Top 10 Quick Twitter ‘How To’, Tips, Tools and Resources

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WireWalkersVA is very pleased to provide you with this Top 10 list of the most useful Twitter ‘How To’, Tips, Tools and Resources out there.  We made this list very quick and clean – without a lot of extensive commentary – so that you could explore and decide for yourself which resources you like the best.

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  1. TweetDeck – You can filter or arrange tweets with this Twitter app.  Monitor tweets using multiple accounts.  You can also schedule your own tweets and add desktop notifications so you can always be up to date.
  2. Twollo – Keyword based, you can search for people who have the same interests as you.  With a targeted audience, you can create a more powerful Twitter network.
  3. TwitterFeed – Add your existing blog feeds to Twitter.  It also has real-time stats to track your feeds.
  4. Retweetist – Find out what people think is worth retweeting at the moment.  Tweetist shows the most retweeted tweets.
  5. Twictionary – Want to know what a certain Twitter jargon means?  Check out this Twitter dictionary.  It’s an extensive repository of words and meanings so you can learn the language of Twitter.
  6. Tweetmeme – Find out which tweets are popular right now and by whom.  You can check trending topics and number of retweets.
  7. Twitter Symbols – If you want to add cool symbols to your tweets, you can just copy the available symbols here and add it to your posts.
  8. Twitterholic – This app scans Twitter a few times a day to see which Twitter account has the most followers in Twitter.
  9. Tweet Adder – Voted as the “Best Twitter Marketing Software”, this Twitter tool is packed with helpful features that will surely make your Twitter experience easier. Some of the features include hardcore filters when searching profiles on Twitter, automated tweet search, automated tweet posting and much more.
  10. Tweetchat – If you want to be more interactive on Twitter, then Tweetchat is the app for you. This Twitter application relies mostly on Hashtags. By setting up a specific hashtag, it will connect you to a chat room where you can converse with other people talking about the same topic in real-time.

Which resources do you like the best?

Which additional resources would you add to this list?

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