Top Tips For Using Online Video Marketing to Boost Your Bottom Line

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The Case for Online Video Marketing

Lots of businesses both large and small are using text based online marketing tactics to boost the traffic to their websites, increase website conversions and for SEO purposes. Blogging, article creation and social media marketing are all indeed great marketing tools for businesses large and small but there is one marketing tool that can be hugely powerful that many companies are still overlooking – online video marketing.

eBook: Top Tips For Using Online Video Marketing to Boost Your Bottom LineThe case for online video marketing is a strong one. Thanks to the advent of easy to use, inexpensive but effective video cameras like the Flip and a growing number of free to use video editing softwares that do not require a huge technical knowledge, making a video is quick and easy. And according to Forrester Research optimized videos are 50 times more likely to gain a company an organic Google page one ranking than text based content, a pretty impressive statistic indeed.

In this report we are going to share with you our top tips for online video marketing success, demonstrating that video marketing is far easier than you might have ever expected.

Online Video Marketing Top Tips – Getting Started

Before you can begin marketing your video you actually have to make it! A good camera is going to be a must and there are a number of good ones on the market today that are great for recording high quality YouTube compatible videos with a minimum of technical experience. These include:

All of these cameras offer high quality video, they all have direct USB access and they all cost under $200. They all also come with their own editing software so that you can easily polish up your video once it is created. If you don’t like these softwares though there are a number of other free to use video editing softwares you can make use of that need no expert video creation knowledge to use but produce great results.

The next step is to decide what your video is going to be about and just what you want it to achieve. Some of the most popular and effective types of marketing video include:

  • Humorous, or viral videos
  • How to video or video tutorials
  • Talk show style interview videos
  • Product review videos

What kind of video you choose to produce will depend very much upon what it actually is you want your video to achieve for your business. Here are some of the common goals that businesses set for their videos and you can incorporate several of these into just a single video:

  • Drive new traffic to your company website
  • Increase the number of subscribers and fans for your social media accounts.
  • Get inbound links for your company website
  • Help build your company’s brand image
  • Offer educational content that adds value related to your business niche.

What a good online marketing video is not is a direct TV type ad for your business. The video has to be interesting enough that people want to watch it and perhaps even more importantly want to share it.


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