Your Website’s Basic Content: The Role it Plays in SEO Optimization

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A website’s basic information or content is one of the most important ingredients in implementing a successful website SEO optimization.  People will usually judge your site within a few seconds of entering it, so make sure you make a good first impression.  If you are outsourcing SEO services even from a trusted SEO company, they can do all the optimizing they can but if your web structure is not properly created and the content is lacking, the results will not be that productive.

You will want to make sure that your website contains all the basic information that people expect to see.  Here are the basic ones:

SEO Optimization: Website's Basic Content

  • About Us page: This is meant to give people who come into your website a quick idea of what your company is about and what it offers.  This is also a great place to share your company vision and mission.
  • Description of your products or services: Sell your products or services to prospective customers by explaining how they can directly benefit them in an easy to understand way.  Convince your audience that they need you.
  • Contact information: Make sure that your contact information is clear and easy to find so that customers can make inquiries and contact your company easily.  It’s good to give people several means of contacting you like giving your telephone, mobile, email, and mailing addresses.  This helps give your company a more trustworthy image.  Of course, be sure to respond promptly and satisfactorily when people contact any of those contact numbers and addresses.
  • FAQ’s page: You can translate inquiries that you frequently get in emails into frequently asked questions on your website.  This helps reduce the hordes of questions you may receive over mail all asking about the same thing and save you the time and effort of responding to all of them.  A FAQ page also increases user satisfaction which would very well increase rankings in search engines as well.
  • Keyword optimized articles: Many SEO experts swear by optimized articles as the best way to increase rankings in search engines. Since users expect useful and quality content, search engines strive to find the most informative content that contain all the necessary keywords that were searched for. That’s basically why a SEO company would normally include article writing as one of their SEO services.
  • Customer reviews: It’s been found that people are most likely to trust peers over advertisements, even if those peers aren’t actually people they know.  Customer reviews of products and services are the best way for prospective customers to get sold on your product.  It may be wise to ask satisfied customers to provide feedback on your company whenever possible.

So there you have it; the basic content you need to start website SEO optimization.  If you are to outsource SEO services to an SEO company, depending on the company itself (if they are a web development company as well), you can choose to delegate the web development task to them to make sure that all the basics are covered when it comes to your website needs.


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