedIn itself?  This blog offers news and information about LinkedIn as well as what LinkedIn can do to help you manage your business or your company.
  9. LinkedIn Tips – Another page of tips for beginners.  It gives you tips from registering to adding contacts to learning more about the network itself.
  10. LinkedIn Career Services – Offers tips on how to start up your career using LinkedIn.  Best for students as it has several tips on how to start and find a job as well as building up a profile using LinkedIn.  It also offers free webinars (web seminars) for users and start-up companies for free.  Topics vary from the basics of LinkedIn to building a company page on LinkedIn to achieve your company’s success.


Which resources do you like the best?

Which additional resources would you add to this list?

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