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Our Best Business Advice

You have to have a passion for what you do and you have to have perseverance.  It’s much harder to become excellent at something you don’t have a passion for and – on the other hand – it’s hard NOT to become excellent at something you have a passion for.  If you have a passion for business that’s all you think about, all you want to do and what you live and breathe.  It’s the thing you’d do even if you didn’t have to do it.

You should also have a passion for your particular product, service or line of business.  It’s hard selling something you really don’t believe in.  It all flows naturally if you truly believe in the inherent value of your product or service.  You believe everyone needs what you have – and, when you believe it and act upon it, your prospective Clients will believe it too.

And, when you have this passion you can’t help but persevere.

Our Best Marketing Advice

Think of your Clients or prospective Clients before you think of yourself.  What is it that they want, that they want to achieve?  How can you help them achieve their goals?  You have to be selfless sometimes.  Only in helping others can you help your own business to grow – there’s no other way.

That’s why we spend so much effort and resources creating free and remarkable content; and, in creating an engaging an interactive website (especially the Forum).  We want to provide – to the best of our abilities – what our Clients and prospective Clients will find valuable.

What We Learned from Our Business Mentors

It’s so important to have a business mentor you can confide in who’s traveled down roads you’ll be traveling and who can provide strategic and seasoned advice at critical junctures.  And, just having them as role models is in itself invaluable because we all learn so much – often unknowingly – through observation and osmosis.

One business mentor has been successful in his line of business for 30+ years and he’s taught us that successful business people are a rare breed.  They have incredible abilities, incredible passion and incredible perseverance.  He’s taught us that a business isn’t just successful or unsuccessful as nothing is static and most businesses need to keep evolving and competing if they want to continue to survive and thrive.

But, it’s also true that no man is a one man band.  That very little can be accomplished if one isn’t part of a larger team.  Clearly, this says to us that – entrepreneurs have to have outstanding ability but they DON’T need to know everything or do everything themselves.  You just need to know what you don’t know or aren’t good at or don’t like doing so you can get the help you need for those parts (or, blind spots).

Our Biggest Mistakes and what We Learned

Very few businesses, startups or entrepreneurs don’t make mistakes when they start out.  Many highly successful businesses only became successful after multiple attempts or after having evolved from something else entirely.  The clear takeaway from this is – try not to make too many mistakes but it’s hard to learn without making some and it should be expected.  Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes.  Just make sure you learn from them and move on.

One ‘mistake’ that many of us wish we had would be to have too much money when starting up a business.  It’s actually a mistake waiting to happen because when you have too much money you tend to throw money at problems instead of looking for ways to bootstrap your way up.  And, you don’t learn the skills that are needed to survive.  Soon enough, you’ll run out of money because there’s never enough money to burn … but, you still won’t have learned the skills needed to adapt, keep expenses low, and to find and convert prospects to profitable Clients

What We think the Future Holds for Our Industry

From a larger point of view, our industry is really the business of helping other businesses to succeed.  We think that this industry will always be around.  In fact, we believe we’re in a golden age of technologically driven innovation – and, that a tremendous number of smaller and nimbler players have and will continue to start businesses to take advantage of this democratization of information and access to ideas, resources, manpower and markets.  Entire industries and market leaders will die, but others will take its place – those smart enough to embrace and channel change.

Good luck to all!

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