Who is ‘MattCutts’ and the Matt Cutts Blog?

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Wondering who Matt Cutts is?  And why he and his blog, the Matt Cutts blog, are so popular in the SEO world.  Read on.

Who is Matt Cutts?

Image: Matt Cutts
Matt Cutts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people in the SEO world would consider Matt Cutts as a very powerful and important man.  You know why?  Well, for one, he is currently working at Google as the head of the “webspam team”.   So yes, the several posts that he published and keep on publishing in his blog are deemed to be influential – even though he mentioned in his blog’s “Disclaimer” page that the Matt Cutts blog is his personal blog, and that what you can see are just his own personal thoughts.  Never mind that.  He is still a Googler and one of the famous of them all when it comes to Google search engine.  Plus, he specializes in search engine optimization and his tips, if taken seriously, can really help a lot of webmasters and companies.  Sometimes, you’ll also see him answer questions from online queries and the press.

Matt Cutts started working at Google in 2000 – as a software engineer.  And as I’ve mentioned above, he is now the “Google’s Webspam Team” head.

Did you know?  That Matt Cutts was tagged as the “Porn Cookie Guy”?  This happened when he was working at ‘SafeSearch’, Google’s family filter.  The story was, he would give out tasty homemade cookies (baked by his wife) to Googlers who would help him find ‘unwanted pornography’ in the search engine results.

The Matt Cutts Blog

“Matt Cutts says watch this… and that …” 

You’ll often encounter ‘Matt Cutts quotes’ to a lot of websites who blogs about him and the recent update and post that he published in his blog, or bloggers who talks about the recent Google update.  That’s what he does, mostly, in this blog.  He gives out advice relating to the use of Google’s search engine and other known and unknown issues.

Matt Cutts’s blog is pretty simple, which is a good thing.  If you’ll visit his blog, you’ll see that there aren’t any fancy designs or ads; what he has is a simple but highly informational blog.  You’ll see five tabs namely “Home” where you’ll see his latest blog posts in all category, “About Me” where you’ll find a bit of information about Matt Cutts himself, “Google/SEO” is where you’ll see posts under that category, “Disclaimer”, and “Disclosure” where he made it clear that he is in fact, an employer of Google and he owns a stock from Google, but he does not and will not accept any kind of compensation from companies and individuals.  He also explains that he doesn’t accept speaking or consulting fees.  To find more about his goodwill, visit http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/disclosure/.

How about you?  What do you think about Matt Cutts and the Matt Cutts blog?  Let us know in a comment below. Thanks!


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